About Cameron Highlands and
becoming a travel writer

The idea of becoming a travel writer and creating a tourism Malaysia travel web site for fun and profit never dawn on me. Every year, I would make a trip up to Cameron Highlands to enjoy its cool climate and enjoy the wonderful picturesque scenery, especially those tea plantations with its rolling hills and its huge sea of tea growing peacefully on the slopes of the highlands hills, with clouds rolling by flowing lazily with the winds of Cameron Highlands.

Driving along the narrow twisted roads of Cameron Highlands, with the cool wind blowing at your face, one cannot but feel the exuberance of being at once with nature, and yet its mystery and romantic allure of the highland montane jungle is never quite tamed by the ever increasing development of the area.

So why did I pick Cameron Highlands as my topic for my website? Why didn't I choose some beautiful seaside with its white sandy beaches, with the sea surfs washing up the shore, breezy salty wind blowing at your face running through your hair? Maybe I don't quite like the thought of sand getting into my shoes, and maybe I don't like wet shoes like a cat who hates getting wet, but that's not the reason. I like beaches very much as I like the higher altitude mountainside. The feeling is different though.

Living and working in the city filled with smog and the blast of the mid day hot sun shining at your face, day in day out facing the various demands of meeting customers wants and company goals does leave one stress out. Stress out. The dreaded scrooge of being in the rat race. But what to do? We need to earn a living, of having a beautiful home, of providing for the family, of having all of the above and more. Ever yearn for a simpler lifestyle? Or perhaps going for an outdoor adventure of a lifetime?

So back to Cameron Highlands then. And creating this website sure did pose many problems initially. I never thought I would have enough research material and data to create a decent website. I bought and browsed through many guidebooks from Lonely Planets to Frommers and Footprints. Nyet. Information about Cameron Highlands were just basic. The usual history about William Cameron and some very brief write-ups about tea plantation and accommodation information.

Even a quick check with the various website about Cameron Highlands, turn out to be a regurgitation of the popular guide books. Never did I envision myself becoming a travel writer. I don't fancy that I make a good freelance travel writer. I won't win any Pulitzer prizes here. Besides it is a very competitive market out there and I probably won't get my travel writings published that quickly.

But with the World Wide Web, one can be an instant publisher. To be your own publisher, editor, marketer sure takes lots of effort. And if anyone cared to read what I have created, this is it. And boy, was there lots of traffic to my web site after putting so much effort, time and energy into it. Good comments too.

How did I do it? I use the Site Build It internet site building package that provides everything you need to know on how to create a compelling website that can draw in visitors day after day.

And so I have now created one of the better if not best, darn Cameron Highlands web site around. And yet, I am not finished with it yet. There are still many more articles to post, more photos to capture and release to the wild general masses. But my enemy is the dreaded writer's block which so many good writers have to face and endure. But nevertheless, I will build this web site one page at a time, and hopefully give good value to you, my visitor, the benefit of savoring the Cameron Highlands from the relative safety of your PC.

And so I do hope you have enjoyed visiting my web site as much as I have created it. The only thing left now is for you to make the step of planning and organizing a trip to Cameron Highlands and feel it for yourself and smell the crisp air, the cool breeze, the lush greenery, right in your face!

Wishing you all the best in planning your trip!


P.S. Love to travel? I do! You loved this web site? Want to self published and become a travel writer and wondering how to go about doing it? Wonder no more! Find out more info here!

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