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Highlander Newsletter, Issue #06
  -- It's a food affair!

October 03, 2006
Greetings, fellow reader of Highlander Newsletter!

Firstly, I would like to wish my Muslim readers Selamat Hari Raya Puasa Adil Fitri. It's already been a week into the Ramadhan fasting month and I wish you all the best in your daily fast and prayers.

Yes, it is good to do some fasting and praying. I do know the trials of going through a fast and prayer myself as I do some fasting too though not as strenuous as a whole month! Sometimes my Church organizes fasting and prayer session and they don't force it on anybody but rather done on a voluntary basis. So I did a 5 day prayer and fast. Boy it was not easy once the hands of the clock hit lunch time hour! My hats off to you guys for doing it the whole month and may God smile at you for doing your duties.

One thing about the Ramadhan month is the stalls that are set up all around Malaysia. I consider myself fortunate to have stalls set up so near my office. I can see the many stalls beginning to set up about past 3 o'clock in the afternoon through my office window whenever I take a break from work. Always gives me a good diversion from the everyday work of setting up appointments and making a flurry of calls to settle and solve some problems with some customers or trying to follow up on some inquiries and the usual benign what's not.

The muffled sound coming through the office window of some motor generators humming away creating electric power to some food contraption to churn out some yummy, tasty food sure does lull one into a drowsy haze. Wishing to be someplace else, perhaps Cameron Highlands? But duty calls, and things need to be done or else there will be fire in the hold!

I can see the thick smoke of barbequed chicken rising up through the air as the stall owners go about preparing their food for the hungry masses that will soon throng the area with people looking for something that would fancy their taste bud for the day. Yeah, I know there are times when you just don't know what to eat; walking up and down the stalls staring and considering which morsel of food should go down into your belly!

Well, there's one stall that I would consider my favourite at the Section 14 Petaling Jaya area is the grill fish, sotong and ikan pari-pari. I can't believe it that the stall owner still remembers me especially my wife whom he actually only met once last year! He is back again this year frying up a storm with his mouth watering dishes.

Well you can read more about it at my blog: Ramadhan Buka Puasa Time!

Coming back to food, Cameron Highlands does have just as many variety of food as anywhere else in Malaysia to fill every discerning visitor. From the low budget road side mamak stalls, café that offer good value meals such as the t-café or you could blow your budget by going to YTL's Cameron Highlands Resort or any other highly rated hotel establishment. Well, maybe you have already gone through this webpage already since I have posted it up for so long. No harm pasting the link here again:

Cameron Highlands Eateries

And how about some charcoal steamboat? Some readers did point out that there are charcoal steamboat available elsewhere in Malaysia. I believe there should be a few establishments burning some hot charcoal somewhere because I did catch a glimpse once somewhere but forgot to note down the location. Some readers did see it too and pointed it out to me. Well, be my eyes and let me know where are all those elusive Charcoal Steamboat Restaurateurs. But if you are heading up to Cameron Highlands, you could give Strawberry Park Resort Hotel a try, because they now serve Charcoal Steamboat. More details at:

Charcoal Steamboat at Strawberry Park Resort Hotel

Food, food, food. Boy, don't we all like to makan! If we do not, then those mamak stalls wouldn't be operating 24 hours a day and you won't be able to find a decent and not so decent place (like the back roads of KL, eh?) to have that cuppa of teh tarik and roti chanai!

Let's take a break from food and Cameron Highlands for awhile, and let me introduce a chap I know who is into cycling big time! His name is Peter and he has been staying around in Malaysia for a very long time. He likes Malaysia a lot. He likes traveling in Malaysia so much that he has taken resident in Setiawan, Perak and cycles to Pulau Pangkor every opportunity he gets. Yes, you heard that right, he cycles! Hey, that's the least of his cycling prowess. Sometimes he cycles all the way to Penang or Kuala Lumpur. And how long does he take to do that? Oh, just two days. What? No, I'm not kidding you.

You can find out more about him and the website that he maintains at:

Pulau Pangkor

And just how did I get to know him? Through the power of the world wide web. We are both using the same hosting package from SiteSell. It is quite an intriguing system whereby you can pursue your passion in life and if you do it right; it is possible to create an income that you can live off it. It is quite interesting because so many people around the world are using it that I am amazed at its ability to create something that is so positive in your life. Just take a look at Peter, all he ever does is bike around all day long without a care in the world except of course his next bicycle challenge. He hopes to tackle the road to Cameron Highlands one day before he gets too old to do it. Now that's what I call passion!

Curious? Try this link and have a look see…

Site Build It! Creating a website for fun and profit!

It's amazing some of the messages I received from people all over the place. Just last week, I received a message from a bride who intends to have her wedding reception at the Lakehouse Hotel. She was rather worried about the weather condition when it is time to hold the wedding reception in June 2007, next year. Though June is the driest season in Cameron Highlands there is still no guarantee that it won't rain on that day. There was nothing much I could do to offer advise about weather prediction, since mother nature is so unpredictable even with the latest meteorological device available.

Cameron Highlands Climate Weather

And wonders of wonders, the internet could just be the vehicle to find long lost friends from far away lands. I receive a message from Ramachandran, India who was born in the Boh Estate, Cameron Highlands 1953. He now resides in India and would like to look up his old friends from Cameron Highlands. I posted his message in the comments feedback page, so do have a look and see if you are one of his long lost contacts. Perhaps iyou might be of some help to him too and feel good doing a good deed indeed!

Comments Feedback page

And finally in closing, apart from wishing my Muslim readers a Happy Hari Raya, I also would like to wish my Indian readers a Happy Deepavali too, which is around the corner.

Certainly we are a very muhibah country, able to celebrate so many varied occasion together amongst ourselves that is the envy of many other countries! Malaysia Boleh!

Terima kasih dan jumpa lagi! Warmest regards, Jan.

P.S.: And as usual, if you know of any friends who might be planning for a holiday trip up Cameron Highlands, do them a favour and let them know about and forward them this newsletter! And if they are not going there? Forward it to them anyway! It might just change their mind!

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P.P.P.S.: If you like to send in some comments, well you can post them at the feedbacks page or just simply reply to this newsletter. Keep those comments coming in! I've received quite a number of favourable replies and I have posted some of them. Have a look at their feedbacks and comments.

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