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Highlander Newsletter
Highlander Newsletter, Issue #05001 -- sooth your tired eyes, have a look at the photos section!
November 07, 2005

Beautiful Photo Scenery of Cameron Highlands

Dear Fellow Highlanders,

Tea Plantation

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? No doubt Cameron Highlands has many opportunities to snap those memorable moments. With its lush greenery, and cool climate, definitely a place where one must simply not forget to bring a camera! And if you forget to bring one? Well there is still that cheap disposable camera which you could get from any tourist shop. Still the best is to bring your own camera to get that perfect moment of you and the cool highlands hills!

If you are like me, it is very easy to snap lots of pictures and use up all those negative films or even quickly fill up those digital memory cards. So do get one big size card as you can affordably purchase. A moment gone cannot be so easily recaptured again! Unless of course you got photographic memory (but you can’t show it to your friends and family!). :)

So come on over to the Photo Gallery and have a look at some of the photo scenery. I will be adding more pages as time may permit what with work and all.

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Till I get the chance again

Au revoir!



PS: As informed, my newsletter will be irregular, so you might receive this newsletter as a surprised! Nope, I won’t send you too many newsletters in a month lest I’ll be complained upon. You will receive one every now and then, and hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised…

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