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I've just received an email from Idil, a regular Highlander Newsletter Reader, recounting his eventful travel destination trip to Cameron Highlands from Singapore to the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, then from there travelled on to Cameron Highlands and finally returned to Singapore.

Phew! I don't know how he did it, but it sure looks really complicated to me. Anyway here is his story. Read and enjoy!



here is my "blog"...

15 Jun
- 0500 - Hired van and myself depart Singapore and proceed to North-South highway to Machap
- 0630 - Exit NS Highway at Tangkak heading to Segamat
- 0700 - Leave Segamat for Route 12 towards Gambang
- 0800 - JPJ road block...
i. Passenger Van got into trouble as no 3rd brake light... argued as the prior to entry permit approval, Puspakom have inspected and cleared the van.
ii. Van driver not having "Malaysian" bus driving lesen - Told them to call Johore Bahru JPJ as they are "not aware" of Singapore lesen is "different" from Malaysia.
After they called JB, they release the van with a warning to fix the 3rd brake light. Lost 1 hour at this road block.
-1200 - Reach Cherating and have lunch beside The Legend
-1300 - Proceed to Kuala Trengganu at 60kmh
-1700 - Arrive Batu Buruk Beach Resort, BBBR
-1730 - Quick visit to Pasar Payang as Friday most shops close
-2000 - Dinner at Restoran Nil just beside BBBR - Good food and air-con makan place
-2100 - Stroll along the beach front. Crowds ready for World Cup match
-2230 - Lights out

16 Jun
0900 - Depart to Tasek Kenyir - look see look see. Met the construction workers for the new highway from Kuala Berang to Gua Musang... Highway still under construction.
1030 - Depart to Sekayu Waterfall - piknik
1330 - Return to Kuala Trangganu Pasar Payang
1500 - Return to BBBR, R&R till dinner
1930 - Dinner at "Satay Pantai Timur" Restoran also beside BBBR. Food not as good as Nil's
2230 - BBBR and lights out

17 Jun
0930 - Depart to Cameron Highlands
1100 - Reached Macang, Kelantan and take Route 8 to Gua Musang
1400 - Reached Gua Musang and onwards to the highway to Kg Raja
1700 - 3 km before Kg Raja, road detour to use the old road as the highway was blocked. Presumably due to repairs or landslide??? No signboard to say why-lah
1800 - Reach Stesen Mardi, Tanah Rata and check in English Cottage 2 and 3 bedrooms. Kids run around the yard and surprised to have Astro... so World cup again lah. Cottage fully furnished with bedrooms at 2nd floor, cutleries, rice cooker, fridge,gas stove, tea sets etc.
Parent-In-Law very happy....
1900 - Tar pow dinner after a short walk to Tanah Rata

18 Jun
0730 - Breakfast at Mardi Cafeteria (Open 7am close at noon everyday. Closed on all Mondays)
0830 - Visit BOH at Habu
1000 - Visit Highland Apiary Farm on same road as BOH. This farm was being "built" in my last visit in December and now fully operational. The Towkay very friendly and the honey reasonably priced. A Tualang cost RM40 and if you buy two, he gives you a jam jar sized honey with propolis! Must check this place the next time you go CH.
1130 - Visited the Lakehouse
1230 - Reach Brinchang.... SHOPPING, lunch and tar pow for dinner
1500 - Reach back Stesen Mardi for a walk about the field
1700 - Dinner

19 Jun
0730 - R&R
1230 - Check out Stesen Mardi (On the way to Tapah, surprised to find the restoren at Lata Iskandar already demolished!")
1800 - Reach Guthrie Corridor - NKVE to Nilai Selatan - Purposely skirt around and avoid KL
2130 - Reach Gelang Patah
2230 - Singapore

There you are, my road trip... 1800km start to finish... now my friend aim for December trip, my in-law request a Penang trip.........!!! Not again.....siong lah....maybe I fly with Berjaya air Ex-Seletar airport (Sg) to Redang!


Complicated...you bet! Road maps bought the latest and armed with at least 3 others such as the JKR road maps,tourist maps and other internet postings! A trip like this needs at least 3months of "research" as I have kids who will scream "toilet!!!!". Also I need to scan the routes with google earth and a few phone calls to friends in M'sia!

The roads in M'sia are indeed getting better and better than say 5yrs before..It was good before but the upgrading is ever ongoing example Kota Tinggi-Mersing are widened and "straightened". Majority of Terengganu bridges are being replaced! Lebuh Raya Pantai Timur with the beautiful mountain scenery....just drive at speed limit and be defensive...the trip is enjoyable this way..trust me...

The only "scary" highway I used before is the one from Kg Raja, Cameron Highlands to Simpang Pulai enroute to Penang....many of the turns are too tight coupled by the gradient and that road will catch you off guard as the speed increases! I passed by a wreckage of a CH 4X4 pickup that overturned after smashing head-on with a Perak registered car in Dec 05 trip... Hope no fatalities....



Posted on 28-July-2006

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