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Many thanks for all your submission of comments and replies. I've compiled some of the comments here to share with visitors to this website. Perhaps you might want to share some of your thoughts too and if lucky, will get published here. Of course if you prefer to remain anonymous, do let me know!

U have an excellent website - well organised and plenty of information. Keep up the good work! Cheers!


Current update from a CH resident. It's currently very cool here in Cameron Highlands, right this moment, it's 15 degrees celcius. Has been raining alot in the evenings lately. Increases appetites. Weekends are really traffic crazy and similar to KL but on a smaller scale.

Big Strawberry farm recently opened this year,is a great open space with crunchy fresh leafy lettuces and strawberries, they also serve salad, hot drinks, fresh strawberry shakes, fried ice-cream, etc.

Cameron Highlands Resort is wonderful to see especially at night when driving by, beautifully lit and makes you feel like you are in some snowy highland on Christmas night.

Another lovely lady I got to know and for those whom are looking for apartment accomodation, you could call Cecilia Ang 0125576533. Merry Christmas to you all and to you and your family, Jan.

Cameron Highlands
(Fiji) ?

I have a German friend who is planning to go to Cameron Highlands.

He loves drinking and was wondering if you could name me some pubs or anywhere that provides beer?

Tai Yi Von

Dear Yi Von,

Hmmm... English style pubs? Try Smokehouse Hotels, Lakehouse Hotel, Strawberry Park Hotel, Equatorial Hotel, YTL Cameron Highlands Resort, Heritage Hotel.

Just beer without the fancy décor (minus the higher price too), most Chinese restaurant and non-muslim mamak stalls should provide beer.


First of all, I would like to compliment you on putting up this very informative site which is lso interesting to check-out.

Would like to comment on the Simpang Pulai route though... Starting off from home at 10 in the evening from Singapore, I personally found the drive uphill rather "lonely" as I started the trip upwards from the turnoff at approxmately 5am. It was of course a lovely descent towards Ipoh when the cool highland experience was over. On a negative note, I found it rather uncomfortable when we were 'eyeballed' by a group of shabby looking chaps after our meal near Restaurant 14 in Tanah Rata. This was a rather scary experience. I had been to Camerons several times over the last 40 years and had always felt comfortable there but this experience has left me rather apprehensive about letting my guard down when walking around in Tanah Rata.

Although it is understandable that the higher volume of tourists up in the highlands will attract crime, I sincerely hope this situation will be monitered by the police.

Other than the one bad experience, the trip was enjoyable and interacting with the local folks was also pleasent.

I will continue to visit these highlands and will also make it a point to update myself through your site and would recommend it highly to any of my friends whom are planning a trip to the highlands.

Thanks alot.


Edmund Fong

Just wanna know if we are going there by coaches. Will moving around by foot be very tedious. What kind of transport does Cameron Highland provide? Is the traffic jam really bad?

Tody Sim

Dear Tody,

Yes, moving on foot takes time as it is quite large place to cover. I have seen very determine tourist walking from Lakehouse to Boh tea plantation. Not my cup of tea. Don't forget the terrain is not flat; you will be walking up and down the hills. You will be worn out and tired with all the walking. Not the way to relax in Cameron Highlands!

There are taxi services in Tanah Rata and Brinchang which you can use to get around in Cameron Highlands. There is also an hourly bus service, but whether it is really hourly will depend on your patience, but this will be unreliable at best. Another choice is to engage travel agents where they will take you to your sights. Advantage is you get to visit many sights at one go and even cover places that you normally won't go on your own. Disadvantage is you have to follow their schedule and not at your own pace.

Since you are not driving, don't worry about the jam! Besides I heard it is bad during super peak periods. If you travel on a weekday you probably get the whole place to yourself (kidding, there will still be people around, but very light)!

Hope this help!


Hi Jan,

Great site, highly informative. I am a Malaysian working in Singapore and am planning for a trip in early Dec.

Is it the peak period there? Would not want to be caught in a traffic jam! :-)

Anyway, looking for a decent apartment for 4 adults and 3 kids. Any recommnendation for somewhere clean and nice.

