Cameron Highlands Outdoor Adventure
Jungle Walking and Trekking Trails

For the more ecological minded visitors, Cameron Highlands has many jungle trails. It is a wonderful way to explore the countryside’s fauna and flora. One of the nice outdoor adventure things to do in Cameron Highland!

Trails range from the simple to the very challenging. Only basic sketch maps of trails with route numbered accordingly are available. You can buy the Cameron Highland map from any souvenir shops or petrol kiosk in Cameron Highlands.

Some precaution will be well advised before embarking on any jungle trail trekking. Bring plenty of water, whistle, matches or lighters, warm clothing, torches, and the indispensable mobile phone fully charged. Of course don't overload yourself with too much gear! You are not going for full blown jungle camping!

You never know, whether a simple stroll into the jungle trail may turn out to be a jungle survival situation! Especially if embarking on a very challenging trail! Don’t end up like the case of Jim Thompson!

Do inform the hotel staffs, Polis or friends if embarking on a serious jungle trekking expedition. It may be advisable to hire a guide for this kind of endeavor.

Well, if you ever do get lost, the district officer will have to call in the Orang Asli trackers. Being the aborigine of Cameron Highlands, they are expert hunters and will surely track you down!

Posted on 15-Feb-2006

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