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Ooops! Almost forgot to post Idil's trip account to Cameron Highlands. It was sort of buried inside my inbox and I happen to bump into it while sorting through it.

Oh boy, was he very fortunate to get a special promo to stay in YTL's Cameron Highlands Resort. I believe that is the most expensive hotel which you can indulge yourself in if ever you could spare the dough to give it a try. Now my wife is pestering me to stay there sometime in the future (and of course the Lakehouse, the Smokehouse as wellÂ… sigh). Have to think about it.

Meantime, enjoy Idil's blog and see how he planned for his challenging trip from Singapore to Cameron Highlands then to Negeri Sembilan together with his family. Way to go, Idil!


Good morning Jan,

Here are some updates for you since I just returned from Cameron Highlands. I stayed at the Cameron Highlands Resort by the golf course and it was a real treasure! Here's my "blog" for you...

Day 1 ---- 9 Aug - Happy 42nd Birthday S'pore!!!

0630hrs - Left home to Linkedua (2nd Link)

0705hrs - reached Sultan Abu Bakar ICQ and loooong Q ....Why not, every Sg apply one day leave for Friday and get 4 days. .. 8-)

0800hrs - cleared the ICQ

1130hrs - Exit Nilai Utara to use non ingress KL route.(Scared of the jam at Sg Besi and MRRII lah) AWAS AWAS AWAS... Highway on "naik taraf" so expect a lot of merging to one lane only for a stretch of about 2km per merge. So please Q and drive at appropriate speed.

DO NOT try to squeeze into the left most lanes as some IDIOTS tried and caused near-collisions with lorries that are paying attention more to the Construction workers on the right and will "adjust" to the left when the constructions equipment are in the other lane!!! One "Alonso" lost his fender at Senawang as he failed to give way to merging lorry and tried to "get ahead of the lorry", possibly driven by Hamilton, from his left!!!

1230hrs - Re-join Highway at Sg Buloh to Rawang

1330hrs - Exit Tapah

Durians, durians, durians all along the route up to Lata Iskandar. Sold by the Orang Asli.

Tanah Rata's Terminal Freesia multi-storey car park under repair.

1410hrs - Reach Tanah Rata and major upgrading of the multi storey car park. The signboard said something about repairing the ramp... See the photo my kid took as I drove by and you will see that some of the parapet were already hacked off as part of the upgrading.

1420hrs - Check in Cameron Highlands Resort (CHR). Standard room is big with Twin single beds and Sofa which can double up as another bed! Religiously sensitive hotel with bible in drawer and kiblat direction marker. Free Wi-Fi.. Resort staffs were always smiling, greeting you and I felt safe when I noticed the doormen were mostly Gurkhas!!! The new Mitsubishi Lancers were also there for their launch...Ten beauties parked side by side...

1800hrs - Dinner at CHR ...Ordered for kids and wife... but self-abstain as the menu was kind-of not-here-not-there to me...

1900hrs - Tido... (Ed: Sleep!)

Day 2 ---- 10 Aug

0700hrs - Breakfast at Tanah Rata

0800hrs - Visit Mardi

0930hrs - Drove to Highland Apiary at Habu

The apiary has improved! Heart shaped fish pond, strawberries and others too. Owner is still that friendly Uncle whose smile is simply contagious!

1030hrs - Shopping at Tanah Rata

1200hrs - Packed lunch and makan at CHR. We need to rest as I've booked the CHR complimentary "Jim Thompson Trail" at 1500hrs

1445hrs - Met the CHR "Naturalist" Shahril Kamarulzaman who will be our guide

1505hrs - Reached the starting point near the Lutheran Mission Bungalow

1515hrs - Start of the trail....

Cameron Highlands' jungle flora.

Two steps into the trail and Sharil (who is a botanist) pointed to the first flora.... An orchid and with that begins a wonderful journey in the jungles of CH which is actually a non-stop perpetual botanical gardens. Well at last we're with Shahril that is...without him, we would have stepped onto a national treasure and did not even noticed it..Just look at the photo...Can you spot an orchid? We emerged 2 hours later near Villa Dahlia, a mere ten minutes walk back to CHR!

Special mentioned to Shahril who painstakingly topographically mapped the trail, which is an original "Orang Asli trail", repaired it and upgrade it with proper footholds so that tourist as young as my daughter 4 years old could enjoy the walk !

Most of the part, she is on my back though...and I didn't tell the wife and kids about leeches etc as otherwise they would freak-out and refused to go!!!

1800hrs - Drove to Brinchang for dinner and pasar malam shopping...

2000hrs - Return to CHR.

Told you how safe I felt with the "Gurkhas" earlier? After dinner my kid forgot to wind-up totally the car window and Daddy too tired to check.... One of the doorman spotted it during his "rounds" and called at my room personally @2015hrs! that is GEMS... Go-Extra-Mile in Service!

Day 3 --- 11 Aug

0800hrs - Breakfast in bed

0930hrs - Check-out

0935hrs - Wife "forgot" to buy some more barang-barang at Tanah Rata

1030hrs - Sayonara Cameron Highlands, till the next time....

1330hrs - Exit Nilai

Kampung homestay at Negeri Sembilan.

Kampong homestay at Negri Sembilan at adopted Uncle house!!!! Rambutans, pulasan and many more tropical fruits self plucked from the tree!!! Ahhhh... I even have a garage for my car! Problem was, at night, a group of felines with muddy paws slept on the car roof. So next morning car wash like hell!!

Day4 ---- 12 Aug

1030hrs - Singapore here we come...

1045hrs - Entered Highway from Seremban

1430hrs - Home Sweet home.


With Best Regards,
Idilfitri Mohd Yatim

Photos courtesy of Idil.

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