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It’s been awhile since my last update about Cameron Highlands. Work and other matters have been keeping me busy. Sometimes I wish there was more available time but we are all given the same amount of hours per day and there is only so much one can do. Some matters take longer to resolve due to its intricacies and tediousness, but that’s life. It comes with the territory. So much for work life balance.

The scenic road to Cameron Highlands

Soon in another month, I will be having another addition to the family. Coming soon a bundle of joy and I should say I will be a tad more busy. Work, family, and hobbies all mesh up together it’s going to be a very busy year for me! So before the little fella comes round to the brave new world, I had better do a quickie to good old Cameron Highlands, and this was just what I did. Only a one night stand, me alone, no family to tag along so that I could have the time to explore some of the places and take notes, and of course do some jungle bashing hiking adventures!

Rashes on my hand

It was a blast but not without some casualty. My phone charger somehow knock out on me and I had to get a replacement when I return to PJ, and some jungle bug must have bit me because I got rashes on my hands and arm! Man vs wild, but not unlike Bear Grills, nope, he is different. That guy is ex-special forces; I’m just a layman looking for a little adventure. A little something to get away from the humdrum office work and tackling customer’s complaints and closing sales. Always wish I could do the great outdoor thing full time. But you know, we gotta "cari makan" so the daily grind.

This time round my friend invited me up for a jungle trek to see Rafflesia flower. I have to do it quick because I will not have so much time later. In addition, the flowering season for Rafflesia is getting less frequent and the Orang Asli trekkers are having difficulty locating them. It could be due to climatic changes and the El Nino effect and it is affecting Cameron Highlands weather too. Perhaps when La Nina comes it will turn around again when the showers start anew. I thought it would have been a walk in the park. Turn out to be quite challenging despite the short trek.

As for the usual move around Cameron Highlands looking out for bit and pieces of information, sure takes up a lot of time, just like those travel writers, going in into each and every establishment to have a look-see and perhaps mingle with the owners there, but more often than not just minding my own business and snapping photo for notes and future reference.

Strawberries for picking

Still I managed to compile some interesting bits of information such as homestay in Malaysia Cameron Highlands and kinda interesting that they coupled it with strawberry farms for some agro-tourism activities like pick your own strawberries!

Despite all this trudging around Cameron Highlands, I don’t mind coz it is far more relaxing than sorting out office matters. Perhaps you may say this was more like a working holiday, but when you do get something like a dream job, you won’t feel it’s like work!

And yes, I get make new friends up there in Cameron Highlands and refresh my acquaintances. Couldn’t meet up with all them though due to so short a time as just a day! Wish I had more days than just one miserable day. But I had to make best use of my time while I was there. Would have like to hole up in Strabucks Coffee shops in Tanah Rata and whack away with my little netbook and churn out my travelogue about this wonderful Malaysia highland, but reality do sets in and I still have to come on down to the lowlands. Duty calls, you know.

So these are some of my exploration about Cameron Highlands. Hope you enjoy reading them as much I enjoyed exploring and travel writing about it.



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