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Good job on the website :)

It is very well organised, with a good mix of personal anecdotes, insightful commentary and important information on CH.

In your opinion, is CH safe for ladies travelling alone? I intend to visit CH during the off-peak period to unwind:)

Thanks and keep up the good work :)


Dear Lily,

Many thanks for your encouraging message.
And yes, Cameron Highlands is safe to travel alone.
There should be no problem with the main tourist spots. However, it is still good to take precaution and avoid places if you feel it is not safe like back alleys etc. Other than that, have a pleasant journey!
Bon voyage!

Hi Jan,

I just would like to share my lucky visit to Cameron last week. I was fortunate to stay in one of the Homestay Chalet. It is located in Tanah Kampung Taman Sedia.It is affordable and convenience.Oh! The chalet name is Marina Chalet. is not really about the accomodation. I only would like to thanks the owner for giving my family the best treat ever.Since the weather were raining so heavily that day and we couldn't go anywhere ..without formalities and to our surprised..we were being invited by the owner to join a lunch at their hilltop family residence.While dining the owner told us whole heartedly the full history of Cameron.He even showed us the old black and white pictures of Cameron.We are so honored with the free knowledge and the good foods served.We only realized the owner is actually the first Penghulu of Cameron and had served the district for more than 36 years.His hospitality was second to none as he too offered and drove us to few places that was not in the map.Again I would like to highlight the warm hospitality of Cameron people.Our last visit to Cameron was worth more than the money we had spent.

By the way.. I am still amaze, back to this website, on how you can cope up with all the Cameron updates.You are just like the "Penghulu" that I ve met.I am sure you should be given the "Honorary Star Medal" from the local, particularly the Pahang State authority for promoting CAMERON HIGHLANDS personally.

Please keep it up and congratulation for all the fantastic job.

Salmiah Keween
Kuala Lumpur

Oh, wow! Thanks for the compliments!
How can I meet up with Penghulu? Maybe one day I go up Cameron Highlands I could meet up with him.


Dear Jan

Thanks for your reply. I’ve just got back from Cameron Highland and is pleased to share with you my stay in one of the apartments in Desa Anthurium. I chanced upon this unit on the website and decided to make a call to the owner to make an enquiry.

The apartment is cleaner than what I expect and is well equipped. It is really value for money given that I only pay about M$200 for 1 night stay. Most important of all, it is suitable for group travelers. We have a total of 13 pax comprising of 7 adults and 6 children travelling together on this trip and I would say that it is of reasonable size. The kitchen is also well equipped with all necessary utensils for those who plan to cook their meals while they are in Cameron Highlands.

Thanks & rgds.
Alan Tai

Hello, Alan.

Glad you liked the place. I think the price is reasonable too for an apartment. Especially if you really want to maximize by cramming and roughing it out with friends and family.


This web helped me so much getting much information about cameron,a personal experinces and suggestion.... keep up the effort and great work....

Thank you indeed Jan Leow

You are welcomed!

Please put in some info about property mart for foreigners married to locals who want to retire in Cameron Highlands and make it a second home.

Lis McAuliff

Thanks for suggestion. If I have the info I will put it up.
Cheers! Jan.

I'd like to highlight the children's playground in Tanah Rata as a place not to visit especially if your are bringing young children. The upkeep of the place is very poor. Many of the broken playground equipment are not repaired or replaced, thus making them very not useable and dangerous.

Kuala Lumpur.

Hi Jan,

Just to say you have created probably the most informative web site regarding a Malaysian tourist spot in the whole WWW! The info on your site are so detailed, any one wishing to visit Cameron Highland just need to read your site and they will be ready to go!

The Malaysian Tourist Association should be promoting your website and give you an award for work really well done. The amazing thing is you are not even residing in Cameron. **CLAP**

Base on your website, I am organising a trip for at least 5 families to Cameron Highland during the December school holidays. We are planning to drive there, arriving on a Thursday and leaving on a Monday - taking your good advise to avoid the traffic on the weekend going up.

Will update you on the outcome.

Thanks again and truly, you have a great website my man.

Leng Eu

Dear Leng,

Five families? Oh, wow...

Thanks for your compliment and encouragement.

Unfortunately I doubt the Malaysian TDC really know about my website, and as a slap to my face, the Wiki Encyclopedia person-in-charge even commented that my website was not a guide to the Cameron Highlands and removed my link at the Wiki website in favour of other not as detailed website. Perhaps they are just ignorant or didn't like the way I write. Oh well, thank goodness for your encouragement (as well as many others)!

Thank you and enjoy your trip!


PS: Do write back about your trip, I plan to have a section where readers like you visited CH and blog about their experiences.

Hi Jan

Your website is really informative.

Need your advise which apartment would you recommend for a group tour of 10 comprising of 3 families. We are most particular about cleanliness and comfort as compare to views and sceneries around the apartment. Has in mind Equatorial, Heritage and Star Regency but has read quite a lot of negative comments about the cleanliness and poor maintenance on this 3 hotels. So, a little lost on the choice of apartments for our stay in Nov. We do not mind unrated apartment as long as it is clean and comfortable for family stay. Btw, the reason why we r particular about cleanliness is because we have a few members in the group who are asthmatic, or rather we are highly sensitive to the condition of the apartment/room that we stayed in and do not really wants to take this chance during our holiday.

Once again, kudos to u for all the info provided.

Alan Tai

Dear Alan,

I have stayed in the Equatorial room and it was clean. So I presume the apartment should be same. Can't comment on Heritage or Star Regency as I have not stayed there nor viewed their rooms. However, you may try Arabella or Desa Anthurium, both are managed by individuals. Received comments that they were quite clean. Perhaps you consider these two apartments instead.

