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Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 5:36 pm
Post subject: Restaurant / Makan recommendation

Dear Jan,

Thank you and it is indeed my pleasure to know you and by looking at the website you had created CAMERON HIGHLANDs DESTINATION, This will be one of the added information to any person in the world,know about this place and I am deeply impressed on your relentless effort that you had put in.This is one of the effort whereby we can do to the country to promote what is good about of our country especially places like Cameron Highlands.

Well,I just came back from my Camerons trip since last Friday and reached KL yesterday late night,it is a super peak time especially the first day of Raya on last Saturday, very crowded not with the greenery but with so many tourists, mainly are local, no place to find a nice place for the meal,not easy to find parking and even, there are many, last minute type, not able to get a place to stay in.

I had some friends whom stayed in for the past few days, only the first 2 days full and the rest of the time, it is empty,the weather is good, most of the time drizzling and it is quite cold at night time. I did give a number of advise and tips to friends whom stay in :-

The T-Café which you had recommended the No 14 indian restaurant and You Hoo restraurant at Brincang, the special Pig leg stewed with Herbal, this is their specialty, I manage to get this dish on my first day dinner.

There are some good food which I tried at Hong Kong restaurant, Oriental or downtown.

Yesterday before I left, I went to the famous temple at Brincang, there are quite a number of buses parked at the very narrow road, we plan to visit the Monk where he normally given free services to any public on :-

- Health
- Career

Way down to Tapah is good, left my house at 5.30pm, a short tea break at Bharat Tea Plantation coffee shop and then heading toward Tapah, there are things I wish to share off on ‘Makan’

At Camerons foothill, there is one nice restaurant, just opposite the Army Camp,one row of shop houses,the third from the row, there are plenty of good food we can explore, I normally had my dinner at this place and this is one of the popular dinning place, you can always see restaurant crowded with peoples, do not forget to order the steam river prawn, the yellow fish fry with dry chili and drink? Order the home make Barley.

At RINGLET, do not miss the very nice prawn mee, this is one of the best prawn mee I ever had, it is at the resident house where they only open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, business only for breakfast and lunch till 2pm. The environment is like, you are eating at home with extra thing, the very nice cold weather, the store is at the corner house just next to Bomba, remember to drop in there to taste, the very nice prawn mee.

River fish, if you happen to take the simpang pulai road, you can stop at KAMPONG RAJA, Niu Kee Restaurant, the very nice and fresh river fish, small and big type for you to chose, price range from RM15 each.

Again, another one, at TRINGKAP, the restaurant just opposite the civic hall, along the road name Trinkap Restaurent, well do not miss the river fish, it is fresh and cheap, very well cooked.

Durian and Petai, you probably can get all these while you are going down to Tapah

This is what I can share off for time being and I attached photo of my bungalow for you information, hope you can assist to put in the website.

I can be contacted at 012-3787219

Low Hong Ling

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 3:52 pm
Post subject: Cheap Food near Kea Farm & Equatorial Hill resort

If you're near Kea farm there are a few places you could eat.

1. Local / Indian food in a Roti Canai(Roti Prata) shop in the entrance to Equatorial Hill Resort, which is around 50 metres away from the Kea Farm Market. Serves Dosai, Chapathi, roti, Mee goreng etc..

2. If you're further down near the Honey Bee /apiary farm, the Apiary farm has a small eatery inside serving Nasi Goreng, Mee goreng etc. Very nominal rates.

If you stay in Eq. Hill, you could eat at these places, rather than pay for the expensive hotel food.


Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2007 12:40 am
Post subject: Food guide

Thanks for the tip. Hope to try them out the next time I'm there.

At Kea Farm itself there is this Restaurant Strawberry View which has been there for a long, long time. It has a nice view of the valley of farms. A bit on the pricey side but still bearable *.


Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2007 3:57 pm
Post subject: Kea Farm

Kea farm will be changing shape soon, one of the developer is going to demolise all the stores and converted this place with shop building probably 3 storey high and this place will be even more commerciallise.

Another information indicate that, Kea Farm will be the connection points from the following 2 main road which is already in the master plan :-

1. From Ringlet to Kea Farm

2. Ringlet will be the connection point from Kuala Lipis, where this road is going to complete probably in another year time, my friend did try it last few weeks where he took the 4 wheels drive from Ringlet all the way down to Kuala Lipis, this take him about 2 hrs journey and he told me 'Only left 22km road is yet to be completed'.

3. So,once this new road up at Ringlet,there will be a new road to link Kea Farm to this town to bypass Tanah Rata and Bricang,this will really ease the traffic congestion during the peak season.

Anyway, this is just what i heard and how true it is,we need time to prove it, and on 'Makan', I like to share with you the very best Cameron Highlands River fish, the restaurant is at Kampong Raja, name 'Niu Kee'. You can try the fish, it is the fish, not from the low land, it is from the high land where this was catched by the orang asli, the price is reasonable, for a small one,it is only RM15 per pcs, do not miss it if you happen to be at Kampong Raja

Low Hong Ling

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:22 pm
Post subject: Fraser's Hill Smokehouse Hotel / I love the prata there...

Years ago, I went to Fraser's Hill and truly enjoyed the serenity there. I still remember staying at Ye Old Smoke House, enjoying the scones and high tea!

Plus... there was the MOST CRISPY prata I've ever tasted in my life. Really hope that it is still around when I return. Please let me know if anyone found it there. Cheers!

Roger Loh

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 12:28 am
Post subject: Fraser's Hill Smokehouse Hotel / I love the prata there...

I'm not sure about the Prata, but the Old Smokehouse at Fraser's Hill is still there. If going for afternoon tea with scones, they only have it there from 3pm to 6pm.


Posted on 12-Nov-2008

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