Thank you in advance.

SL Quek.

Hello, Quek.

December is school holiday. But parents do need to work. So weekend may be peak. Christmas and New Year weekend would definitely be very peak!

I have not really tried any apartment. I haven't tried bringing the whole family clan to Cameron Highlands. You could try some private apartment like Arabella. Apart from Arabella Apartments, you could try Madam Tang (019-4973079) or her friend Chai Kok Wah (019-5725506).

For commercial ones, you can try Parkland Apartment, Star Regency or Casa Del Mar or Greenhill Resort.

More info at: Hotels and accommodations list.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Jan,

That is helpful, think will try either Mdm Tang or Kok Wah, reckon less well known and the conditions may be better. Most likely will be there will be there during weekdays.

One more question, do I need a guide for the jungle tracks? How about climbing Gunung Brinchang?

Appreciate your prompt reply.

SL Quek.

Dear Quek,

Depends which trail you take.

The Parit trail and Robinson trail is paved. No need for guide. Just stick with the path and you are ok.

The Arcadia (trail 3) one looks simple, though I trek about half an hour before turning back. It leads all the way to Mt Beremban. Stay with the main path and don't stray! If the trail starts to look thick with shrubs, you are off the trail! Turn back!

Gunung Brinchang is best done with a guide. Many a trekkers has lost their way. So don't let me see your name show up in the newspaper, eh?

Do let somebody know if you are going for tough trail and when to expect you back.


Hi Jan,

I'm planning a short weekend getaway to CH next weekend & chanced upon your site which proves to be very helpful & insightful to someone like myself who had not been to Cameron Highlands before.

I actually have a few queries but not sure who can answer it so I'd sent u this email, hope you don't mind shedding some light in your free time.

Recently with the haze hovering Singapore & Malaysia area, is CH affected too? (I can't find this info from the web nor from weather forecast.) If so, it'll be such a pity.

I'd finally decided to stay at Strawberry Park Resort without the benefit any corporate discount but after reading your reviews, felt that it should be quite a value for money stay there. At first was attracted by the atmosphere and romantic room interiors of The Lakehouse (I simply adored the four-poster bed) but it seem to be quite out of the way as we're not driving so getting around by foot can be very challenging. I'd considered Bala's Chalet after reading that they serve relatively nice English afternoon tea and scones but is it true that the place is haunted since it's been through the war period & used to be a school? Is it true that most old hotels (built before the Jap war period) are haunted?

Other than trekking through the jungles and joining the various tours available, I'd thought of going picnic (if the weather permits). I read that several spots near waterfall is ideal for picnic but is there any nice spots for picnic with wide, open field with view of the hills?

I'm really looking forward to this trip after reading about how peaceful & serene the place is. Hope that with my queries answered, I can have a truly enjoyable weekend next week!

Thank you.

Winnie Tan

Dear Winnie,

Thanks for your message.

Just came back from Sabah on Church Mission Trip.

I must apologize that I am not sure of the haze condition in Cameron Highlands, but you can spy the weather condition by going to the Heritage Hotel website where they have set up a webcam. I've just checked it and it looked crystal clear.

Heritage Spy Cam

Haunted Houses? Hmm... that's a new one for me. I should ask the people around in Cameron Highlands the next time I go up there. Some people might actually get a thrill visiting haunted houses...

I think you can have picnic anywhere with a nice view as long as your car don't block the road (yes, you will need to drive; walking the distance is not easy!). One place I can think of is the road to Mount Brinchang. Halfway through you can have a nice commanding view of the tea plantation. Other spot I can think of is the hill top next to the tea shop in Boh Plantation. All these places are quite a distance so please negotiate with the taxi and work out something with them.



could u please send us the original brochure & location map about cameron highland by post? Your ungert reply would be much appreacited.

Lilian Liem
Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

Dear Lilian,

Thanks for your message.

Please check with the Tourism Malaysia Board for free brochure. There is one located in PWTC, KL. For map, please pop in to your local bookstore and buy one.