How about throwing this question to others at the forum at Cameron Highlands Community Forum


Hi Jan

Thx for yr prompt reply. With those infos on yr website, I've more or less decided on the rental of one 3 bedrooms apt at Desa Anthurium that is run by an indvl owner. I've seen a few photos of the interior of the apartment and it appears to be quite decent. The rental I must say is also very affordable. I hope to enjoy my stay there and will feedback to u on my experience in this apt after my stay.

Thx & Cheers

Thank's for this website. I have got a lot of information regarding Cameron Highland. I'm planning to go there in Dec. 07. I've already sent e-mail to Century Pines Resort but till now there is no answer. Do you have any suggestion, Jan? BTW, thanks a lot.

Sitia Jenni
Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia.

Dear Sitia,

That's the problem with hotels around Cameron Highlands. They are not very technical savvy. You are not the only one having problem contacting any hotel in Cameron Highlands by email. How about faxing to them instead?

Century Pines Resort:
Tel: +605 491 5115
Fax: +605 491 1115

As a last resort, you may have to call them by phone for booking confirmation. Don't forget to put your contact details when you fax.


Dear Jan,

Thanks for your suggestion. I'll try to faxing them. Hopefully they will reply.


Is it possible to book a return coach ticket in Cameron, to Singapore? Cos taught of saving on currency diff by going one way from Singapore at SGD45, instead of return at SGD97? Or is there really a one way rate at SGD45. Greatly grateful for replies. Thanks.

Siew Lan Ting

Dear Siew Lan,

I am not sure about this. You will have to check up with the bus company. Usually return fare is cheaper but bus fare is already very cheap. Besides the coach you are using is a very comfortable one, yes? If the fare is cheaper (presumably from another bus co.) you will get a poorer outfitted coach. Sometimes is penny wise pound foolish kind of thing, in trying to save a few dollars, you take the risk of no available ticket for return journey.

How about joining the forum at Cameron Highlands Community Forum and post this question? It's a bit bare now, hope to have more user sign up and make it a useful place for info exchange and hopefully somebody may have tried your idea and give an advice or two.


Hi Jan, Enjoyed your site very much. Very informative. I have not been to Cameron Highlands for a long time and I noticed the big difference in the towns of Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Hope to make a trip there one of these days. Will try the coach instead of driving up. Quite a few places to visit as well while being there.

Keep up with good work and the updates!

Best Wishes,


You are welcome!

We are a group of campus students who plan to go to Cameron this 31 August and 1 September. May I know roughly how much will it cost if we eat steamboat at highland restaurant?? How much per person? And is it open for lunch??

Hope to hear from you. Thank you.

Ivanor Ooi
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Dear Ivanor,

It is quite cheap. Between RM12-RM16 per pax. And yes, you can have it for lunch with some of the restaurants, though not so sure about breakfast...


I am having trouble calling both Kurnia and Unititi bus companies to make reservations for my trip to Cameron Highlands next week.

Do you know if Buses are usually full and require reservations? And what time should we arrive at the bus station to purchase tickets - 1 hr in advance?

I am traveling on Monday August 27th.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Bandar Sunway, Selangor

Dear Janice,

So sorry to hear that. But I am afraid I have no experience taking buses. Ever since I have a car I have never tried using buses. Perhaps if you have the time, you may want to go downtown and check up with them. Also do be careful as there are many bus accident incidents lately. If I may add, avoid night buses because I feel the bus driver gets too sleepy and darkness adds additional danger element to the journey.


Thanks Jan!

I will let you know how our trip goes & add some reviews/insight to other future traveller's to Cameron Highlands onto your website.

Your website was very helpful and we are looking forward to our trip - thanks again!


Hello Jan,

I used to left u a few comments last year. My hubby and I went to Cameron on March'06 and this Merdeka, we'll be there again but this time with my 24-member of my family. This is a family vacation and I'm still referring to ur website to plan our trip (which I think is the best source to refer to for any Cameron highland lover). We'll be staying at Telekom Apt. Thanks Jan for the info. I enjoy visiting ur website.


- Ainul A.B -
Shah Alam, Selangor.

Dear Ainul,

Many thanks for your confidence and praise. Appreciate it! 24 member family clan? Ooo... Wow...!


It was very infomative and this has made me come to Cameron for this school holidays. Our group of 18 family members will be using your advise for shoping. But one thing that bothers me is big hotels like equatorial Cameron Highlands needs to train their staff to be more polite over the phone and not just slamming the phone down by saying the hotel is full. Hotel dahlia has staff who told me to call the next day because he wants to go for lunch and when I said that I want to book an apartment, he said don't waste your time coming here. That really gave a shock as this is visit Malaysia year. But because I called from Rome to do the booking it gave me an opportunity to book through an individual and managed to get an apartment at Arabella.

I did not let this incident break my spirit to go there because i been to many places in Malaysia going for holidays with the same group and we had a lot of good and bad experiences so this will not stop me but it WILL STOP OTHERS WHO WANTS TO HAVE A GOOD TIME.

Ramesh Gopal
Shah Alam, Selangor

Dear Ramesh,

Truly this is a crying shame. It was rather shocking to see this kind of reaction from people who are in the hotel service industry. Though this year is visit Malaysia year, many hotel staff did not seem to encompass the spirit of hospitality. Malaysian hotels still got some way to go for good hospitality, in comparison; I felt Thailand provide the better and friendlier service.

