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Highlander Newsletter, Issue #007 -- Have a relaxing time at the Cameron Highlands!

Cameron Highlands Resort and Day Spa Village and other bits of attractions

December 06, 2006
Greetings, Fellow Highlander Reader!

It's December and it's time to get those Christmas shopping underway to get that perfect Christmas gift for so-and-so and perhaps something special for your love ones? Hey, it's never easy to get the right gift especially if they only hint at it and you didn't quite catch the idea, and before you know it, your other half says that you should know better…

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift?

Don't fret, quickly book a romantic getaway to Cameron Highlands Resort and burn a hole in your pocket.

Ok, ok, bad joke. But YTL's Cameron Highlands Resort is doing very well despite its price tag. Ah, just shows that there is really an up market scale where many well to do people have so much money to spare.

If you could spare some, you could treat yourself and your other half for a relaxing and therapeutic healing day spa in Cameron Highlands Resort Spa Village surrounded by lush surroundings and tranquil ambience. A perfect Christmas gift don't you think…?

Day spa in Malaysia seems to be the rage nowadays with many hotels and resort incorporating it as part of their get away packages. With so many flavours and style to choose from sure makes it difficult to choose the perfect one to suit your mood and taste. Especially each kind evoke a different mood and feeling, ah, to find that perfect one as a perfect gift for your perfect partner…

If you haven't already done so, check up more info on YTL's Cameron Highlands Resort and Spa Village.

As the year winds down as you prepare to celebrate the New Year, do give it a try and feel yourself rejuvenated, refreshed and revitalized.

Christmas in the highlands should be a quieter affair, unlike the hustle and bustle of city life, frenetic activities and converging of vehicles into the ever scarce parking facility of shopping malls. But it seems even the tranquility of the highlands is now prone to hordes of tourist as they too want to getaway from maddening crowd of city life, but with everyone thinking the same, guess where they all head on to?

So choose your weekend well or perhaps even better, a week day when most people are not prepared to take time off from work and take a break when the place is less packed.

So apart from the obvious pricy day spa village, where else could you head for to relax in Cameron Highlands?

For starters take your time waking up in the morning. Sleeping that few extra hours really feels great! But for the active person who feels guilty sleeping in that extra hours, an early refreshing morning walk would be a nice treat. Try the easy Parit trail without working out too much of a sweat.

Walkabout on the path of Parit Falls trail here.

After that, head on to the stalls for a nasi lemak or make it a mamak breakfast with roti chanai dip in curry sauce and gulp it all down with a cuppa of teh tarik or hot local coffee.

Grab yourself a local daily and catch up with the latest news, or curl up somewhere with novel and while away your time without a care. Too boring? Jump into your car and take an easy drive around Cameron Highlands and enjoy some scenery. Best done by driving to the tea plantation. With all the soothing green tea leafs, surely your tension would have wound down by now.

Lunch time, head on to the Smokehouse hotel and restaurant for scrumptious western dinner and enjoy the ambience of an English country house. Frolic in its award winning garden and capture some beautiful snapshot of the place for keepsakes. Perhaps even have an afternoon English tea and scones with Devonshire cream top up with strawberry jam and butter in the garden itself, surrounding yourself with the smell of garden flowers, plants and shrubs.

Head on over to Smokehouse Hotel and Restaurant for more info.

Overcome with fatigue with all your simple activities? Head on back to your hotel for some late afternoon siesta, then when night falls, look out for a nice Chinese steamboat restaurant or perhaps try Strawberry Park Resort's Charcoal Steamboat for your dinner.

More info on Strawberry Park Resort's Charcoal Steamboat.

After your dinner, if it is a weekend or school holidays, head on to Brinchang's Night Market for a look see, perhaps pack a couple of goodies from the night stalls for your late night supper or next day's breakfast before heading back to your accommodation to retire for the night.

So how does this sound to you? Yes, good, let's pack your bags and go!

A word of caution, when bringing along hyperactive children, they will spoil your idyllic time unless you can find them some activity to do. You may… no, will have to bring along your Sony Playstation or a portable DVD player along to keep them occupied. Less your tranquil time is shattered by incessant demand for something to do and may result in a premature return to the frenetic pace of the city!

Then lookee here for some sights and attractions in the Cameron Highlands!

Cheers! Jan.

P.S.: And as usual, if you know of any friends who might be planning for a holiday trip up Cameron Highlands, do them a favour and let them know about and forward them this newsletter! And if they are not going there? Forward it to them anyway! It might just change their mind!

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