Can I know how to go to Cameron Highlands from Sarawak Miri city? Can you give me a guide? Hope will receive your feedback as soon as posible. Thanks!

Sarawak, Malaysia.

Dear Kin,

You need to take a flight to KLIA. From there you can decide to self drive by renting a car from any of the car rental agencies in KLIA. Or find your way to Pudu Raya bus station and take a bus to Cameron Highlands.

Info about buses in Pudu Raya bus station in KL at:
Cameron Highlands: Getting There by Bus

Hope this answers your question.



I enjoy your site a lot because of your honest unbias reviews. Hope you can help me with something. I am planning to have my wedding reception in Lakehouse garden and ceremony in a chapel in Tanah Rata. Just thought no one better to ask than you. We are scared of the weather (somewhere in June). Is there any way we can contact the weather station there? What do you think?

Drop me an e-mail if you can. Thanks.

Warm Regards,
Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Dear Julie,

Congratulations! Wow, planning a marriage reception all the way from Miri? I though most people would prefer to do somewhere nearer. I guess you want to make it a special memorable one.

As for the weather, oh dear! Weather prediction has never been accurate anywhere in the world. Even though based on historical data that June is a low rain season, it still can rain on you! It happened to me when I went there in June last year, but it still turns out to be a wet visit!

I guess this is not much help to you for your planning. But I did notice a pattern when it comes to guessing about rain whether in the highlands or lowlands. This is unscientific but based on casual observation; maybe because I do the laundry and always try to catch the hot sun before I lose it completely to rain! If the day is hot, especially in the mornings, there is a tendency it will rain in the afternoon. This happens during inter-monsoon period because the atmospheric moisture builds up during the morning, and comes crashing down in the afternoons. This kind of guessing doesn't work so well during the monsoon period because the rainfall will depend on other kind of factors.

As for the contact telephone to the weather station in Cameron Highlands, regret to say that I don't have the number. But I doubt they can give you a good forecast anyway.

I guess you need to plan some contingency plan on your wedding reception and consider indoors should the weather be unfavourable. Or pray real hard for clear sunny skies, which was what my church members did for one wedding reception held in Putrajaya when the sky threaten to rain but cleared up when they prayed.

This may not be so good help to you, but I wish I have better info to help you out on your planning.

Anyway, all the best to your wedding reception!

Warmest regards,

Thank you Jan.
It was wonderful to read your mail. I was actually surprised you took the time to reply to me. Grateful though.

Well, about the weather, I guess I can only pray and keep my fingers (and toes) crossed that it doesn't rain. We will have canopies (though I would prefer we didn't) but I don't think they'll hold. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

Nice talking to you.

Warmest Regards,

Hi Jan,

It's me, Julie again. Sorry to trouble you. But I'm in need of your expertise. As I said before we plan to have our wedding reception at the Lakehouse. But they're not very flexible and unhelpful. Do you know of any other place which has a nice garden where we can have our reception? It's a small function with about 30 people and we can cater the food from outside if the place can't supply. We just want to have it in a garden. Can you help us?

Thank you.

Warmest regards,

Dear Julie,

The few places that I know that has nice beautiful gardens besides Lakehouse are:

If the above two cannot accommodate, and if you don't mind simpler grounds, you could try:


I was born in Boh Tea Estate in the year 1953. I studied in Tanah Rata from 1965 to 1968. My dad was working as a headmaster in a Tamil school in Boh Tea Estate division two. My dad brought us to India in year 1968 leaving Cameron Highlands permanently.

Since then I have lost touch with my birth place. Now I am 53 years old. All I am requesting is, can I get any sort of contacts with my old friends, colleagues, or any one who can find me a contact. I give below some details about me when I was in Cameron Highlands.

Father's name: V.T. ARUMUGAM

He was a head master in a Tamil school in Boh Tea Estate Division 2. I studied from Remove class in the year 1966 to form 2 in 1968 in the school TENKU AHMAD SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL in Tanah Rata.