Way to go for your unwavering spirit to have a good time despite the incident. That's how we should all go when traveling. I had my fair share of ups and downs and we should take it in all in our stride as part and parcel of any travels. Of course friendly hotel staff helps to ease any trauma; just hope the hotels in Cameron Highlands do something to improve their service attitude. As you said, for first time travelers it will really be a put off.

Have a good trip and enjoy!

I like reading your blog. We have visited Cameron Highlands 2 years consecutively since 1995 during December school holidays. I like the natural surrounding and the weather. I hope they wouldn't build too many buildings so as not too create more congestion as in Genting Highlands.

Siti MM

Dear Siti,

I certainly hope so too!
Thanks for your compliments.

As we are planning a trip to Cameron with family and i could get the most relevant info in a jiffy.

Thanks for you effort in creating this website.


Usha Srinivasan

You are welcome!

Can you let me know your promotion rates at Bukit Tinggi, Hill station Colmar Tropicale for the month of September & October. We are 2 adults & one kid (4years old)

Prakash Chandrakant
Kuala Lumpur


Hello, Prakash.

Kindly contact Berjaya people:

KL sales office: Tel: 03-2144 2526, Email: Berjaya Hills office: Tel: 09-288 8888 Fax: 09-288 3333

If you order through me I have the right to charge you finder fees... heh, heh...


Berjaya Hills Bukit Tinggi Colmar Tropicale Resort

I'm looking for the traditional Tudor-style bungalow for rental in Cameron Highlands but no one (website) has a comprehensive list. Need to bring my family for a break and get together soon. Appreciate if you can help.

Samantha Lim
Kuala Lumpur

Dear Samantha,

Me too. I'm still looking for info. They are rather private and exclusive. Maybe because bungalow has fewer rooms to rent out. I think they go more by word of mouth then via advertising.

You can try Hilltop Bungalow. You can check out their website for more info at or call them at 03-7845 6973

You might want to try Father's Guesthouse or Bala's Chalet. They are like bungalow of sorts.


Hi, your website is really good, providing lots of information of CH.

By the way, I will like to go CH with my husband and my mum on 12 Jul, most probaly stay on until 15 Jul. This is my 1st time there, hopefully we can have a good time. What do you think of the weather in July, will it be good? I care alot about accommodation cos I cannot stand dirty bedsheets and bathroom. Equatorial, Century Pines and Strawberry Park hotel, which one is better, in terms of location, facilities, comfortable level and most important, cleanliness? I think we need to get around CH by taxi do you have any contacts of good taxi driver? Sorry for asking so many questions. And thanks for your wonderful website.

Happy Lee

Dear Happy Lee,

Rain comes anytime. Weather is unpredictable, so carry along your umbrella while visiting. All the hotels you mention are 4 stars to 5 stars hotel. They are clean. The location on the other hand is something else. Strawberry Park and Equatorial is located outside the town, so access without transport will be difficult. Best choice for you would be Century Pines located in Tanah Rata itself. The taxi station is just nearby. You also have easy access to the various travel agencies big and small set up around Tanah Rata which can cover all the sights and attraction conveniently.

Hope the above helps. Enjoy!


Hi Jan

This is a very useful website with update information.

I am planning to visit CH on 12-13Aug this year. Is this a peak period such that there will be traffic jam?

Also I heard that traveling within CH by public transportation is not convenient. There are not many taxis and each single journey by taxi can be expensive as drivers do not use meters. Can you suggest the price range of taxis for going from Tanah Rata to spots like Kea Farm, Cactus Valley, Strawberry Farm?

I also heard of suggestions to book a taxi for two hours or half a day to visit several spots. What would be the price range of this approach?

Thanks for your attention.


Larry Mak
Hong Kong

Dear Larry,

Thanks for the compliments.

12th (Sun) - 13th (Mon) August would be regarded as shoulder period. There are no attached national public holidays and school break holidays around this time though there is a state holiday on 11th (Sat) which is inconsequential to the tourist crowd. Most people will plan their visit on a weekend usually taking Friday or Monday off, so Sunday will have some crowd but because there are no long holiday weekends so it should be acceptable. Best time to visit would be weekdays itself when most people will be working.

Also do note that the Boh tea shop centre in Sg Palas and Fairlie estate are closed on Monday.

Taxi charges goes by the hour and the current rate is RM20 per hour. You may consider booking with travel agencies to cover the sights around Cameron Highlands. Prices range from RM50-RM100 for a one day tour. There are several tour agents around Tanah Rata so go around and check out what each has to offer.

And you are right about buses. They are unreliable, so forget about using them.

And above all, have a good enjoyable trip!


Dear Jan,

I went to the highland with 2 families. We quite enjoy the trekking and some of the food outlets but I really want to highlight and feedback a particular restaurant located in Tanah Rata. It is a German-Swiss restaurant. It was really a dissappointment to us. Our lunch there was completely unsatisfactory.

At first we looked at the menu displayed on the ground floor hanging near the door. It looked quite reasonably priced to us. Only when we went up and wanted to order the food, we were given a menu with price more expensive.

An example would be: the trotter and rib was displaying RM 25.00 on the ground floor menu. The actual menu shown to us was a range from RM38 to 50.

We asked the lady why and she said, "Oh, the price displayed down there was 3 years old. This is the updated price."

We did wonder if we should leave and look for another place but then, since we were there, and wanted to try some German culinary, we decided to give it a try.

We ordered some juice and the apple juice had the apple core and seeds being grounded together. So was the orange juice.

