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The Cameron Highlands Travel Forums is back! With a vengeance I hope! I have been planning to install back some sort of travel forums onto this tourism Malaysia web site but didn't quite like the phpBB2 as it was too easily spammed. Going through several open sourced bulletin boards available in the internet and testing them out, I decided to go for a light weight version. Why install something with features that I don't need?

This one is still quite new; it is from the makers of the popular Wordpress websites software and it is called bbPress. The web developers too were looking for a simple and lightweight bulletin board and couldn't find one that was to their liking. However since they know how to code they have the advantage of building a completely new software from the ground up. And the end result is this simple to use bbPress bulletin board system which I could use it for my travel forums.

It is still a fairly new bulletin system, very simple and basic, however it serves the basic need. As for the theme, I was able to modify the Kakumei template to give an overall theme that should fit according to Cameron Highlands Destination web site theme.

Now all I need are travellers like you to help this travel forum grow. Only time will see whether it will be useful or not. My previous one sort of ended up as a spam haven, so hopefully the bbPress anti-spam should be able to shoot down those pesky spammers leaving only users posting topics about that great beautiful highland as a way of promoting tourism Malaysia. And nope I'm not endorsed by Tourism Malaysia; this is a self managed project, because this is the country where I grew up, lived, worked and of course holiday about too! But I was surprised when people enquired to TDC looking for information about Cameron Highlands they were pointed to this web site by them. (How I know? The people who contacted me said so. Read the comments page. Lots of interesting people contacted me! From locals and Singaporeans to overseas tourist and even war veterans who served during the emergency!) Thank you TDC, at least some minor recognition!

Still there is more to go, hopefully this bbPress bulletin board will help out in some ways for providing an information exchange channel amongst the visitors and would be visitors planning to make their trip to good old refreshing Cameron Highlands, tourism Malaysia, visit Malaysia here we go! Malaysia boleh!


Let's go travel forums for Cameron Highlands tourism Malaysia travel destinations!

Posted on 20-April-2009

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