Some of the names I still remember are:

  • NORAINI she used to live in Brinchang and I remember her dad was working in the golf course.
  • NORAWI, a good friend of mine and competitor in studies. He too used to come from Brinchang.
  • MAIMON and REHMA these two girls lived in Tanah rata and they were neighbours.
  • Our teacher in remove class was Mr. CHANG a great teacher.
  • Mr. KIM was our scout master. In form two I studied with INDRANI. She too used to come from Boh Tea Estate. Her dad was an officer in the tea factory I suppose. We used to travel in the same bus.
  • MALLIKA, this Tamil girl is from Tanah Rata and her dad owned a departmental store in Tanah Rata main road near to the hospital. My Boh Tea Estate friends are all Tamilians and all of them had their parents from Tamil Nadu India. Every day we used to travel by bus to Tanah Rata to our school.

Few friends I still remember are MANIAN, RAJAN, BATHUMALAI, RAMAN, LAKSHMAN,GOVINDARAJ and many more I do not remember now. I still remember THULASIMANI, her dad was a driver in Boh Tea Estate. A master in one of the Tamil schools in Boh Tea Estate, Mr.Palanisamy. I believe he is married to this Thulasimani.

Please anybody come across any link please mail me at

I would be really grateful to them my ambition in life is at least meet anyone of this person before my life ends... that's all.

Thank you.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Dear Arumugam,

Thanks for your message. I will post it on the website for all to see. Hopefully someone will be able to help you out.

All the best!


Yes, It really an interesting place to visit Cameron Highland. I just came back from CH last night. 03/09/2006.

All the way at CH, I have very nice experience. However, it quite disappointed me when I reached home and realized the flowers that I bought from the pasar malam and market. I bought 50 Daisy from the pasar malam on saturday night. The flower lady selling to me in very low cost due to she not opening on sunday that she told me. Meanwhile, I bought 100 roses from the market from a very young sweet girl on sunday. This young sweet girl told me she selling me 100 roses for RM20 with the most special price.

What suprised me alots when I reached Home. Half of the Daisy was fungus. And I met the same lady who selling me daisy at the daily market. Roses? when I counted at home, only 60 roses was given to me. One of my friend also bought the roses from that young sweet girl. When she count the roses she found only 23 roses per pack. The young sweet girl told us 35 roses per pack. when my fried asked why only have 23 roses. This girl said balance of the roses was hiding below the upper roses. Due to trust to them, we did not count the roses on the spot. This really bad experience and image have given the Honesty of those 2 person.

I'm spare my these experience and the lesson that I get to those who have interesting to have a trip to CH. I'm not mean to critised on CH. I just would like share these to those, whoever that plan to buy flowers please count and check the flowers properly and with care. No matters what the reason the seller are given. Due to the seller who not give you the chance for proper look at the flowers when they packing. Have a nice Trip to those who plan to CH.


Dear Agnes,

Thanks for your honest comment. Sorry to hear about your bad purchase experience. I guess if we travel anywhere there will always be good and bad; and buying souvenirs, we just have to be careful. Thanks to your comments and the internet, let everyone be forewarned of the situation.

As for myself, I have not experience any bad purchases in Cameron Highlands. Maybe I'm not much of a souvenir hunter. The last time that I was con was in Bangkok where the taxi offered a klong ride, saying the rate given by his friend was a good one. Well, after the ride I found out that the rate from the pier was much cheaper. Though I enjoyed the klong ride very much, but the "loss" from paying extra did leave a bad after taste to the experience.

Well, if you didn't lose very much monetary wise, just shrug it off and let it be a lesson learned, try not to think so much about it and move on. Bad karma always returns back to those who do bad eventually.


Its (website) very good. Nice story about Cameron Highlands. For your information I've just come back from Cameron Highlands for my holiday. As you know I come to Cameron Highland after I left 43 years ago. I had stayed at Cameron Highland (Brinchang) in 1963 when I was 9 years old… so much difference now but I still remember, I like Brinchang, weather was cool but not so cold in the year of 1963 (if you bought cooking oil it was like butter!) sorry my English not so good, I love Cameron Highlands. It's my dream, my childhood dream... you bring back memories to me. Thanks!