Next, we ordered trotter and rib but she served us trotter and belly. It was served cold, the dish was cold and the meat was cold. It was so hard to cut them into pieces.

The other family ordered a steak with medium rare. And she really struggled to cut it too. It was neither juicy or tender but hard like a rock.

We asked the lady to come over and told her about our dissatisfaction. She wasn't even bother to apologise but claimed that this was what we ordered and it was like that. Kind of take it or leave it attitude.

There was no compensation or any show of sincerity about feeling sorry for unsatisfactory customers.

We were very, very disappointed with this restaurant. When we went downstairs, the shop owner heard our complaint and he said, many customers came down with disappointment like us.

Please let everyone know that this is not a restaurant of choice. It is a very misleading restaurant.

We strongly recommend Secret Recipe for their lamb stew and oh, their cakes too!!

Stephen Lim

Dear Stephen,

Point noted. The people have spoken, so let the whole world know!


For all the guest who want stay at Country Lodge Resort Cameron Highland Malaysia, before you make a reservation please check out first isn't any wedding ceremony function are held at the resort? because last time I went there on 2 of June 2007 when I with my mother and younger brother after finish shop night market on the way we walk back to resort suddenly got a person drop a bottle with half of water from the high place at the resort, I not sure whether the person is drunk I just know the bottle almost hit my younger brother just 9 yrs old. after that we complain to the receptionist but they just ignore us and said that all people who stay here is like that one. But at least make a announcement let them know, because really very dangerous. So for all guest please be careful.

Jodie Lim
Kuala Lumpur

Hi Jan,

I find your site so refreshing and helpful!

I was browsing around for accomodation in CH for more than 2 months (on & off) and found your site by chance! Thank God! Thro' it, I managed to narrow down my options.

My whole family (parents and siblings and kids!), all 12 of us, will be going to CH on June 16, 2007 for 2 nites. Would you recommend Greenhill of Arabella? Would you know which would be cleaner and bigger? Can't seem to find 4 - bedroom apts., so guess I'll need 2 units of 3-bedroom apts.

Also find your eating/eateries very interesting and informative. Read about your mission to East Malaysia, too. You really are doing good work - both on-site & off! What a fulfilling life you must lead!

Want to thank you for your assistance. Please revert if you can. God bless you & your loved ones.

Tina Leow
Kuala Lumpur

Hello, Tina!

Oh, wow! You have the same surname as me. Must be related somewhere...

As for apartment accommodation, you will need to be RCI or Berjaya Leisure member to book their rooms. You don't have this membership; your only choice is to go for other apartment. Arabella is one choice; its location would make it suitable besides it has a beautiful view. The other choice would be Desa Anthurium which does not have any nice view and it is located outside of Tanah Rata. However it is rather affordable base on one feedback which I receive. I have not stay in both apartments except GreenHill. From the photos I think Arabella looks bigger.

I just came back from Cameron Highlands a few days ago. The traffic was heavy because of school holidays and such. If you can, you should make the trip during weekdays rather than weekends.

Other than that have a good trip!

Best regards,

Dear Jan,

Thanks for replying. Yeah, our surname is not that common ..... so who knows?! Another similarity is that I'm also staying in Subang Jaya!

Thank you for the helpful tips. Hope you had a good holiday. Lucky you, going up regularly to relax in the cool climate. Did you experience any water rationing? Seems it is advised that we bring or buy our drinking water since the water in CH does not look so clean! Is this true?

I'm trying to arrange for accommodation at Green Hill thro' an agent who has contacts with some private owners there. Hope I'll be successful. If not, will take your suggestion and go for Arabella.

Thanks again.

God bless.


Dear Tina,

Water, ah, it is abundant everywhere and yet there was water shortage in Cameron Highlands. How ironic. Yes, the Green Hill apartment that our church camp organized last weekend had water shortage. The JBA had to come over and fill up a storage tank for guest to draw water. The water was not so clean so we just use it for cleaning and bathing. We had to buy loads of mineral water to do our cooking and steamboat. According to JBA there was a burst pipe. How true it was I am not sure.

Though the water shortage was a major inconvenience we still felt good because of camaraderie with church members. We still had a good time and didn't let the water shortage spoil our retreat.

Suggestion is to check the place where you will stay and ask them whether their water supply is alright or not. Not every accommodation was affected it seems.


Hello Jan!

I'm Kai from Singapore. :)

What a fabulous webby you have here~ My friends and I truely admire you for the committment and the passion you have for Camerons!

We are coming to Cameron come 15th Jun. So excited are we~~! We'll be staying for 2 nights at Strawberry Park Resort.

We'll like to seek your opinion regarding this trip.

1. From our hotel, Strawberry Park Resort, is it possible to walk to the towns like Brinchang and Tanah Rata? The map Strawberry Park provided showed its about 1400-1500 meteres apart. however, is it acessible by foot?

Say, we like to go to the pasar malam, are we able to return to our hotel later in the night?

2. We are interested to take up the guided tours. We have not decided between the full day tour managed by Cameron Secrets Local-Tours/Full-Day-Discovery-Tour/

or Rainforest Adventure by gohighadventure index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=13&Itemid=28


Dear Kai,

Walking from Strawberry Park is not recommended unless you are very fit. The hill is steep and long and if you buy any stuff, you would have wished you didn't. Strawberry Park location is not so convenient if you do not have own transport. Please check with hotel what kind of shuttle service they provide.

Tours? Looks interesting. It all depends what you want to do. The full day tour look good especially since they will take you up to Gunung Brinchang. That road is really steep, you won't catch me walking up on foot. And it covers most of the sights.

