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Looks like more hacking and tweaking of the Cameron Highlands 金马伦高原 馬來西亞 phpbb2 web hosting forum web site. Yep, when you make your own web site like I do, being a little geeky minded, I like to meddle with the web site codes a little. Though I'm no expert, I could make use of open source software application and install it on a web hosting company.

However my last install of the phpBB2 web hosting for Cameron Highlands forum web site hit a snag. It wasn't as popular as I thought it would. It garnered a bit of discussion, and then it sputtered, spitted very badly with web spammers and then sort of faded to obscurity. Oh, well, it was a good try. It was no point keeping a sick horse around anyway, so I copied out the forum comments and reposted it out.

There were some rather interesting discussions like those posted by Mr HL Low who owned the Arabella Bungalow Holiday Home. He knows some interesting restaurants located in Ringlet and in Tringkap. Perhaps one day I would give it a try.

Anyway, I have to put down the phpBB forum and uninstall it. Way too much web spammers trying to hawk their dubious wares. I'm thinking of using another type software which hopefully would be more useful and hopefully more visitors would use it too.

In case you like to know what web hosting solution company I'm using, I'm currently using the SiteSell Site Build It! and BlueHost web hosting solution company. I found these two to be the best. But why two? No two web hosting is equal and each has its own pros and cons, by combining these two, I get the very best of both worlds. Besides, is not my only web site. I have others, some of which you may have encountered while surfing around this web site, including my phpBB forum which was hosted on BlueHost web hosting solution company.

Anyway, it was time to revamp the discussion board. The template didn't match with this web site, and I guess many visitors thought they went to another web site altogether. While peeking and poking around the Site Build It site central control panel I found an interesting feature called Infin It. (Warning! Geeky content follows…)

So what is it? Well if you have a SBI web site, and another web hosting solution company like BlueHost (in fact Sitesell recommends BlueHost to use this feature) what you can do is to map a subdomain from your SBI web site to a domain or subdomain hosted on another web site like BlueHost. By mapping it, visitors would still think they are in your current SBI web site instead of being redirected to another on another URL. Now isn't that dandy? It could even be used with Google's Blogger too, which I am currently using it to aggregate current news post and info from newspaper publication.

Since I just stumble upon it, I'm going to study it a little bit more and give it some thought to the discussion board before implementing it. So if you were looking for the Cameron Highlands forum board and ended up here, apologies, have a little patience while I re-configure the web site. I have collected those threads and reposted below. There are some gems in there so perhaps you may get some useful info for planning your Cameron Highlands holiday vacation trip. In the meantime many thanks for making this the best ever web site about Cameron Highlands vacation travel destination web site online!


Posted on 13-Nov-2008

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