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Tourism Malaysia Flowers Festival

There will be a flowers festival to be held in Cameron Highlands on the 5th and 6th of June 2009 as part of the government tourism Malaysia promotion. Though I myself had not the chance to visit the Tourism Malaysia Flowers Festival, perhaps would be holiday goers like you who are planning a trip to Cameron Highlands during this school holiday break will get a chance to see the Tourism Malaysia Flower Festival in Cameron Highlands! Who knows, if you enjoy it much you might be inspired to even start your own Malaysia florist shop or in Singapore too!

Flowers Malaysia, plenty here in Cameron Highlands your travel destinations of choice!

There aren't many details available from the Tourism Malaysia web site ( about the flowers Malaysia festival except for a very brief description below:

Flowers Festival
5 June 2009 Until 6 June 2009
The Flora and Fruit Festival in Malaysia is held in conjunction with the local fruit season. Enjoy the excellent nutrition and great taste of local fruits!

Cameron Highlands
Pahang, Malaysia.
Tel: +609-517 1111
Fax: +609-514 6900

The MoTour website also didn't have much info either. So you just have to visit Cameron Highlands and look-see for yourself what it is all about.

Of course don't forget, this is a double school break period, which means that both Malaysia and Singapore school holidays coincide from 30/May-14/June and 30/May-28/June respectively. So if you are planning anything for the first two weeks of June, expect a large crowd especially during the weekends. Of course if you want to see the Flower Festival, then you have to the brave the maddening crowd! So good luck and keep your cool!

And by any chance you become inspired to start a Malaysia florist shop, do let me know so I can send some flowers to my darling wife!


PS: Kudos to Idil who highlighted me about the flowers Malaysia festival event.

Update: 8/6/2009

One of my readers mentioned that the Flower Festival was non-existent on the said day. He/She was so upset that he/she said this event highlight was a total sham and was a total blow to tourism Malaysia. I couldn't agree more because I also rely on information disseminated by publications as well as Tourism Malaysia web site to provide a complete information about the popular Cameron Highlands travel destination. So if one of their events listed is wrong, who knows how many other events listed in their events page are also wrong.

I wrote a email to complain about their wrong information. Let's see if they will reply.

Dear Pahang Tourism Council,

Re your information:

Flower Festival
5 June 2009 Until 6 June 2009
The Flora & Fruit Festival in Malaysia is held in conjunction with the local fruit season. Enjoy the excellent nutrition and great taste of local fruits!
Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Phone: 609 517 1111
Fax: 609 514 6900
Pahang Tourism Action Council

As was highlighted in

I am the webmaster of the popular travel guide web site. When I highlighted the above event, one of my readers who went to Cameron Highlands found out that the festival was totally non-existent. This reader was a big fan of orchids and was very upset and disappointed with the wrong information published. The hotel staff in Equatorial Hotel explained that the above Flower Festivals and others previously has not been organized for many years already.

Since your contact details was part of the above publication, I would presume you are also responsible for the dissemination of the above information as well as organizing the above activities.

What I would like to say in this email is that if you are not planning to organize the above activity you should strike it out from the list of events in the Tourism Malaysia events web page and not misled the public and tourists who purposely made plans to visit Cameron Highlands just to visit the floral fest in good faith of your publication but ended up very disappointed when such activity did not even exist.

This is a blow to Tourism Malaysia. Why highlight an event if you do not plan to organize Flower Festival event or do anything about it?

In addition, if one of the listed event is wrong, God knows how many other events listed in the events page is also wrong. It is not good for tourism Malaysia for wrong information to be published. It only tarnishes the image of Malaysia as being a sloppy country and not doing their job properly.

As such, I would appreciate if you would reply to this email for an explanation of why the above Flower Festival was not organized on the dates mentioned and why you still publicized the event in the web site knowing that you would not be organizing the flower festival.

Hope to receive your reply soon.
Yours sincerely,

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