The Pasar Malam starts from 4pm onwards. So you may not want to hang around till too late. Again please check with hotel for any shuttle service. If not, you will have to get a taxi from Brinchang.

Best regards,

Hi Jan,

Read up on Cameron Highlands hotels through your website. You had an eye for Strawberry park resort, so I decided to give it a shot. Make bookings direct with hotel for June next month. It came down to rm277 per night without breakfast. However to my surprise they charged the first night to my credit card straight away without my knowledge. It didn't seem like a normal practise, as hotels usually charge on the day or if prior to that, they will inform you first. Now that I want to cancel 'cause I find the online prices much cheaper, even for strawberry park, I'm having a hard time to cancel. They keep asking me to call up the next day, because the person who took my booking is not around.

To others out there, please be alert of their charges in advance practise, especially when you want to cancel. A lady from the hotel told me it can take up to 3 months for a refund. Ridiculous.

Damansara, Selangor

Dear Mukhlis,

Ridiculous. Yes, truly. Poor customer service I would say. I stayed at Strawberry Park because my wife got staff rate. Now she's moving to another company, I won't get the chance to stay there anymore with cheap rates. Well, time to hunt for good affordable accommodation on my next trip...

Stay happy and cheers!

Hi Jan,

I enjoyed visiting your website! My family is visiting Cameron Highlands this June and your site is filled with what to do / see / eat. There's lots of things I would like to do there but I guess I will just have to make a choice and try the others when I get a chance to visit again.

Will give you feedback on how we find the Highlands.

Oh, by the way, we'll be staying at the Equatorial and I would like to try the trail no. 4 - any advice on how we can get there? We are coming up by coach so do not have our own transport.

Many thanks,
Hwee Kheng

Hello, HK Tan!

Yeah, my website is quite overwhelming and one cannot go through it all in one session.

Trail 4 aka the Parit Trail is a very simple trail. No way you can get yourself lost on this trail. There are three entrances to this trail. One is from the Forest Research Department, another one directly takes you to the Parit waterfall, and the 3rd entrance is located next to Century Pine Resort Hotel in Tanah Rata.

Since you are without own transport, the recommended approach is from Century Pine Resort hotel. Please check with Equatorial whether they have shuttle service if not you may need to book taxi service with their help. Head down to Tanah Rata and walk along the road in front of Century Pines, look for the river. The path is just next to the river outside the compound of hotel. There is sign there, which hopefully they have repaired it. Give yourself one to two hours for return journey and enjoy the nature walk. Best time to do it is in the morning, and don't forget to bring along an umbrella or disposable rain coat.


Hi Jan

Thanks you for the information on Cameron Highland on the web. it is quite informative and I am planning to visit sometime in July 2007.

I am an ex malaysian currently living in Canada.

I am also looking for information on real estate agent / realtor in Cameron Highland and if you could point me to such a website.

thanks for the newletter and keep up the good job.

Loo Kai Ngor
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Dear Kai Loo,

Sorry. Don't know any real estate agents in CH.
Will keep a look out for you.


I will visit Cameron Highland next month. I want to 3 bedroom apartment at Brinchang burget about RM 200. But I not booking yet. Because I no known which apartment to rent. Can you give me the contact no. thanks.

Heng Kok Soon
Bayan Lepas, Penang

Dear Mr Heng,

Most apartments around Brinchang will cost more than RM200/night. You can check the contact number at this website (near the bottom page):


Advise you to take cheaper alternative accommodation outside of Brinchang, like Desa Anthurium.


I have an enquiries. Can u plz recommend some bungalows? I'm looking for a bunglow(s) for 20pax.

we planned to go on this Saturday(12th May 2007)
Please do reply to me as soon as possible.

By the way, I enjoy your website, very informative. But I'm still looking for bungalows recommendation. May b u can consider to list down the available bungalow in ur site also.

Jonah Lee
Ipoh, Perak.

Dear Jonah,

I'm sorry as I do know of any good bungalows which you could rent. So far I'm still searching for info. One of my friends mentioned about Hilltop Bungalow. You can check out their website for more info at or call them at 03-7845 6973

Best regards,

Hi Jan!

Wonderful web-site! Well, I do have some queries though. My family would be making a trip to Cameron this 26 April and staying 2 nights at Country Lodge in Brinchang, Hows the weather up there, is the Lodge a good selection choice for a family of 5. Importantly is it a clean and comfy place? I do appreciate a quick reply as time is of the essence. Thanks & cherio!

Linda Ho
Sg Petani, Kedah

Dear Linda,

Thanks for the compliments. You are welcome!

Regarding your questions, I can only answer what I know. I have not stayed in Country Lodge, but location wise, it is very convenient. It is on a little hill at the side of Brinchang access via a lane next to the Balai Bomba. They have their own parking space but still very limited. Country Lodge has been around for a very long time so don't expect too much out of it.

The weather in Cameron Highlands should be cool as usual, with the crazy weather nowadays, expect some rain especially in the afternoons.

Since it is not a school term break, the night market will be available on Friday and Saturday. Just a nearby walk down from your hotel to the marketplace.


Hi Jan,

I'm back from Cameron after a 2 nights stay at Country Lodge, Brinchang. I really recommend the place, its very clean and comfortable and whats more the room came with free steamboat or set dinners!The only setback is the steep slope to the hotel.We had a splendid time visiting most of the places you recommended.I especially loved the atmosphere at the Big Red Strawberry Farm(ajoining Cactus Valley. You should try their waffle ice-cream - delicious! The Indian food at Restaurant No.14 at Tanah Rata was simply delicious too. I find that the vegies at the Kea farm are much cheaper than the Night market. Thanks for everything Jan. Cheerio!

