Big Red Strawberry Farm

Finally I managed to visit the Big Red Strawberry Farm located in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. And yes, it is indeed big. But I wouldn't call it a farm, more like a nursery. To me a farms mean growing directly on the soil. And growing plants on pots for sale and replanting is more like nursery. Perhaps some English school teacher care to enlighten me? Anyway there are many Strawberry Farms in Cameron Highlands and I decided to explore this one this time.

Big Red Strawberry Farm cafe

Location of Big Red Strawberry Farm

The Big Red Strawberry Farm is located in a little corner of Brinchang town. Driving down via the Brinchang Point you will find a little narrow entrance. This strawberry farm shares the same location with another nursery called Cactus Valley. But today, my visit was to Big Red Strawberry Farm as I didn't have much time to spare.

The long walk from Cactus Valley

Many cars were parked helter-skelter, so the moment a parking space was available I just parked. The guard though told me there was actually ample parking space if I followed the narrow road up and it would take me nearer to the Big Red Strawberry Farm. Oh, well, it was a beautiful day and I could do with a nice stroll. Along the way I spotted a Bak Kut Teh restaurant called Cactus View Restaurant. Business was rather slow I suppose as they tried to solicatate me to have brunch in their somewhat empty premises. Nope, today I was going to try some of the desserts at the Big Red Strawberry Farm cafe which my parents told me about it so I was not about to crowd up my tummy with Bak Kut Teh as I had a pretty heavy roti chanai breakfast back at the Mamak shop next to Natasya Resort lobby.

My stroll was a particularly long one, as I should have listened to the guard and that would reduce my walking time. Still it gave me some opportunity to note that there were many souvenir shops along the way to the main entrance of Big Red Strawberry Farm.

Visiting Cameron Highlands is all about agriculture. So you are not just visiting the breathtaking tea plantation, you would also be dropping in on the various farms and nursery located around Cameron Highlands.


Big Red Strawberry Farm is big, but certainly not the largest in Cameron highlands, but the name do serve to describe the nursery. From the entrance walking up towards the cafe, the ground are cemented so you won't get any soggy mud in your shoes. As a tourist attraction in Cameron Highlands apart from selling their produce, they also draw in tourist to enjoy the view of cultivation of various potted plants and such. And of course they call themselves Big Red Strawberry Farm, they do have strawberries grown within their compound.

Pick Your Own Tomatoes Activities

Going gaga over strawberries

I didn't find any “pick your own strawberry” activity here though I spotted a sign saying “pick your own tomatoes”. So if you plan on doing some agro-tourism, you could enquire at the cash counter. The signage shows a rate of RM5 per kg with a minimum of 1kg of tomatoes to pick. Conditions include two persons to a basket, all tomatoes picked must be paid, and pick only the ripe tomatoes. And they don't allow children below 10 years old for this agro-tourism activity. I suppose if they did, children tend to pluck and plunder without any care! Kids are kids I suppose, they just want to have fun!

Big Red Strawberry Farm attempt to do some landscaping here and there, but their main thing is of course growing agrictural produce. Of course agro-tourism is good income for them too, so the simple landscaping like the coil fish pond with a simple fountain decorated with gnomes provide a quick stop for your long walk towards the cafe.

The Big Red Strawberry Farm Cafe

The Big Red Strawberry Farm Cafe is right at the end of your long walk pass the nursery. I suppose you take a nice long stroll, and at the end of it, get some delicious dessert to celebrate your walking exercise! My parents do recommend the cafe as they a wide selection of mouth watering dessert. It took me a while to decide what I wanted as there was certainly no way for me to try them all out in one visit! The choice were variations of dessert with Strawberry like strawberry milk shake, strawberry juice, straweberry muffin, strawberry cream cake, waffle with ice-cream decorated with strawberry fruits. Certainly mouth watering! In the end, I went for something healthier and chose the yogurt with fresh strawberry and wash it down with the strawberry milk shake!

Eat your heart out with Strawberry Yogurt and Milk Shake!

The cafe was rather popular with people streaming in constantly to make their choice of dessert! The tables were rather occupied too though I was fortunate to get a spot. Imagine this was a normal weekend, so what happens on a super peak weekend? Must be really crowded then!

Next to the cafe, they have a souvenir shop, so you could purchase some teas, strawberry products, and other souvenir for your keepsakes. Not for me. I got way too many of them since I return to Cameron Highlands often.

History of Big Red Strawberry Farm

Where it all started. Old photo of Boh Tea Plantation.

And boy do they have a long history! Although the nursery was started in 2005, the owner, Kumar Sinnathamby came to Cameron Highlands when he was 15 years old from India in 1940 where he worked as a provision shop assistant at the Boh Estate tea plantation. Then a few years later he start vegetable distribution by collecting vegetables from farmers and sell them in Singapore. In 1957, he bought a wooden shop in Brinchang old town and started a provision shop which is still operated today and known as Pasar Raya Jimat. The prices are rather reasonable too having pop-in to get some essential stuff during my visit to Cameron Highlands when I forgot to bring along. In 1968, he bought a piece of agricutural land to grow his own vegetables, and his business grew. So in 2005 he and his sons transformed it into an agro-tourism nursery farm, growing produce using hydroponics and other modern technique and calling this place the Big Red Strawberry Farm!

I will give this place a thumbs up especially for the Big Red Strawberry Farm Cafe. Well we locals like to “makan” and the desserts are just too mouth watering to resist!

Spot me there sometime!


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