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Highlander Newsletter, Issue #010 -- Check out Boh's new Tea Centre at Sungai Palas tea plantation
April 26, 2007

How time flies when you are busy with work. And I spy a long holiday coming up in the month of May. You guess it! 1st of May is Labour day and Wesak day, thus making 2nd of May a public holiday too! For our friends in Singapore, Wesak day falls on 31st May. It's strange that Wesak day for the two countries don't match. And yes, we can make it to a super long weekend by applying for leave on 30th April. That'll make a 5 days 4 nights of bliss from work related matters. Yea!

So what's new in Cameron Highlands? Let's see, the new Boh Tea shop is simply superb! They have just officially launched it sometime in March 2007, though it was already in operation since end of last year. Many dignitaries throng the place during the official launch and yes, 75 years old Tristan Beauchamp Russell, who inherited the Boh plantation, was there to officiate the launching.

I've got a chance to drop in this brand new Boh Tea Centre located in Sungai Palas early this year and was pleasantly surprised at its ultra-modern architecture. Instead of using brick or wooden walls, they went for glass windows from roof to floor giving you a clear unfaltering view of tea plantation landscape. Really soothing to the senses. And if you have no qualms about sitting at the edge of a cliff, no vertigo phobia, then head on and book yourself a balcony seat! You will get a great commanding view of the Sungai Palas tea plantation surroundings!

Check out more info at:

Of recent, I have received many queries about staying in Brinchang. Yes, Brinchang is quite nice to stay, though smaller than Tanah Rata, its other sister tourist town. Thus you need to bear in mind a few points.

1) It has less parking space, thus you may not get your choice parking space near to the hotel you are staying.
2) If you are planning to stay at Parkland apartment, it is a little further down the road, but still within walking distance.
3) The Brinchang night market is open during the weekends, school holidays and public holidays. Traffic will be a little heavier and parking space will be scarce when the night bazaar is on.
4) There are quite a number of good restaurants around offering steamboats and big wok Chinese style cooking.

And last but not least, if you are craving for a good piece of cheese cake, there is that Secret Recipe shop facing the main street of Brinchang. They have been there for more than a year now, and many people have thought they would not survive. But it looks like they are there for good.

Basic info about Brinchang:

And as for me? I'll be up at Genting Highlands this time around on Sunday, 29th April to watch the Olivia Newton John concert. Besides, not everyone is lucky to get approval to take leave from work to make a super long getaway weekend.

So have a restful and enjoyable weekend!


P.S.: And as usual, if you know of any friends who might be planning for a holiday trip up Cameron Highlands, do them a favour and let them know about and forward them this newsletter! And if they are not going there? Forward it to them anyway! It might just change their mind!

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