Cameron Highlands English Homes Apartment

There are indeed many apartments in Cameron Highlands however they are not all quite the same. Some are very well maintained and others are really just barebones bare essential furnishing. So you pay for what you get. As for this apartment, it likens itself to an English Homes as the interior is decorated like those of English styled décor.

Cameron Highlands English Home Apartment

The Cameron Highlands English Homes Apartment owner contacted me one day as he would like to showcase his unit. So on one of my trips to the highlands I managed to pop in for quick look see and well had a good feeling about this place.

English Home Kitchen

The English Home apartment is located in Desa Anthurium. This apartment housing is located between Brinchang and Tanah Rata so it is very strategically located. You could easily move to either town for a bite and get your necessities too.

It was a rather wet day when I arrived at Desa Anthurium, Michael the agent was already waiting there for me to open the unit to let me have a look. He was also waiting for the tenants to arrive from Singapore and they seem to be running late. Well it takes as long 8 hours not stop driving and I bet they are going to take much longer to arrive. That gave me plenty of time to view the English home style unit.

The owner has two units side by side occupying on the same level as the parking area. This is very convenient as Desa Anthurium do not have lifts so lugging around your baggage from your car to the apartment unit and vice-versa wouldn’t too much of a difficulty.

English Home Master Bedroom

Entering the unit, you could sort of get a feeling of English home but not quite. The floor tiles being a mismatch I suppose diffuses the feeling, but overall the furnishing attempts to recreate the English home décor. As an apartment it is very well furnished. I suppose it is one of the better one thus it commands a certain amount of premium if you wish to stay here.

The kitchen is just next to the living cum dining hall and it is well equipped with the usual refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle and even a rice cooker pot!

Browsing through the rooms they looked really cozy and I would like to jump in for a snooze, but then again I was just here to have a look see so can’t do that! With 3 bedrooms, you could stay a person of 6, now that’s a lot of people who can stay in a single apartment. So though this English home apartment may command a premium, with the number of person staying in, on a per head count it would actually be cheaper.

After an entire day of outing and visiting Cameron Highlands, your entire gang of family or group of friends would return to the unit and laze about for a relaxing time. So what to do while hanging around in the apartment?

English Home Other Bedroom

Well there is the Astro satellite cable TV, but if you need more that the bare channels you could bring your own Astro card and plug it in. And there is the WIFI. Now not many apartment owners provide this. This would certainly give you more things to do as internet opens up the world for your entertainment and of course communication. Browse this website wile you are surfing there, ya?

By the way, don’t be a couch potato! There is a children playground just next to the apartment unit. Very convenient! I think this English home apartment has a very good location within Desa Anthurium. So instead of just watching Astro or surfing the net, why not take a walk in the park and bring your kids along for some healthy playtime fun?

Like the place? Then give the owners a call and inquire for rate and board, or if you would like to have more info, visit their website.

Cameron Highlands English Home Apartment
Desa Anthurium
Mr Chen +6019-359 4423


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