Destination Wedding Photos
in Cameron Highlands

Nothing like going to Cameron Highlands for some cool destination wedding photos! The weather is great, the scenery is breathtaking, what more do you want? So a group of friends who were getting engaged decided to ask my brother-in-law who in turned ask for my help to go around Cameron Highlands to take some romantic destination wedding photos.

Destination wedding photos in Cameron Highlands

It was our first time doing a destination wedding photos in Cameron Highlands and there were many surprises in store for us. So for those of you who plan to do the same, hopefully this would give some insight about taking destination wedding photos in the highlands.

It was a simple trip, just a one night weekend stay on a cheap Desa Anthurium Apartment. We left early so that we can have more time to try to get as many wedding photos as possible. The bridal couple and their friends themselves are photographers too and they brought along their Nikon D90s (yep they all have the same brand and model), while mine was the Canon 30D and my brother-in-law's was Canon 40D.

I have planned several interesting places, but due to time constraint I doubt we could go to all the places. So we just settle on a few popular locations.

Lata Iskandar Waterfall

Reviewing the wedding photos

Our first stop was the Lata Iskandar waterfall. We brought down our photography equipment and proceeded to take some interesting shots with the waterfall as the background. With curious tourist and onlookers, it was not a time for the bridal couple to feel shy now with a smart casually dressed groom and bride wearing her wedding gown and traipsing around in her bridal high heel shoes on uneven ground.

We had to be careful taking destination wedding photos around wet area; some of the rocks faces were slippery when wet and we wouldn't want our expensive photography equipment falling into the water!

Lakehouse Cameron Highlands

Our next stop was the Lakehouse Cameron Highlands. I have known that to take casual photos around their premises requires having a meal or be staying guests in the hotel room. But what I didn't know when it comes to bridal photography was that we needed to submit a formal request for permission. Fortunately the manager was kind enough to allow us to take wedding photos as we have already placed our orders for afternoon tea.

For any commercial shoot be it bridal or modelling or even video shooting, a formal letter requesting for permission is required for approval prior to doing any photography or videography. There are certain restrictions to take note too. We are to confine out activities within the lounge area and garden, plus the duration should not be too long either.

Bridal photography in the garden

We wasted a lot of time on the makeup touch up and hair updo adjustment (I think as much as 30 minutes to an hour), and a further 1 hour plus on bridal photography which left the management fuming at us. My brother-in-law enthusiastic fervour in taking bridal photos in such beautiful rustic environment has made him lost track of time too. Because it was getting very late by the time we wrap up our activities and a less than pleased manager shooing us away saying that it would disturb their guests when they return from their day outing. True, true, our fault for mistiming.

It was late by the time we checked in to the Desa Anthurium Apartment plus it was pouring cats and dogs too! There was nothing much left to do but settle in for the night. We did go up to the Brinchang Night Market though for some vegetables for our steamboat dinner (yet again! Nothing like good old Chinese styled shabu-shabu meal, eh?).

Smokehouse Hotel

Early next morning, it was time to do our next destination wedding photo location. This time round, the bride has her makeup and hair updo done up in the apartment to save time. Having had an earful from the previous day experience taught us a lesson.

Arriving at the Smokehouse Hotel, we plan to have breakfast and bridal photography in their beautiful garden. Having learn about the permission issue of Lakehouse Cameron Highlands, we inquired with the management first this time around.

Unfortunately, a nasty surprise!

We were shocked when the management informed us that for bridal photography there is a fee payable, and the amount was so preposterous prohibitive at RM500! Who would have thought that Smokehouse Hotel in Cameron Highlands would be so mercenary! If it was say RM50 or RM100 it would still not be so bad. On top of that we still need to have a meal and that would easily add up another RM100 or so to the bill for the five of us. No wonder nobody have any bridal photography of Smokehouse Hotel. Because such cost will have to pass on the bridal couple and as you know, bridal couples are just like you and me normal folks, where we got so much money to burn? I don't know whether they are just trying to preserve their garden or to make their Smokehouse Hotel completely exclusive to rich patrons. I reckon they made enough from their usual regular guests and can't be bothered about any bridal couples or documentary or whatever to showcase their hotel. Well, their loss.

Anyway, we didn't want to waste our effort, so we just took some shots outside their premises instead. It wasn't much, but it was just some consolation at least.

We were pretty hungry by then and decided to head on to Cameronian Inn for a nice hearty brunch. It was cheap and we ate well as we would not plan for lunch anytime soon.

Sungai Palas Tea Plantation

The sky was getting dark and I suspect it would get pretty wet soon. Nevertheless I know a nice spot on the way up to Gunung Brinchang with beautiful panoramic scenery. Hey, how can we not have a destination wedding photos of Cameron Highlands without the ever soothing green of Cameron Highlands tea plantation? It is a must to have!

Bridal photos: counter balance in red.

The drive up was smooth going though the plantation road was steep and narrow. Found a lay by at the road side near to a hidden farm along the way up to the Gunung Brinchang. We have a great view of Boh tea plantation and they really enjoyed the view. But poor bride and groom, in order to take the wedding photos, they have to bear with the cold weather of Cameron Highlands! No choice-la, want beautiful bridal photos must suffer for it!

We spend quite a fair amount of time taking shots here too, and at times we have to duck back into the car as light drizzle fell from the sky. We need to keep our photography equipment dry lest it got damage from the water droplets.

The mist that blew it off and on lend itself an added fairytale like ambience to the destination wedding photos.

Boh Tea Centre

Finally having have enough of the mist and cold and wind chill, we decided to head down to the Boh Tea Centre. Amidst the many curious onlookers and holiday makers, we took more wedding photos.

One of the workers commented that recently there were many bridal couple coming over to their Boh Tea Centre for wedding photos. Yea, with the shifting trend of onsite wedding photography rather than those stiff stoic poses taken in some wedding studio, it was something refreshing and different. And for those who are willing to travel the distance such as Cameron Highlands to grab that destination wedding photos, it is definitely well worth it for good memorable wedding photos for many years to come!

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