Cameron Highlands Travel Destinations:
Take a break at Bidor, Perak.

Sure, there are plenty of R&R along the PLUS North-South Expressway as you make your travel destination way to and from Cameron Highlands. But most of the fare is just average and don't make the cut as anything special or noteworthy. There is of course the Tapah R&R on either side of the Expressway, which is one of the few big rest stops along the way and it has plenty of fruit stalls for you to purchase and enjoy with your family in the comfort of your own home. Even then, they are just big rest stops without any special fare that brings any strong recollection.

So who wants to make a detour to Bidor and exit the Expressway anyway? Not unless there is good food to be had! Ah, "There is no sincerer love than the love of food." As quoted by George Bernard Shaw. And how true this term is applicable to us typical Malaysians (and not to forget our close cousins, Singaporeans!)

Build a better mouse trap and people will beat a path to your doorstep, seems to fit the bill of good tasting food! Of course we are also lazy people and Bidor was fortunate not to be located too far away from the exit toll otherwise it would have suffered the fate of obscurity like its sister town in Kampar, which also had good tasting food.

Pun Chun Restaurant at a corner in a row of shop houses in Bidor, Perak.

So let's see how we can beat a path to good old Bidor town. Actually it is really easy because the town is located in close proximity from the Bidor exit toll. Thereafter just follow the sign post and you will reach the town in no time at all. The distance is approximately 1 km from the toll house. For a small town it is quite busy. Traffic buzzes on by non-stop with lorries, buses, cars and motorbikes moving to and fro.

The "makan" place that we want to head for is the Pun Chun Restaurant located along the main road of Bidor town. It is a corner shop, painted in strong yellow, and the name of the restaurant written in bright red Chinese character on side of the shop wall. Can't miss it!

Parking is a little difficult as there are not so many parking places available and made much worse if there is a night market going on there. Have a little patience and keep a good watch out and you can just get yourself a space to drive your car in.

As you make your way to Pun Chun Restaurant you will notice there are many fruits for sale whether in shops or ad hoc traders along the road. Popular fruits sold here include the jambu air, seedless guava, mangoes and petai. In fact the petai will catch your eye as they are tied up in big bundles and placed on the floor. The fruit sellers are really quick to approach you in the hope of persuading you to buy any of their fruits. "Sir," as they quickly get to their feet upon seeing you coming their way. "Any fruits for you?"

I smiled and politely shake my hand to say "Sorry. Not interested." I'm just heading to Pun Chun Restaurant.

Seat yourself down and the stall owner will come by to take down your order.

Pun Chun Restaurant was your typical kopitiam occupying two lot of shop space. Unlike in KL, you didn't have to place your order at the stall. Find yourself a table and have yourself seated. A waiter or waitress will come by to take your orders. I wanted to try their famous duck thigh noodle but unfortunately it was completely sold out. I guess it was famous enough to be sold out before I got the chance to savour it. No problem I tried their other dishes and settle for a pork ribs in fish dace source. It wasn't too bad, and I also tried their wanton noodle which was quite good too.

They have quite a variety of meals to offer, and they displayed it on top of their stall which you can look through to help you decide on your order.

And to finish off my meal, I ordered a cup of white coffee. No cup of tea for me here. This is not Cameron Highlands. Many a coffee shop in Perak serves the famous white coffee and this was what I went for. The white coffee served was simply superb with just the right amount of sweeten milk. However, it strikes me odd that they serve the coffee in plastic cups instead of the traditional kopitiam porcelain cups. Well no matter, the taste was still good even though the presentation wasn't there.

Lined against the inner restaurant is a row of shelves displaying various popular local snacks and produce. I went over to have a look to see what may interest me. There are many products that are not made in Bidor but source from various towns in Malaysia famous for its snacks for example like the Pangkor satay fish. However Pun Chun Restaurant is famous for making Kai Chai Peng (Chicken Biscuit) and Ha Si Mar a kind of sweet and sticky biscuit which you can grab a few packets to take home with you or to give away as gifts.

After browsing through I finally settled on a bottle of pickled ambra, a pack of Tambun Peah, and a packet of Loh Poh Peng to take home with me. Ah, my car is really filled up with foodstuff, fruits and now with the addition of snacks and biscuits is beginning to look like a delivery van!

A few adjustments and some re-organizing (which was more like shoving into any available space in the car boot trunk) and it was time to make my way to the expressway.

Lined up along the wall are shelves selling various local Malaysian snacks, tidbits and instant white coffee packs to take back as souvenirs.

Posted on 25-June-2007

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