Bukit Fraser (Fraser's Hill)
Hotels, Apartments,
Bungalows and Accommodations

Fraser's Hill being a smaller highland in comparison with Cameron's has less choice for hotels and accommodations. Still you could find some suitable choice. One interesting thing about Bukit Fraser is that they have lots of bungalows available to the public. Some of the bungalows are managed by Government run Fraser's Hill Development Corporation. The bungalows are rather old, but do provide an interesting ambience to the accommodation. If you rather prefer somewhat modern accommodations you could try the apartments like Silverpark.

On a peak period, many of the accommodation do get fully booked just like those in Cameron Highlands. So do book early to avoid any disappointment. The listing below is what I have in hand at the moment. I will list additionally when more information becomes available. And please don't ask me for their email contacts, like most accommodation in Cameron Highlands, they are not that sophisticated to have communication using the internet.

  Bird's eye view of Bukit Fraser town center. Who's watching who now?

Hotels and accommodations list

  • Puncak Inn - Tel: 09-362 201
  • FHDC Banglo / Apartment - Tel: 09-362 2201 / 362 2195
  • Fraser's Pine Resort - Tel: 09-362 2122
  • Fraser's Hill Resort - Tel: 09-2697 9772
  • Jelai Highland Resort - Tel: 09-362 2600
  • Shahzan Inn - Tel: 09-362 2300
  • Silver Park Holiday - Tel: 09-362 2888
  • Sri Peninjau Apartment - Tel: 09-362 2226
  • Rezab Mutiara (Banglo) - Tel: 09-2164 4191

Posted on 20-May-2008

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