Cameron Highlands Comment and Feedbacks for Year 2011

Many thanks for all your submission feedbacks and comments. This will be the year 2011 collection of Cameron Highlands comments and feedback. Phew do you guys sure have lots of questions! Also many thanks for those praises, they sure lift my mood up!

By the way, I don't always know all the answers, so I may not be able to answer your questions. I don't profess to be a know it all. So I'll answer as best as I can. You may get cheeky answer too if your question is just too obvious. And many of the questions, I have already posted it somewhere in my Cameron Highlands website.

I guess my website is now very huge and still growing! I got to try to figure out how to present those oft asked questions. Now I'm toying with a FAQ page if I ever get around to do it. So many things to do, and so little time. So many places to explore in Cameron Highlands and still can't find the time to go too!

My husband and I would like to buy (or longterm lease) a house in the Cameron Highlands. Do you know any real estate agents or websites I can check out for real estate?

Astrid Groeneveld

Dear Astrid,
No idea about that.


is ther a possibility to go from gua musang to cameron highlands. i want take the bus from hun because its so expensive. can you help me?

best regards
Madlen Noack

Dear Madlen,

I doubt there is direct bus route from Gua Musang. Best way is go back to Ipoh and get another bus from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands. But that would be wasting time. Perhaps from Gua Musang you stop at Kampung Raja and get public bus from there to Tanah Rata / Brinchang. But due to notorious schedule, you may also waste time too. So finally you may try getting a taxi instead. By the way, bus fare are not expensive.


I would like to know where else can I buy your raw honey other than from Cameron Highlands.

SK Tan
Bayan Lepas, Penang


Perhaps you could try the local souvenir shops selling local produce. They sell many popular local products like 'heong peng', dried satay fish, etc. so they may or may not have local raw honey for sale. Try your luck.


I was referring to your brand of raw honey. How could I get one from Penang?

SK Tan

Dear SK Tan,

I don't sell honey. I just blog and review about the places in Cameron Highlands. You need to contact the seller directly if you need such info.

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