Cameron Highlands is in Facebook and Twitter
and also how to subscribe to RSS feeds for CHD tourism Malaysia travel destinations updates

Social web site has been around for a long time and with the recent media blitz about Facebook and Twitter, it is about time to bring out Cameron Highlands tourism Malaysia travel destination web site in Facebook and Twitter too.

Cameron Highlands Facebook groupie page


Actually I have placed the Cameron Highlands website as a groupie in Facebook for the past year. I wasn't quite sure what to do with it and left it alone for awhile. Somehow, it garnered a large following so it is about time I give it some life and see how it goes.

So if you have a Facebook account, do check it out and join in as a member. If you are not too sure what Facebook is all about, which I'm sure many do not know what it is, then let me explain a little about it. Even my wife and several church members weren't aware of Facebook and other social web sites until recently, and then they started gleefully playing with it. Simply, Facebook is a social web site where you can hook up with friends and new friends to keep in touch and also to share a bit of your personal life. On the other hand it could also be a big time waster because there are so many funny apps and games and well you could waste lots of time trying them all out. In the end, I just ignore most of the app invitations and that helped to keep my Facebook account a little more sane and manageable.

Oh, yes, there are indeed many social web sites around like Friendster, Hi5, Tagged, and who knows what. Having tried them all out, just stick with Facebook and you can't go too far wrong. Most of the social websites are rather clunky to use, by far Facebook and Friendster are the easiest to use of the lot.

So, to join the Cameron Highlands Facebook groupie, just follow the link below:

And if you like what you see, then join up!


Update 01/10/09 *** Now Cameron Highlands got its very own Facebook page! I guess it would also mean having to maintain both the groupie page and Facebook page. But no matter, both also have a large following, so if you are interested, can join up both! Follow the below link and look see, if you like join up!

Click "Become a Fan" to join up if you have a Facebook account. If you don't have Facebook account, do sign up one and join up! Below is a live feed for preview.



Cameron Highlands tourism Malaysia is in Twitter!

Ah, so the world is a twittering and Cameron Highlands travel destination is in too! With only a 140 character limit, this microblogging service is for making quick short announcement. Even our Malaysian Prime Minister, Mr Najib Razak has a Twitter page. Would it be useful? I have absolutely no idea. It is a free service, so just join up only-lah!

Anyway, I have linked up Facebook to Twitter and vice-versa. So you can still see all my tweets in Facebook. Between the two, Facebook has more interaction ability.

You can find Cameron Highlands twits here:

RSS Feeds

And last but not least, there is the RSS feeds. Since my Newsletter post via email is irregular and well it could be a long wait between posts, one of the best ways to keep tabs on updates would be to use RSS feeds.

All you need is an application that can read RSS feeds and there isn't any shortage of RSS readers around.

Here are some:

If you are using personalize start pages in your browser from Google or Yahoo, you can also plug in the RSS to show up the feed into your personalize iGoogle page (, My Yahoo ( search page. Look for the "Add stuff »" link on the top right of iGoogle page, and the "Add Content" on the top left of My Yahoo page respectively. Another easier way to add to your iGoogle and My Yahoo page is to click those buttons on this page leftside below the navigator bar (in the box called "Subscribe to this site") and the RSS will be automatically added to your iGoogle and My Yahoo page.

And lastly, if you are using Gmail, you could also make the RSS feed show up on your Web Clip located above the Gmail Inbox.

Here's how to go about adding it into your Gmail Web Clips.

So just right click, copy the below URL and paste it into any of the above readers and you can immediately receive the RSS updates:

Happy reading!


Posted on 6/May/2009

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