Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm
See their honey bee hives

Honey Bee Hives boxes

Want to have a closer look at the honey bee hive and do so safely? Then visit the Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm in Tringkap, Cameron Highlands. They are located in Tringkap at the row of roadside vegetable markets. I happen to bump into them while the missus was looking around for some vegetables. The Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm has set up some kind of museum for people to learn more about the benefits of honey and how honey is produced and harvested.

I was browsing around the exhibits of bee paraphernalia, and the owner, Mr Leong spotted me. He was rather helpful and asked one of the workers to show me more about the honey bee hives. So we walk over to a corner of their exhibition centre and there were some honey bee hives boxes.

The roadside vegetable markets at Tringkap

The worker proceeded to open the cover and pull out one of the honey bee hive panel to show more about the honey combs. The bees were rather docile and it didn’t seem to have any danger of the honey bees becoming aggressive and stinging the workers or even me. With an up close and personal view of the panel, I could see the build up of honey where the honey bee has deposited their harvest.

Since I have met a friend who had at one point wanted to start a honey bee farm apiary but gave up and started another lucrative business. I had some idea about the honey that the honey bee produced. So I inquired Mr Leong about the honeys harvested and the colour of the honey. And it was a surprise actually when he said the amount of honey produced in Cameron Highlands was actually insufficient. The nectar from the flowers does not provide enough source material for honey bees to produce enough honeys. Honeys are actually collected from all over Malaysia before bottling them. Many of Mr Leong's honey bee sources was harvested in Seremban.

Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm Museum

Intriguing. Another point to note that some of best quantities of honeys collected are from the rubber estates as the rubber trees provide quite a fair amount of nectar for honey bees to make honey in their honey bee hives. So much about the general notion of honeys being collected only from small flower plants. They are also obtained from trees as well. Different trees would produce different coloured honey. Additionally, bees have an important role to play in the ecological balance as they also provide for a way for trees and plants to cross pollinate.

Apart from selling various kinds of honey, royal jelly, bee pollen and bee nest, Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm also deals in bees breeding equipment. Perhaps if you are interested to start a bee farm apiary you could inquire with them? Who knows, you might become an expert in honey bee breeding and health benefits of honeys, etc.

Within their premises they also have a small strawberry farm for picking strawberries and some souvenir shops too. I guess they try diversifying their business and not relying on one income source. I think many people in Cameron Highlands do just that!

Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm Museum


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