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Welcome to the best Cameron Highlands Malaysia travel destination guide web site, your ultimate resource for an unbias review of your cuti-cuti Malaysia highlands travel destination vacation guide. Cameron Highlands has always been many a Malaysian and Singaporean retreat from the eternal summer of the tropics. As do I. A chance to cool off, perhaps kick back and relax in the cool climate weather and sooth tired eyes with the surrounding lush greenery of montane jungle forest!

Building This Cameron Highlands Website

Building this web site had been interesting and challenging. Thank goodness for dogged persistence and unbridled enthusiasm otherwise it would not have been quite possible. I would hope you would enjoy browsing through this web site to locate the information about this serene highland, its farming community and tourist destination. Lots of hard work and effort has gone into creating this web site for you to plan your best trip up to the highlands.

Viewing this travel destination website is free for all and you may print out in your home printer for your travel planning. However do respect the copyright notice and do not copy for your website or blog. Much personal cost, time and effort has gone into making this Cameron Highlands website and if you wish to use the article for republication you can help by donating some funds.

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Cameron Highlands Introduction

Cameron Highlands is one of the most popular highlands retreat around Malaysia losing out only to Genting Highlands. With about 300,000 visitors yearly and growing, it stands to pass that Cameron Highlands has a charm of its own with its Tudor architecture style buildings, tea plantation with its soothing greenery and breathtaking scenery, not to mention some old favourite English pastime of having afternoon tea and scones with Devonshire cream. Yes, give me Cameron Highlands anytime!

Of course with its growing popularity, it is not without its downside like traffic congestion and degradation of its pristine environment. All this and the less than efficient authorities who need to really buck up and do something about it to ensure that Cameron Highlands growing popularity will not be its own downfall.

Traveling to the highlands is different from going to the beautiful sun, sea and sand of which Malaysia has many good ones around, especially the Terengganu and Sabah beaches which are to my opinion some of the best around in Malaysia. But the tropic is indeed hot, and to cool oneself without using artificial means is of course, to travel to the highlands! With the natural environment one can commune with nature and perhaps find your center as you balance the yin and yang of a hectic hustle and bustle city lifestyle.

How to Explore Cameron Highlands

The best way to explore it would be by car of course. Public buses has never been efficient anywhere in Malaysia, least of all in the highlands. But you are welcome to take your chances if you are without your own transport. You could of course take the public taxis or brave the area on foot. Doing so on foot would be quite a feat as you will have quite a lot of area to cover, you certainly have to be very fit to do so too. Still I have seen many a determine traveler doing so! My hats off to them!

Pictures of the Highlands

With the advent of digital camera, it is now much easier to indulge in one of my favourite hobby of photography. Where possible, plastered in practically every page within this web site are beautiful pictures and scenery of Cameron Highlands mostly taken by me. Do contact me if you wish to use the photos commercially, I'm sure we can work out something and help fund the running of this web site. Same goes with the content too if I may add.

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Enough of my rambling so please feel free to explore around and hope you find what you are looking for. Do sign up for my irregular newsletter to keep abreast about the latest updates and what's not about Cameron Highlands. You may also want to check out the blog with information taken from the local newspaper to learn about the various going on around the highlands.

And lastly, I bid you welcome to my web site and have an awesome time exploring and learning about the highlands, its history, the place and its people. Come, let's go and enjoy its refreshing climate!

Bharat Tea Plantation, Cameron Highlands.

Enjoy Cameron Highlands beautiful scenery


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