Dear NS,

Many thanks for your comments. It is messages like this that I received that really warm my heart for starting out this website. Can't help it, but I had held back my tears a little or my office colleague will be wondering why!

Thanks for your message and hope that my website can bring you back many fond memories!

Warmest regards,

Thanks for your detailed informations!

My first trip to Cameron Highland on June 17 was smooth and enjoyable. Tried delicious food at You Hoo Restaurant in Brinchang.

A little update to share:

(1)But Highland Steamboat is no longer below Jasmine Hotel.Not sure if it still exist, the hotel staff at Hotel Equatorial told me that there is no more Charcoal Steamboat up there.

(2)Gerai Opah Nasi Lemak cease operation because the owner is sick.

Jessie Neo.

Dear Jessie,

Thanks for the update!
I guess I'll have to update my info.
Thanks again!


Thank you for the very much for the well written, presented and informative article on Cameron Highland. I have forwarded it to a few friends and a relative. Hope they find it useful should they venture out for a holiday there.

Carry on with the good work brother. God Bless.

Jonathan Achu.

Dear Jonathan,

Thanks and God bless you too!


Hi, I love visting your website.

It's fun to read, esp on the EATING and EATERIES section. That's a fun way to describe all those tasty food to be found in Cameron Highland.

A lot of info is provided on different areas such as where to eat, where to live, where to adventure, where to have fun, and even info on the two towns of Cameron Highland where we can go during the day.

Thanks so much for putting up this website and providing us plenty of useful data about Cameron Highland.

We are planning to travel to Cameron Highland in Aug'06. Your informative website is very useful to us!

We will surely share our experience with you again when we are back, he-he.


Derek Foo

Dear Derek,

Thanks for your compliments. Love to hear how your visit went.


Since Cameron highland is famous for it's flower production in this country, I am suggesting why not you can listed out all the flower grower in Cameron Highland with their specialize flower. You can include their address and tel & may be address for locality. I think there is a lack for this information so far for all the web pages regarding Cameron highland.

The listed is only few of the big growers in Cameron Highland, how about others??

Fabian Kho

Dear Fabian,

I'll think about it. But it is quite a big job compiling information already especially since I'm staying in Kuala Lumpur.


Actually, my school wants to visit to Cameron Highlands. I need telephone number @ email of rose & cactus valley. Please I need it to confirm with manager there.

Nur Farahin

Dear Nur,

I look through my research material. I only have the following phone number:
Rose Valley 05-4961 620
Ee Feng Gu Bee Apiary 05-496 1951
Agrotechnology Park 03-89437001 (KL number)

You could also try calling telekom info dial 103 to get the number. Or try calling the hotels or travel agents in Cameron Highlands for help.

CS Travel & Tours 05-4911200

Please note that Rose Center and Rose Valley are two different places. More info on my site:

Cameron Highlands Sights & Attractions page.

Have a good and educational trip to Cameron Highlands!


Who are you & where are you from? Strangely, you sound a whole lot like me & my wife!!! We've been going up to Strawberry Park for the past 15 years! From our honeymoon; and then with our 2 girls. Our last stay was from the 9-11April, this week. By the way, my wife gets a corporate discount as well!!! By the way, been to No:14, but Rest. Kumar is leaps better. I'll explain next reply

Martin Paul.

Dear Paul,

Who am I? Sounds like a tag line from Spiderman movie... Well, my name is Jan, I reside in PJ, Malaysia. My wife and I travel up to Cameron Highlands every year to relax, sometimes together with my parents and parents-in-laws; and sometimes with the church when they organize a church camp. Oh, please rest assured we are no doppelgangers, just your friendly neighbourhood Malaysian.

I have been up to Cameron Highlands for holidaying probably same duration as you for past 15 years. I like the cooler climate of the highlands and can't stand the weather in KL when there is a heat wave.

