Cameron Highlands Towns

 A somewhat skewed photo of Brinchang town! Remind me to set up the camera properly for a proper shot. Wish I had a wide angled camera!

Cameron Highlands consists of 3 main towns and a few smaller villages and town totaling about nine altogether. According to Wikipedia there are nine towns, in no particular order they are Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Ringlet, Kea Farm (which personally I didn't even feel it was like a town or village) Tringkap, Bertam Valley, Kuala Terla, Kampung Raja and Blue Valley. Some towns are so small I would consider them as village rather than town. Anyway, of the most interesting would be the main tourist towns - Tanah Rata and Brinchang.

If you are driving up from Tapah way, after about 45km distance, you will arrived first at Ringlet. Then a further 13km away, you will reach the main town of Tanah Rata. If you continue on for another 3km, you will reach the town of Brinchang.

Ringlet felt more like a trading area for commercial activities with its various "kedai runcit" and old style shops for the Cameron Highland folks. It is usually bypassed by most visitors. For the intrepid explorer it could be an interesting place to walk about. This town was the first settlement in the Cameron Highlands so it has a long history around this area. As you drive around the bend on the main road you can see the vast valley area populated by the old style housing of the locals.

Along the route between Ringlet to Tanah Rata as you travel onwards to the highlands, you will find the charming tudor style country house Lakehouse Cameron Highland Hotel, sitting atop a hill, overlooking a sorry looking lake. Opposite the hotel is a short row of market stalls where vegetables, flowers and souvenirs can be found.

The Tanah Rata five foot walkway with its blue roof makes an interesting place to have your cuppa and scout for your souvenirs.

Tanah Rata is where you might base your stay. With its many shops, eateries, banks and government buildings, it would be considered the hub of Cameron Highlands.

Brinchang is somewhat more crowded, and looking for a parking space on peak period may be a problem here. There use to be a night market at the central parking lot. But it has now shifted to a new location located at the street between Cactus Valley and Star Regency Hotel Apartments with ample parking space in front of Brinchang Police Station.

Tringkap, Bertam Valley, Kuala Terla, Kampung Raja and Blue Valley are located on the other end of Cameron Highlands which you will surely pass by these towns and villages if you using the Simpang Pulai way. The roads here are rather haphazard and sometimes narrow which are ill equip to handle the heavier traffic volume during holiday breaks as more and more visitors use the easier Simpang Pulai way to travel to the highlands.

These towns are becoming better known now that the new route passes through these places. My cousin Victor from Kuantan even found a restaurant that does charcoal steamboat in one of these towns. As long as there is tasty food to eat, we sure know how to sniff them out and go out of the way to try them out! When I find out where it is, or perhaps you may know of its whereabouts, I will post out the information in this web site for visitors to locate them.

There are also some outlying villages or town around Cameron Highlands like Pos Slim and Lojing which you might come across while traveling along the new route to Cameron Highlands or on the way to Gua Musang, and like me maybe you don't even take note they existed while traveling along the road. I didn't know they even existed until I read about some environmental issues about the Lojing area. Talk about selective information retention! Our brain just sift through and take in only the relevant information and ignore the rest.

Last Updated 05-April-2007

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