Cameron Highlands Travel Destination Newsletter #04: Tour de Langkawi, Treasure Hunting and YTL Cameron Highlands Resort

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Highlander Newsletter
Highlander Newsletter, Issue #06004 -- What's been happening for the past few months?
May 28, 2006
Greetings, fellow reader of Highlander Newsletter!

Oh, yeah! It's been awhile since my last newsletter. Well, I did say my newsletter would be an irregular one. So I do hope this latest newsletter dropping into your inbox would be a pleasant surprise!

I've been busy, working of course for my regular company! After all, I can't be running around Cameron Highlands without a care in the world. But I bet most of us would like to do just that! The reality of course sinks in as the bills start to pile up and you will have a lucid moment of the responsibility in your hands to take care of day to day running of a business and family.

So what have been up at Cameron Highlands between my last newsletter and this one? Well, if one has been catching on the news I would say plenty. I may have been quiet for not sending out the newsletter but I was adding additional information and of course blogging about the latest happenings around Cameron Highlands, both good and bad.

I have added several pages about the activities that one can do in Cameron Highlands. So for those who just can't sit still in the hotel room and have a need to do something, anything, go check out the Sights and Attractions page for planning your highlands activities. Of course it is always nice to laze about in the room with the nice cool weather without a thing to care, but isn't it better to go out into the sun and soak up some of the natural environment and the cool surrounding of Cameron Highlands?

I still remember, though this was a trip to Fraser's Hill during the Chinese New Year, where my relatives decided to have a reunion over there. All they did was just stay in the apartment and watch DVD and play Mahjong all day long! Granted Fraser's Hill was a smaller highland to visit as compared with Camerons, still the natural environment was at least worth exploring a little. C'mon, it is such a waste going all the way up there just to stay coop up in the apartment doing things that you can also do it back at your own home.

And as for the latest happenings for the past few months around Cameron Highlands? Let's see from the blogging pages of

There was the Tour de Langkawi in the month of January, where Cameron Highlands was part of the tour.

There was two treasure hunting event during the month of April for charity. Cameron Highlands has always been a favourite place for the organizers of treasure hunting events and the locals are no stranger to seeing visitors romping around Cameron Highlands scratching their heads looking for clues and an answer to their treasure hunting riddles. Ha! I even took part in one myself. It was a privately organized event and it just took place mainly in the streets of Tanah Rata. Having not taken part in any kind of treasure hunting event, my team was rather inexperience and ended up embarrassingly at the bottom of the rank against the other teams.

April was also a rather eventful month with lots of mishaps like the landslide that happened on the new route at KM13 of the Kampuung Raja-Pos Slim road, the new route from Simpang Pulai to Cameron Highlands. Fortunately there was no one hurt from the mudslide though the survivor was shaken from the ordeal.

And last but not least, April also culminated with the grand opening of a brand new luxurious boutique resort hotel, the Cameron Highlands Resort, managed by the YTL Hotels & Properties company. Just like their other Pangkor Laut Resort and Tanjung Jara Resort boutique hotels, I would dare say this is like a super high class accommodation backed with fine service from the staff. At a room rate of about RM800 onwards per night, YTL Hotels & Properties would have to live up to their high level of service and expectation. For the rest of us who simply can't throw our money around for such lavishes, I guess we will just have to settle for a cup of tea at their Jim Thompson Tea Room. (sigh!)

Until my next issue of Highlands Newsletter, au revoir!


P.S.: Hey, do me a favour and pass this newsletter along to your family, friends, and colleagues who may be planning for a vacation. And if they are not planning for any holiday? Well, just send it to them anyway! Hey, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and Jill a sad girl!

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