Do tell more about Restaurant Kumar, because each person taste and viewpoint is not quite the same.

Love to hear your comments!

Till I receive your reply,
Au revoir!


Dear Sir,

Thanks for highlighting Cameron. Always like to browse your websites, replacing my 'Rindu' being there. I was born there and I've spent my childhood in Cameron till twelve.

Stayed in KL and I always make it a point to go there at least once in 2, 3 years.

Latest was last school holidays and I was so amazed at the development.

Anyway...just curious why you never highlight Kampung Taman Sedia. Actually I feel that "Kampung" is quite a unique area.Reason:1st...the route to Brinchang from Tanah Rata can be shortened by +- 4 km.2nd...There's KHM strawberry (I love the ice-cream).3rd... There's few more small planting industries eg. flower nursery, vege farms, mushroom.4th...there's 2 good place to eat( I think one gerai 'manage by "Women Association" is only open for the morning-breakfast, but another gerai...if not mistaken 'Marina Corner'.. I do recommend eating there. Good food and… important...hassle free. 5th...there's a few so called 'homestay' accommodation. Totally different than the other type of accomodation as it is cheaper and really feel like 'balik to own kampung' (By the way...I always bring my family to stay at one of the regular chalet at Kampung Taman Sedia - Marina Chalet)Really affordable, peaceful, nice view and easy parking.6th... Taman Sedia is one of the entrances to Parit Falls and there's a surau+ grocery shops. Bottom's good for tourist convenience... shortcuts to Brinchang, hassle free eating place, buying emergency groceries and few good 'home stay accommodation + few chalets. Do check personally.

Thanks again and really thanks for creating good & fantastic Cameron Websites. It is The Best!!

Suhaimi Mike

Dear Suhaimi,

Many thanks for your nice comment and suggestions.

I'm still collecting information and compiling them and it takes time to collect the information and write an easily comprehensible article. Sometimes it is difficult to get information, and your suggestion is most helpful and it would give me some leads to do research. I don't know about Kg Taman Sedia, perhaps the next time I go up to Cameron Highlands I will look it up.

I go up to Cameron Highlands for my holidays about once a year. Usually just to relax and enjoy the cooler climate and visit the tea plantation. If I'm feeling a little bit more adventures, I usually go for a simple 1 hour+ jungle trek. And of course my wife will go buy the various vegetables, and plants for the house.

Looking around the internet, there are many websites about Cameron Highlands but all give very brief and general information. I decided to try my hand at providing the most comprehensive and related information about Cameron Highlands. It is still a work in progress so I hope to add more as time goes by.

Nice of you to drop a comment and this is the first time I receive a comment from a 'native' of Cameron Highlands!

If you are ever feeling 'rindu' about Camerons, do drop by my website once in awhile!

Thanks again and have a good day!


Honestly to say... very nice, clear explanation with interesting visual aids/maps & informative website (the one & only) for those who are getting to Cameron Highlands. Make us eager to reach there...haha...

Ainul A.B.

Dear Ainul,

Thank you!

Hope you plan to make a trip there too!
Everybody needs a getaway now and then.

I'm still adding more articles, so do drop by the website sometime!


Hi Jan,

We have been there last week (on 15th-17th Mar '06). We're staying at Strawberry Park Resort. At the beginning, it hard to believe that the room has no air-cond/fan at all...but then we really surprised with the weather...after spent a night...very cold & natural.

As your advice, we didn't buy any tea there since the price in KL is cheaper (especially during sale period).

However, we did "borong" dozens of roses for our family...strawberries & vegies...

We really enjoyed our trip at Cameron Highlands. Hope to come back again next time...

Thanks for your info. My husband found that it is very informative to us.

- Ainul A.B -

I'll be driving up to Camerons with 2 daughters tomorrow via Simpang Pulai. This will be our first trip there since the Tapah route is too precarious for me. Your website has helped me to plan my visits & to know all that I need to know. Thanks.

Edzan Nasir

Dear Edzan,

You are most welcome!
Have a pleasant journey!


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