Year 2008 calendar with
Malaysia Public Holidays for your
vacation guide to Cameron Highlands

Here's the year 2008 calendar to guide you for your vacation to Cameron Highlands. This is a simple calendar marking down the common holidays in Malaysia. Included in the calendar is the Malaysian school break holidays highlighted in yellow.

There are also of course the various state holidays and Singapore public holidays and school term breaks to watch out.

As mentioned, you may want to plan your trip to Cameron Highlands around the public holidays to minimize your annual leave usage or create a longer weekend holiday. For example, the Labour Day of 1st May falls on Thursday, you may want to take Friday off to make it super weekender!

But, and it is a very big but, you are not the only person eyeing it to make it a super weekender and so do expect a crowd to throng the highland retreat. Meaning, expect heavier traffic and perhaps even give up on visiting some sights and attractions.

On the other hand, you could plan your break away from the super long weekend to escape not only from your work but also from people planning their holiday on a super weekend. However, if you like the pasar malam night market in Brinchang, so sorry-lah! They are not open on normal weekdays.

Which ever way you want to plan your trip, they each have their own pros and cons. So you decide. After all, you are the one in charge of your own holidays and how it turns out in part it is also due to your planning. However no matter how well you plan a holiday there are always some natural elements and events that is beyond your control. Anyway, best of luck to your year 2008 holiday vacation guide planning!


Year 2008 Calendar with Malaysian public holidays and school term holidays mark out for your vacation planning guide.

    Malaysia Year 2008 Public Holidays
  • 01/Jan - New Year's Day
  • 10/Jan - Awal Muhram
  • 07-08/Feb - Chinese New Year
  • 20/Mar - Prophet Mohd's Birthday
  • 01/May - Labour Day
  • 19/May - Wesak Day
  • 07/Jun - Agong / King's Birthday
  • 31/Aug - National/Merdeka Day
  • 01-02/Oct - Hari Raya Puasa
  • 27/Oct - Deepavali
  • 08/Dec - Hari Raya Haji
  • 25/Dec - Christmas Day
  • 29/Dec - Awal Muharam

    Malaysia School Term Holidays 2008
  • 1st Mid Term Break = 08/Mar-16/Mar
  • 2nd Mid Term Break = 24/May-08/Jun
  • 3rd Mid Term Break = 16/Aug-24/Aug
  • Year End Break = 15/Nov-04/Jan/2009

    Singapore School Term Holidays 2008
  • Semester 1 Term 1 Break = 08/Mar-16/Mar
  • Semester 1 Term 2 Break = 24/May-22/Jun
  • Semester 2 Term 1 Break = 30/Aug-07/Sep
  • Semester 2 Term 2 Break = 15/Nov-31/Dec

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Posted on 27-December-2007

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