Blue Valley Flowers Farm Cameron Highlands

While travelling along the Simpang Pulai route, I noticed this sign leading to Blue Valley Flowers Farm. Intrigue, I decided to follow it and explore this nursery. Following the signage, it takes you pass the junction to Kuala Terla / Kampung Raja on the road heading off to Gua Musang. It wasn't a long drive before I found another sign pointing to a turn off that lead to a long cemented road sandwiched between farms. It looked really out of place and I weren't very sure it was correct but I decided to follow it anyway.

Blue Valley Flowers Farm Cameron Highlands

Eventually I reached the little Blue Valley Flowers Farm garden nursery located at the side of hill. At its slightly elevated location, you have a nice little view of the surrounding. Except for the overdevelopment at the former Blue Valley tea plantation that mars the view, that one was really bad because the hill was completely bald. Hopefully once the development is completed it will look pretty again.

Meanwhile, I decided to explore this little flower nursery. It was rather quiet as I came up to Cameron Highlands on a weekday. I guess there would be more people during a long weekend period.

The road to Blue Valley Flowers Farm

Blue Valley Flowers Farm is more like a nursery garden than a farm selling all kinds of potted plants and flowers. The point that made them a farm was perhaps the strawberries. That would make them sort of a strawberry farm. You could do some "pick your own strawberry" activities here as they provide this popular Cameron Highlands popular family activities.

While looking around, I bumped into the owner and ended up with a lively chat. That's what you get when you are the only customer around! He showed me around the nursery and explained about the strawberry farms around Cameron Highlands. There was a time only handful of nursery or farm offered this activity and really charge at a high price of RM60 for a pack of pick-your-own-strawberry fun thing to do. Now with almost every strawberry farms getting into the act, the price has come down to about RM35 per kg pack. Still expensive considering that you can get a pack in the Cameron Highlands market for about RM20 per pack or even at RM10 per pack when the stall owners wants to close shop for the night or move their produce quick!

The flower nursery including the strawberry farms

One of the owner's pastimes was to rear some feathered friends. I forgot the name of the bird so you just have to identify it from my photo. It seems this bird is fame for its chirping and they are quite popular amongst bird lovers who rear them. With a cage full of them, they sure made a racket! So if you have any interest for this bird then do drop in Blue Valley Flowers Farm and select your little birdy friend! For me, I already have a pet cat, and she is likely to eat them up if I do get one! Haha, sort of a feud between Twitty bird and Sylvester the cat kind of thingy, eh?

The chirping birds

Sitting down on one of his empty tables (well it was a slow weekday and the sun was going down the hills and they do have a little café serving strawberry smoothies if you care to give it a go), I have a further chat with the owner. He said he was planning on semi-retirement and would pass the management of the nursery to another. He won't sell the place, just collect some rent for retirement income, but perhaps keep a little corner and some small items for sale to keep himself busy. After all his offspring are not keen to follow in his footstep, running a nursery farm is not for everybody. True, true. Nowadays youngster has many distractions and they may want to find more glamorous jobs than being a farmer.

It was an interesting chat with the Blue Valley Flowers Farm owner but I needed to get going as the sun was setting and I needed to get down to Tanah Rata to meet up a friend. Anyway, if you have some interest to pick your own strawberries or buy some potted plants or even rearing chirping birds, come by and explore this nursery farm in Cameron Highlands.


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