Just want to let you know that Cactus Point which was loated opposite the Multicorps Central Market has shifted to a new location. You have to travel out of Brinchang town towards the Simpang Pulai way, not too far though, you will be able to see it on the right side on a slope. This place is very much bigger than the old one. Cheerio!

Linda Ho
Sg Petani, Kedah

Greetings, Linda!

Thanks for your mail. Glad you enjoyed your trip! Cheers!


Hello Jan,

This is not really a comment, but rather a mail of appreciation!

I'll be going up with some friends at the end of the month. Will stay 2 nights, and trek up to Gunung Irau.

I am quite keen to try out the other trails, but I am not sure if we can go without a guide. What do you think. Are these trails, especially the ones 2 to 3-hour long, safe enough to go on our own?

Best regards and thanks,

Kent Chin
Kuala Lumpur

Dear Kent,

Thanks for the appreciation!

I have not tried all the trails. Those that are well trudge are usually quite wide and easy to trek. Most season trekkers go without guide. However trails can have misleading path especially if they branch out along the way. Trails that have bushes closing into the trail can be particularly dangerous because when you look back, it looks different and bush may have covered the returning path. Even a simple trek say in the Bukit Kiara area was very confusing, but that was different because the path was narrow and overgrown with many branching path. But fortunately I had a friend who was familiar with the area.

To be safe than sorry, hire a guide. If not, take your chances but ensure you have some emergency items like extra warm clothing and fully charge handphone. Leave word with the hotel reception and friends so that any untoward incident they can contact the authorities.

Happy trekking!


My dear, Highland Restaurant is still open. they moved to a new location only... i just went yesterday for a nice hot steamy yummy steamboat!


Dear Wenlynn,

Really? Pray tell, where is the new location? Appreciate your information!



My family plan to visit CH this coming school holiday (26th~28thMay 07), we have 8 adts+8 chds and looking for a latest and clean apartment, location prefer at Brinchang or nearby, easier for us to walk around brinchang town.

After studied few comments and feed back, we are interested at Parkland Apartment, Star Regency Apartment and Equatorial resort. Do you have any idea that which apartment rooms are better. I heard a lot of complaints on Star Regency apartment although the location is fantastic. Is that right?

Regina Tan
Paka, Terengganu

Dear Regina,

I can't really comment about Star Regency having not stayed there nor viewed their room and service before. In terms of convenience, they are right smack in the Brinchang town and very accessible. On the weekends, the night market is just next to it.

Parkland apartment is little further down the hill from Brinchang but still walkable to Brinchang town. I have stayed in the Parkland hotel located in Brinchang many years ago, since the management is the same; I would say the room condition is about fair for a non-rated hotel.

As for Equatorial, the room condition should be very good, but location wise it is too far away from Brinchang. However the Kea Farm and various Butterfly farm, Rose Center, Bee Apiary and Strawberry Farm are around the corner. Unfortunately if you want to wind down with a nice cuppa of teh tarik, none is available nearby.

Other apartment alternatives you can consider are Casa Dela Rosa by the golf course, Greenhill Apartment within the compound of Heritage Hotel in Tanah Rata, privately managed ones like Arabella (Tanah Rata) and Desa Anthurium (outside of Tanah Rata).


Excellent info. Is there a university there? Please send the name of it. Thanks.

Charlie Chong
United Kingdom

Dear Charlie,

Thanks for your compliments.

There is no University in Cameron Highlands.


I will go to Cameron Highland this weekend. I would prefer to take coach (rather than express bus). I know that the price would be higher. Could U recommend some coach services companies & let me know their contact to me ?

Many thanks.

Cary Leung
Hong Kong

Dear Cary,

There are two bus services that connect from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands. One is Kurnia Bistari Coaches which you can obtain the tickets at Ticketing Counter #39 at Puduraya Central Bus Station, KL. (Tel:+603-20318307)
The other is Unititi Express Service (Tel: +605-4911452 / +605-4914181 / +6012-2150044) at counter #66 also at Puduraya Central Bus Station, Kuala Lumpur.

Judging from many bus traveler comments, the recommendation is Unititi bus service. It seems Kurnia Bistari Coaches drive at very dangerous speed and travelers' luggage has fallen out of the luggage compartment when negotiating tight bends, in addition the management does not taking any responsibility for lost luggage and also not friendly. I would suggest you pack two bags, one for hand carry for carrying essential and important items and one main one for storage in the luggage compartment, complete with your contact number, etc.

Unititi only has two departure times at approx 8.30am and 1.30pm, while Kurnia Bistari has 5 bus services per day.

Please call them directly if you need to make any inquiry. If you want to save on call charges from Hong Kong, you may call them when you arrive in Malaysia.

Hope the above helps.


Dear Jan,

Thanks a lot for your quick response. your advice would be very helpful for my coming trip.

Have a nice weekend.

Best Regards,

Hi, I'm looking for suitable place for church youth camp. Can you give me some recommendations. thanks.

Karen Hiew

Dear Karen,

If you plan to keep your cost low, you can try the dormitory style accommodation like Father's guesthouse (05-4912484) or Twin Pines (05-4912169). The rate per night is about RM8 per night. You may want to do your worship and service in the open like having a bonfire (Twin Pines). Please check with them where you might be able to hold your service (eg the lounge hall or living room) for low cost without disturbing other guest.

