Bukit Fraser (Fraser's Hill)
Getting Around and Maps

The choice method of getting around Fraser's Hill (Bukit Fraser) is none other than by car. They do not have any public transport system unlike Cameron Highlands. I have not come across any taxi or public buses while visiting Bukit Fraser. If you do not have your own transport and feel you are very fit or need a good dose of hillside exercise, than be prepared to walk a lot. Though Fraser's Hill may not be as big as Cameron Highlands, moving around on foot is not so easy. However I did see very determined tourists who actually walked from one place to another.

Get yourself a map of Fraser's Hill and you don't have to stop by one of this signage to get your bearings. Click here for a bigger size map reference.

There are no maps sold in the Fraser's Hill, though you could get a free map from the hotel that you are staying or pop in to the Tourist Information Centre located at Puncak Inn. You could also get a map in advance from a bookstore before going up to Fraser's Hill. Usually the map booklet has the main map of Cameron Highlands and the Fraser's Hill combined with it on another page, perhaps together with a map of Taiping in one booklet depending on which version that you could lay your hands on.

The layout of Fraser's Hill is fairly simple. The town centre is where the famous clock tower is located where it is one of the most often photographed icon of Bukit Fraser. Around it is the Post Office and Police station, Puncak Inn with the simple row of shops which include the Tourism Center and next to it the Golf Course.

The main route that circles around Fraser Hill will skirt around the golf course, goes past a bungalow called Bishop's House, comes down pass a children's playground, passing by the Fraser's Hill Development Corporation before ending back up at the clock tower again.

There are many bungalows spread out around Fraser's with many open to the public for an interesting colonial style accommodation. You could of course opt for normal accommodation by staying at Silverpark Apartments, Fraser Pine Resort or Jelai Resort.

Jungle trails are plentiful, most are short and easy to trek, though some precaution is still needed as some people has strayed from the path and got themselves lost in the jungle before.

Anyway, you could try printing the snapshot of the map that I got from the tourism office. It may not be very clear but at least it is something for your reference. Just click at the picture above or the link below to view the bigger map.


The Bukit Fraser's Hill Guide Map
for your cuti-cuti Malaysia travels destinations

Posted on 30-June-2008

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