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Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 3:59 pm
Post subject: Bharat Tea Plantation

Many friends like to visit tea plantation whenever they are going up to Cameron, the very known is Palas tea plantation which is quite distance away from Equitorial hotel, I personnaly do not recommend this place as the road going in to the plantation is bad and very narrow, if it is during the peak season, you may be caught in the jam and spend hours of time, waiting the car to slowly crawl into the place.

Why not think about one easy and more comfort place, the Bharat Tea Plantation, it is just beside the main road, from Ringlet up to Tanah Rata, or 10 minutes drive from Tanah Rata to Ringlet way, this place is equilvalent or better off than Palas as there is no hassle of driving and parking your car, beside, you can have a nice teh tarik from the 2 shops, my experince, the 2 shops belong to same owner except different peoples to operate, I had tried both stores and the one just beside the car park where you can get the very best Teh Tarik.

I asked the seller why yours is so much better and also very cheap, one cup for only RM1, the seller told me, it depends on how you manage, the downstair shops was operated by a group of young ladies, I guess,most of the first timer will choose the place because they want to get the table and seat overview the valley sea of tea plantation, the view is spectacular, for first timer, I am quite sure,you can spend atleast 2 hours in this beautiful place, the tea plantation is open to public and you can just walk around the tea tree, pluck some leaf if you want and have a close snap of photo in it.

If you happen to visit Cameron, do not miss this place, I travel up cameron quite often, almost twice in a month and I had never missed this place, either stop there just for a cup of hot teh tarik and a short break to watch the spectacular scenery just right in front of you.

Low Hong Ling

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 4:58 pm
Post subject: Teh Tarik / Bharat Tea Plantation

BTW, last august, I noticed the Lata Bisek just before that -Shop from Ringlet towards Tanah Rata, (or after, depending which way you're travelling), has almost completed its upgrading with new gazebos and facilities... Any one with updated news on this "new location"?. I did not stop to take a look as the construction vehicles and contractors are occupying the "chicane" and there was not any place safe enough for me to pull over...... I remembered my last visit in Jun 06 that I walked up the streamlet and noticed that the waterfall has a straight vertical drop of but the splash pool was amost completely silted, the areas were marshy soggy and the gazebos were rather depilated... I think it is a very nice picnic spot, a cul-de-sac with a waterfall!

The RM1 teh tarik differs as it is served in styrofoam cups but the tea downstairs are served in nice tea cups and an unobstructed panoramic view of the valley! But yes, that teh tarik is superbly blended....


Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2007 12:47 am
Post subject: Teh Tarik

Was there a difference? Hmm, didn't noticed. Usually just went to the balcony side. The shops are managed by the wife/sister of Bharat Tea Plantation owner.

Yes, the view is superb, but each tea shop (eg Boh vs Bharat) has their own charm. So it depends on whether you want to brave the narrow winding road to the Boh estate or just take a quick and easy way out with Bharat's road side tea shop.


Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2007 3:42 pm
Post subject: Teh Tarik / Driving tips in Cameron Highlands

Again I would like to share more on the teh tarik we had at the shop, Jan, you can try the RM1 and compare the two, there is a great different on it, bring your cup down and find a nice place to sit, not to worry whether it is drink or food from upper side, the two belong to the same owner, Bharat tea plantation.

Another update, there is another shop going to open soon,a short distance going up to Tanah Rata side from the bhara tea and i am quite sure,this will be another good place to stop over,as the building is almost ready and a big sign board already in place 'Opening Soon',i am quite sure this shop will be openned sometime school holiday on 18*11*07. It's belong to Bhara tea as the shop was named under this.It also catch the superb view and probably will even draw more crowd than the old one in the future

Another experienced which I would like to share off, this is probably quite common to some whom like the place and weather, but the fear of travelling up, my brothers and sisters from singapore put a stop of going up for this year family union due to the driving, it is one of the big set back to cameron where the road going up is always a worry to most of the traveller. I had overcome this problem due to my friends, he had a very good driving skill where he did give me a number of tips and coach on how to drive winding road,it is mathematics and very scientific, I can explain briefly on it :-

1. Always keep you car driving in straight line even the road is winding
2. Remember to look far ahead to ensure,there is no car coming toward you then you take advantage on the whole road
3. When you make turn, left or right, keep your car always at tanget line with respect to the curve you turn
4. Do not try to apply brake if the car is turning
5. Control the car speed well.
6. Imagine how the ice skating,you are trying to drive the car at the same pattern.
7. Understand the car momentum and you can make use of the momentum to aid you when you making the turn

Take your time to observe and you will slowly develop your driving skill by applying the above basic rules.It is very basic but this will help you to develop,the likes on driving at this winding road.

Low Hong Ling

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2007 5:01 pm
Post subject: Cameron Highlands driving tips

I have another driving tip... Slow in - Fast out. Basically if you are not familiar with the route, drive slower than the speed limit. If you are a seasoned and skillful driver, STAY within the speed limit! Slow in fast out is to be indoctrinated to every corners you meet. This is where you SLOW DOWN before the corner, complete the corner and rev a little faster when you come out of that corner onto the straights. All this in low gear...

Why slow in, well it is obvious that a fast approach will cause the car to veer off into the opposite lane due to centrifugral force developed at the straights...Fast out is to prevent being rear ended!

REMEMBER this... If you FAST IN you may ended up not coming out of the corner at all :-( !


Posted on 12-Nov-2008

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