Other choice is to book a bungalow, but I do not have any contact at this moment. You could check with other churches and see if they own any bungalow which is strictly rented out to Churches who plan to have retreat. Another choice is to book apartment like Desa Anthurium and try to cramp as many youth as you can (ie bring their own sleeping bags), which can get very crowded. You need to calculate your cost versus comfort factor.

The last time I had church camp, we stayed at Greenhill Apartment Resort. But that's because my church had some kind of special membership rate with them and we stayed 3 persons to a room. We did not rough it out so much as many of us have family members to consider. The hall facility was rented with another hotel instead like Cool Point Hotel or Heritage Hotel.

Hope the above helps.


Hi Jan,

Thanks for your help so far. I was trying to get the contact number for greenhill but I failed. so do you think you can help me. I really apporeciate your help. May God bless you.


Dear Karen,

Here are the details. It took me awhile to search for it.

GreenHill Resort
Block Aster (A1) - Reception,
Jalan Gereja, 39000 Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang.
T: +6 05-4914 371
F: +6 05-4914 373


I want to know about, mission, vision, management in Cameron Highland

Perak, Malaysia

Dear Rahman,

Amusing question, and yet there are issues to address...

Mission: to survive the over development havoc caused by man.
Vision: for man to live in harmony with the environment.
Management: is an environmental nightmare due to haphazard development.

Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare.
- Japanese proverb.


Hi Jan,

My dad is driving from Singapore to CH and this is our first trip there. Can you recommend some pleasant and affordable accomodations for the family of 5..and i had some feedbacks and found out that Strawberry Park is not that good. And any advice and things to take note for our first time trip? Really appreciate your help and nice website! Thanks lots!



Hello Eunice.

What's your budget? Most commercial apartment price range about RM300-RM400 per night. If you really need to be affordable. Try Arabella or Desa Anthurium. They are not so commercialized and they go for about RM200+ per night.

I have stayed in Strawberry Park many times, their rooms design may not be so new but I have no complaints. You can also try Equatorial Hotel or GreenHill Apartments or Casa Dela Rosa if you plan to pay more for a nicer hotel.

Check out my hotel listing page to read up any info if any. Cameron Highlands Hotel List

First time trip? Drive carefully! Ensure your car and breaks are in tip top condition and use a lower gear when going downhill. Roads are narrow at the tea plantation but worth every effort! Honk the horn when turning a blind corner and decide who should give way when there is oncoming car. Try the new Boh Tea Shop at Sg Palas tea plantation. As for the others please check out the sights and attraction page.

Cameron Highlands sights and attractions

Best regards,

Hi, got plan to go up CH during april 2007 with friends and family, any recommendation on accomodation? Thought of staying at star regency or parkland apartment? any comments? and how abt the rates? Not sure if there is still availability..:)

Awaits yours,

Eezy (Noreez a)

Dear Eezy,

I can't comment about room condition as I have not stayed there. However they are both quite convenient as they are located in Brinchang. With Star Regency it is much convenient in the sense that you can easily walk to the town area while Parkland is a little further distance. But Parkland has more parking area, unless I'm mistaken you'll need to park around Brinchang for Star Regency. On a weekend the night market is just a stone throw away if you choose Star Regency. Please call them by phone to inquire on rates.


Hi Jan,

Tks for your prompt reply.



May I know how I can book accomodation with hotels like Parkland, etc in Brinchang? Can we booked through email as I cant find their email address? Does these hotels have parkng facilities?



Dear Karen,

Most of the hotels are small and not very sophisticated in their reservation process. You will have to call them directly by phone for booking. Also note that in order for them to hold your room, you will need to make payment in full well in advance before your arrival to the hotel. Check with them for booking procedure.

There is no parking facilities provided for small hotels. You will have to park your car in the public parking lot. Parking availability is limited in Brinchang.


"If you are traveling via the Simpang Pulai way to or from Cameron Highlands, there's an interesting ruin known as Kellie's Castle located at a ridge somewhere near Alor Gajah."

There's an error there, its Batu Gajah not Alor Gajah :)


Dear Hussman,

Hmmm... thanks for pointing it out. Will correct my page accordingly.


Dear Jan,

I've been to CH dozens of times but not able to find a good picnic spot. I normally stay in a chalet up the hill behind the YTL resort. I know you mentioned the road up to Gunung Brinchang... How far is it from where I will be staying? The golf course is very nice but of cause no spot for a picnic! I also checked out the Parit Waterfall.. a bit dirty. Heard that with the Robinson Fall we need to walk a fair distance from the car... How far is the walk and is it nicer than Parit Fall? Any good karaoke place? I'm bringing some friends who are 1st timers to CH and we are staying for 3 nights at my suggestion. Scared they will get bored...Thanking you in advance!

Melanie Putra
WP, Malaysia.

Dear Jan,

Me again... There used to be a durian stall in Tanah Rata in front of the entrance to the square that houses Maybank. What happened to that stall? They were no longer there the previous couple of times I was in CH. Do you know where else can I get some durians while up there? Since I am staying in a bungalow it is very nice to eat durian outside in the cool climate!!!

WP, Malaysia.

Dear Mel,

Sorry for late reply. I've been away for CNY holidays. Let's see how to answer your queries...

I don't know about the durian stall. They come and go. Sometime I see it, other times nyet. Must be a season for it in Cameron Highlands I guess. You can always try the night market in Brinchang. I've seen them selling it. Again, it depends on the season.

