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Precautions for jungle trekking

Before embarking on your trail blazing jungle trekking expedition in Cameron Highlands, here’s a checklist of things to do and prepare:

  1. Water – bring plenty of it as you possibly could, without burdening yourself. Water is heavy to trudge around in the jungle, but very necessary to bring sufficient amount to quench your thirst.
  2. Food or snacks – a little extra food is good for picnics and well, do keep some for emergencies too.
  3. Matches or Lighters – to make fire at night to keep warm, though it may be difficult to start a fire if the twigs of wood is damp. Good for making smoke signals too!
  4. Warm clothing – nights can get real cold! Brrr...!
  5. Torches – maybe a small one to keep your gear light.
  6. Mobile Hand phone – make sure it is fully charge. You may get lucky to catch some signal to call out for help. Don’t forget to bring along the hotel phone number or the local emergency numbers.
  7. Pieces of paper with pen/pencil – good for marking trails and helps to start a fire easily.
  8. Some medication would be helpful, like antiseptics, bandages, paracetamol (pain killers), anagelsics, etc.
  9. Knife – an invaluable asset in a survival situation.

Before embarking on a trekking expedition, it would be wise to inform friends or hotel staff about your activity, and approximately when you will be expected to return from the Cameron Highlands’ trail.

Above all, be positive! An optimistic outlook keeps a person going till rescued, even in difficult situations. One of my favorite reference book is the John Wiseman’s SAS Survival Guide. Buy a pocket version to bring along!

It may prove to be invaluable!

Posted on 15-Feb-2006

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