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Highlander Newsletter, Issue #008 -- It's Visit Malaysia 2007
January 11, 2007

Happy New Year and it is Visit Malaysia 2007! I know, I know, almost two weeks has past since the New Year and its back to the grind. Going for holiday is far from everybody's thought. Even for me, I got a bit lethargic about writing for past few weeks; just relaxing and enjoying myself and not thinking too hard or doing anything too strenuous. But the paperwork is trickling in and dateline needs to be met. Can't sit around all day dreaming about holiday when there are things to be done!

It's Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and there are a bunch of brochures and catalogues available which you can get from TDC or KLIA and newspaper too!

But lo, and behold, with the media blasting away about this is the year to Visit Malaysia, can't help but get distracted! So let me distract you too from your work and day dream a little more…

Tourism is a good income earner for any country and with the growing affluence, people just love to go traveling to relax, to explore, to see new places or even to return to a favourite holiday location again and again like you got it, Cameron Highlands!

It is Visit Malaysia 2007 and what does that have in store for good old Cameron Highlands? Not much, considering it is the place to go for relaxation. However there are some passing activities involving Cameron Highlands.

There is Le Tour de Langkawi, starting on 2nd February, with stage 3 of the leg on 4th February, a 133km race from Kuala Kangsar with a tough uphill climb and ending in Cameron Highlands. Peter of would appreciate that since he is a biking enthusiast.

For those who like to participate in eco challenges, sorry there doesn’t seem to be any in Cameron Highlands. But there is one nearby (maybe not so near but still in Pahang!) which you can try and it is called the Taman Negara Eco-Challenge. It is held on 24th to 25th March and billed as an extreme sporting event where the world's top mountain runners race to ascend and descend the 2,187m high Gunung Tahan. Way to strenuous for me, but if there is any iron man amongst you, perhaps you can give a go.

Gunung Tahan too small fry for you? Then try the 21st Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon held on the 25th and 25th August. Touted as the 'The World's Toughest Mountain Race', it involves a race to ascend and descend the majestic Mount Kinabalu, a height of 4,095.2m above sea level. You will have to be super fit to do this because to even walk up was already a big challenge for me, what's more running up and then down? You can read about my Mount Kinabalu experience here and to find out more about Mount Kinabalu, do check out Drizad's Mount Kinabalu Borneo website for more details.

Enough of challenges, let's go makan! Now that's more like it. There is the Cameron Highlands Food and Fruit Festival held on the 14th and 15th July. Not much information about this festival but I guess it won't be a big affair. We will have to wait and see as time draws nearer to see how big the festival will be.

Here is a quick list of happening events in Pahang for Visit Malaysia 2007:

  • International Monsoon Madness Windsurfing Challenge
    - 19th to 21st Jan at Balok Beach, Kuantan.
  • Taman Negara Eco-Challenge
    - 24th and 25th March at Gunung Tahan, Jerantut.
  • Sungai Pahang International Rafting Expedition
    - 29th April to 6th May at Lipis and Pekan.
  • Rompin Orang Asli Festival
    - 19th and 20th May at Rompin.
  • Pahang International Gamelan Festival
    - 26th and 27th May at Kuantan.
  • Tioman Diving Competition
    - 16th and 17th June at Kampung Tekek, Pulau Tioman
  • Bukit Fraser International Bird Race
    - 23rd and 24th June at Bukit Fraser, Raub.
  • Cameron Highlands Food and Fruit Festival
    - 14th and 15th July at Cameron Highlands
  • Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge
    - 3rd to 5th Aug at Rompin.
  • Kuantan Beach Run
    - 18th and 19th Aug at beaches along Kuantan.
  • International Dirt Bike Challenge, Kemahang, Lipis
    - 26th to 28th Oct at Kuala Lipis.
  • International Surfing Competition Cherating
    - 28th to 30th Dec at Cherating, Kuantan.

That's it for now for this newsletter. No thanks to the Taiwan earthquake, you may find some difficulty accessing my website. Hopefully they can fix it up soon. Meantime please bear with the sporadic connection and maintain your composure when assessing the internet.

For now, keep day dreaming and let’s go back to work!



P.S.: And as usual, if you know of any friends who might be planning for a holiday trip up Cameron Highlands, do them a favour and let them know about and forward them this newsletter! And if they are not going there? Forward it to them anyway! It might just change their mind!

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