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Highlander Newsletter, Issue #009 -- Valentines Day and Chinese New Year is around the corner
February 12, 2007

Chinese New Year is around the corner. And Valentines Day is just a couple days away too! If you happen to have an early break and get the chance to visit Cameron Highlands this Valentines Day, you can save yourself a bundle by buying the roses direct from the nurseries and present it to your sweetheart. As a show of affection you may want to go for 999 roses! The only problem is you probably have to do your own pruning and removing the thorns from the roses, which can be a very tedious affair! Hmmm… on the other hand if you really did that, kudos to you! Now you can tell your sweetheart that it took a great deal of effort on your part and show her all the thorn pricks you suffered on your hand to show her what you went through to get her those roses!

May this Chinese New Year brings you wealth, health and happiness! Cheers!

Not for me. Fortunately, I explained to my wife very clearly I will not waste good money for this occasion. Better spend the hard earned money on a nice Valentines dinner instead. For all you die hard romantics, better get going and make a reservation in the restaurant of choice because it is bound to be jam packed with couples!

If you are in Cameron Highlands, have your romantic dinner in the Smokehouse, the Lakehouse or even in YTL Cameron Highlands Resort. Not only the ambience fits the amorous mood, they serve good western dishes too! Get ready to burn a hole in your pocket though.

Just in case you do really want to buy roses for your sweetheart, there is some symbolic meanings to the colour of rose as explained in my Cameron Highlands Rose Center and Rose Valley page. They are:

  • Color Symbolism Red - Love, respect
  • Deep Pink - Gratitude, appreciation
  • Light Pink - Admiration, sympathy
  • White - Reverence, humility
  • Yellow - Joy, gladness
  • Orange - Enthusiasm, desire
  • Red and Yellow - Gaiety, joviality
  • Yellow - Sociability, friendship

Anyway, it just a guide and for fun. You don't really have to follow the symbolism. Just choose whichever color that you fancy. If on the other hand, your other half is really picky about it, then no choice but to choose the correct colour with care!

With the Chinese New Year drawing nearer, there is now a flurry of activities to prepare for the auspicious festivities. Supermarkets and departmental stores are extending their shopping hours to accommodate for all the last minute shopping. Yes, the old passes and the new shall begin. That means, new set of clothes, mandarin oranges, ingredients for making that special Chinese New Year dishes, spring cleaning the house, etc. Phew! Lots of things to do! If I don't go broke with all the shopping, there is also the "ang pows" to give out during the Chinese New Year!

I have a feeling Cameron Highlands will be very jammed packed and decided to go for a quieter highland like Fraser's Hill. I'm hoping to get a booking in one of the apartments since there will be so many of us (like the whole family clan!). Serve me right for doing last minute booking. So if you have not already done so and planning for a trip to Cameron Highlands or anywhere else for that matter, do make your room reservation earlier to avoid disappointment.

As usual, we Chinese will have our all important reunion dinner on the Chinese New Year's eve. For those whose parent's home is further afield, they will be making their exodus to their respective hometown to make it on time for the reunion dinner. Practically the whole of Malaysia will be on the move as not only the Chinese will be traveling around, other races will also take advantage of the situation to travel back to their hometown too!

So do drive carefully if you are making a "balik kampung" or a vacation trip and wishing all my readers a Happy Chinese New Year! May the year of the boar bring you wealth, health and happiness!

Without much ado, I bid you,


P.S.: And as usual, if you know of any friends who might be planning for a holiday trip up Cameron Highlands, do them a favour and let them know about and forward them this newsletter! And if they are not going there? Forward it to them anyway! It might just change their mind!

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P.P.P.S.: If you like to send in some comments, well you can post them at the feedbacks page or just simply reply to this newsletter. Keep those comments coming in! I've received quite a number of favourable replies and I have posted some of them. Have a look at their feedbacks and comments.

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