Century Pines Resort
Cameron Highlands

 Century Pines Resort has ample parking space available.

You definitely won't have to hunt for this Century Pines Resort Hotel to reach this travel destinations. If you are approaching Tanah Rata from Brinchang in Cameron Highlands, you can see their big name on the wall of their hotel. So easy to locate, and it is conveniently located in the heart of Tanah Rata too.

My wife, Lena and I went and check out Century Pines Resort one day while roaming around Cameron Highlands. The driveway approach to the reception entrance was big and spacious with ample parking space. They renovated the Century Pines Resort hotel some years ago it seems, so everything looks brand new like a five-star hotel! Even the reception was really grand as we entered the lobby. But somehow the interior didn't quite match exterior. The feeling on the outside was rather English like while the interior has the felling of a typically China man style hotel. What a mismatch! Perhaps the holding company, a property developer under the Thong Sin group has got something to do with its interior decoration.

Old Wing and New Wing

The Century Pines Resort is separated into new wing and old wing. The old wing is a two storey block housing the Superior rooms while the Deluxe rooms, Duplex Suites and the main block like the reception and other facilities are located at the new wing. The Duplex Suites is a two floor accommodation with the Master bedroom on the upper floor and the living hall at the lower. The Duplex suite can accommodate only three persons and maximum four if you order an extra bed. In fact you can order an extra bed at RM50 for any of the above rooms.

If you get the Superior rooms on the ground floor, the patio opens up to a well tended garden. The garden is simple and sparse. It still does the job of soothing tired eyes. You can't compare the garden landscape with that of Lakehouse Cameron Highlands, Smokehouse Hotel or Bala's Chalet. It is just simple and clean. That didn't stop me and my wife from taking a few nice photos, especially that circular verandah adjoining the main wing. Nah, I won't post my personal photo here in Cameron-Highland-Destination.com website. Go get your own! The ambience of the Century Pines Resort is quite nice, so much that even my wife Lena said, "We should stay here one night and give it a try dear." Wait, there are too many hotels in Cameron Highlands that we would like to stay and try out! I don't think my pocket is deep enough to accommodate for this request.

Room Rates

As for the rates, it changes from season to season, year to year and whether you do direct booking or via an agent. But they are around the ballpark of RM190 for Superior, RM230 for Deluxe and RM400 for Duplex Suites.

Service Review

My relatives did stay there on one occasion during the Chinese New Year. It was in Feb 2007 and my cousin Victor has returned from Dublin, UK after completing his medical degree program. He somehow managed to get a booking for a Deluxe room despite the fact that it was during the festive season and at the last minute too! Room condition wise, Victor said was reasonable for the price paid, but commented that the service was not up to standard. When they arrived there that day, their room was not ready. Probably due to heavy booking during Chinese New Year, but they were let in the room anyway, while housekeeping tidied up the place. Whether it was lack of common sense or what, the housekeepers placed the clean bed sheets on the floor while changing the sheets! Victor's parents were rather particular about cleanliness and would have preferred if the housekeeper placed it on any other place except the floor.

Convenient Location

Location wise, Century Pines Resort is really convenient. Although it is at the end of the main Tanah Rata road, you can just easily walk down the street to get your meals and have easy access to any amenities. The children's playground is next to it too. The kids will definitely be pestering you for permission to go play at the park and with their unlimited energy; they will go at it all day long too! The bus terminal and taxi stand is just next to the playground so if you have any transportation needs, they are all easily accessed. And last but not least, wake up early in the morning and try out the Parit trail (Path #4) which is along the river just along the outer wall of Century Pines Resort. It took me awhile to find the path because the signboard was so beaten up. Hopefully on your visit they would have replaced the sign board (or never, considering the way the authorities do things!).

You can enquire more about Century Pines Resort with the following contact details which I obtain from the reception desk:

Century Pines Resort
Lot 42, Jalan Masjid, 39000 Tanah Rata
Cameron Highlands, Pahang.
Tel: 05-491 5115
Fax: 05-491 1115
Email: cenpines@thongsin.com


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