Malaysia Holidays 2010 and School Holidays

It is that time of the year again where we start distributing year 2010 calendars for customers. And of course one of the first things we look at are the Malaysia Holidays that are printed in it for planning our family trips! Of course we would also browse through the beautiful scenery pictures that adorn each month of the calendar to soothe our tired eyes from all the daily grind of the office.

Public holidays are meant for celebration of some commemorative day such as Merdeka Day (Independence Day) or to mark some religious observance or cultural celebration such as Hari Raya Puasa, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas. Or even to celebrate Royalty like Agung's Birthday. Not to forget of course common working folks like us with Labour Day as well too. But one thing about any Malaysia Holidays irregardless of event, if it is a public holiday we will take it any time! We will use it for resting at home or go out to shopping malls with family for some shopping pastime. And if it falls adjacent to a weekend, we get a nice long super weekend and plan for some trip. You got it! Let's go Cameron Highlands!

Of note is the new Malaysia Day which falls on 16-Sep recently declared by the Government. So we get an additional public holiday in Malaysia. This surely will cause some grouse with employers as they have to give an extra day for their worker. Then again they are only required by labour law to provide a gazetted minimum of 10 days. To tell you the truth, us Malaysians worked way too hard. We work about 45 hours per week if we go according to the work schedule, however we are still in the office even way after office hours putting an extra hour or two without overtime pay that makes about as much as 55 hours of working per week. And for Malaysia holidays falling on Saturdays, there will be no replacement (for those lucky ones who work for a 5 day work week companies) so the actual number of public holidays is much less than shown on the calendar.

I also know of companies where they consider taking an annual leave on Saturday constitutes as a full day leave even though the working hours is just half day. So the actual number of rest days or rest hours is actually much less than what some of those workaholic bosses and employers think the employees and workers are getting. It is not that the employees are getting lazy; it is just that sometimes hardworking employees get very tired after putting in so many hours and to ask for a simple annual leave also so difficult. So what's your take on this?

Enough of my holiday analysis. Let's get down to listing the public holidays in Malaysia as well as Singapore.

Malaysia Holidays 2010

  • 1st Jan — New Year's Day
  • 14th-15th Feb — Chinese New Year
  • 26th Feb — Prophet Mohammad's Birthday
  • 1st May — Labour Day
  • 28th May — Wesak Day
  • 5th Jun — Agung's Birthday
  • 31st Aug — Merdeka Day
  • 10th-11th Sep — Hari Raya Puasa
  • 16th Sep — Malaysia Day
  • 5th Nov — Deepavali
  • 17th Nov — Hari Raya Qurban
  • 7th Dec — Awal Muharram
  • 25th Dec — Christmas

Singapore Holidays 2010

  • 1st Jan — New Year's Day
  • 14th-15th Feb — Chinese New Year
  • 2nd Apr — Good Friday
  • 1st May — Labour Day
  • 28th May — Vesak Day
  • 9th Aug — National Day
  • 10th Sep — Hari Raya Puasa
  • 5th Nov — Deepavali
  • 17th Nov — Hari Raya Haji
  • 25th Dec — Christmas Day

Malaysia School Holidays 2010

  • First Mid-Term Break = 13th Mar to 21st Mar
  • Second Mid-Term Break = 5th Jun to 20th Jun
  • Third Mid-Term Break = 4th Sep to 12th Sep
  • Year End Break = 20th Nov to 2nd Jan of 2011

Singapore School Holidays for 2010

    Semester 1
  • Term 1: 13th Mar to 21st Mar
  • Term 2: 29th May to 27th Jun
    Semester 2
  • Term 3: 4th Sep to 12th Sep
  • Term 4: 20th Nov to 31st Dec

For Malaysia State Holidays, you may want to download this PDF file which have a complete list of all the public holidays in Malaysia for your reference. This file is in Malay language, I don't have the English version. As Malaysian, I believe you should be well versed enough to understand the national language, no?

Download the Malaysia State Holidays PDF file.

When planning your Cameron Highlands trip, bear this in mind. Try to avoid super peak weekend planning if you can unless you don't mind joining the throng of tourist and be part of the contributing factor of traffic congestion. Also of particular note is to avoid overlapping of Malaysia holidays, Singapore holidays and school term breaks for each country. Of course, due to time constraint of your job, your children studies and other obligations, you just have no choice but to join in the maddening crowd, eh?

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