There are no real picnic spots. Picnics don't seem to be very popular with Malaysians. Perhaps the hot weather in the lowlands got something to do with it. So you have to make your own picnic spot. The one I mention about having your own picnic on the way up to Gunung Brinchang is not a picnic spot at all. Just find a nice spot to lay down your picnic basket and enjoy yourselves. Could even be on a curb along the road where it is wide enough to park your car and still have enough space to enjoy the view. You will need a car to drive up by the way. There is a shelter along the way to Gunung Brinchang which belongs to Boh, which you can try to use and see.

Or maybe go to Forestry department camping site for your picnic. No view here. Just trees only.

Or you could try the hill next to the Habu Boh tea shop. It has a breathtaking view of the tea plantation.

By the way, the chalet that you are staying is open to public for booking? May I know the name and contact number?

Thanks and best regards,

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your reply. Will be going there first week of March. It is truly difficult to find a good picnic spot up there, isn't it? Tried looking around once and ended up eating on the lawn of the bungalow. Unfortunately the bungalow is a private residence belonging to a family friend. They do not rent it out.


Dear Jan,

My family and I are planning to go to CH for chinese new year.We are fying from singapore to KL. We plan to take a taxi from KLIA to cameron highland but is it possible? And if so how much is the fare?

Will be waiting for your reply.

Thank You V much

Nadia Suzuki

Dear Nadia,

Hmmm... Interesting question. Let me check and see...

I've just checked with Airport Limo & Taxi Service. It cost RM293.90 from KLIA to Cameron Highlands for a normal budget taxi. After midnight there is an additional 50% surcharge. You may want to inquire further or make bookings by calling +603-9223 8080

So it is possible to get a taxi from KLIA to Cameron Highlands.


Dear Jan,

Thanks so much for the quick reply.
You've been a great help.
Have a wonderful chinese new year!


Hi..Your website is very informative and helpful for the first timeers..I am planning to go Cameron on 10th March and booked Parkland Apartments..Basically i preferred this Apartment cos all the three bedrooms got attached bathrooms..We are three couples coming along and attached bathrooms may be better...But i am not driving and our children also will be accompanying us...So is it okay to book in Parkland Apartments? Is it very far from the town to walk for food..? Overall how is this Apartment..? or Any other choice..? Your suggestions pls...Thanks in advance..


Dear Sam,

Parkland Apartment is located next to Brinchang. You are unlikely to starve in the hotel as it is just a short walking distance to Brinchang town centre. :) Since it is a weekend, you can walk to the night market located further up along main Brinchang road.

There is a small taxi counter in Brinchang if you need to book your transportation. I think the best would be to book some tours so you can cover the many sights if this is your first outing. Check with the hotel counter, they may be able to help and provide some suggestion for transportation.



So nice of u & ur reply....Thanks for your help....

Take care,

Hi there... i stayed at Parkland Apartment. Nice apartment because located up at the hill. really enjoyed the cool wheather there.

Kuantan, Pahang.

Dear Rozie,

Ummm... yes, you can actually spot the Sam Poh temple from there too!



I'm going to CH with 2 friends on this comimng 20-22 Jan 07.

What do you think of Rainbow Hotel, it look decent enuff in the photo. & the price range suited me well. Is the hotel near to the pasar malam? I wanted to get the nearest hotel to pasar malam, withing walking distance. Please advice.

And lastly, whats the weather like nowadays? If i do not make any reservation, do you think i can easily get an accomodation, seeing that its not long public holiday ?

Hasim Hanim
Kuantan Pahang

Dear Hasim,

Rainbow hotel is decent and clean. Though I stayed there once a long time ago. And yes it is very near to Pasar Malam and you buy to your hearts content and transfer it to your hotel room on foot.

I have not been there lately, but judging from the general weather all around Malaysia, it should be wet and cold. Bring along your umbrella and warm clothing.

Weekends are usually peak, so do book in advance and follow their instructions for booking a room. If you cannot get a room, you will have to try Rosa Passadena which a little more expensive, or cheaper alternative, Parkland/Kowloon/Brinchang/Jasmine hotel, all located near to each other.

Enjoy your trip!

Im enjoy with this website and those guide with story base. Quite interesting...Thkx

Nick Woo


After visiting so many Cameron URL, I do not think I need to explore further after visiting your site which is so informative and fair comment. I am attending a wedding dinner in Country Lodge Restaurent in CH by end January 2007 and I intend to stay in the same Hotel/Rest. What do you suggest? I am from Singapore and intend to drive to CH for 2 nights stay at Brinchang before the wedding.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
TS Lee

Dear Lee,

It all depends on your budget and what kind of comfort you want to indulge or intolerance you can stand up to. There are so many hotels and their condition varies so it is hard to say whether the hotel you chose would be good or not. Brinchang has always been short of parking space if you are driving. But you pay what you get for accommodation around Brinchang. However, it has the advantage of night market nearby provided you are staying there on a weekend. Cameron Highlands is not that big and choosing to stay at Tanah Rata or outside of town area would not be too difficult if you have transport.

If you do not have your own transport, then stay in town for access to local transport. And if the wedding dinner is in Brinchang, then stay in Brinchang. Can't expect any available transportation at night.

Have fun!

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your prompt reply and suggestion. I will be driving from Singapore to CH and plan to stay in Brinchang's Country Lodge Restaurent/Hotel where the weddding dinner will be held. Like what you said there are limited parking lot, hope Country Lodge have the parking space for their guest.

Again, thanks for your guidance.

TS Lee

Dear Lee,

Country lodge is located on hill overlooking Brinchang. If I remember correctly they have some parking lot available, but barely. If there are many guests staying there, there will still be shortages. As they say, first come first serve. Have a nice holiday and wedding dinner!


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