Desa Anthurium Apartment in Cameron Highlands

 The Desa Anthurium Apartment located on the outskirts of Tanah Rata.

Looking for an apartment to stay in Cameron Highlands to bring your whole family clan? Here's one that you may want to inquire—Desa Anthurium Apartment in Cameron Highlands. Though I have not stayed in this Cameron Highlands apartment, one of my highlander newsletter readers did. I found out about this apartment one day when I happened to bump into this lady, Madam Tang who manages Brinchang Hotel in Brinchang while I was researching for information for my website. She and her friend has got some apartments which they rent out for plus size family, not the weighty variety but for those who wants to opt for accommodation that can accommodate the whole family without spending a bomb!

All rooms in the Desa Anthurium Apartment are provided with Queen size bed plus extra mattresses.

She even mentioned that she can reduce the rate during off season for couples too, though I did not take up her offer at that time as I had my own prior arrangement.

Then a chance inquiry from SL Quek of Singapore who was looking for an apartment to stay that is not so commercialized, not so prominently promoted, via my comment form. So I dug out the name card that was passed to me and introduced it to him. Quek made a booking and went to Cameron Highlands in December 2006 with his whole family and stay there and had this to say.

After picking up the keys from Mdm Tang at the Brinchang Hotel, Quek and his family proceeded to the Desa Anthurium Apartment. It was easy to find, with a big prominent signboard along the road. Even Idil commented, "You can't miss the signboard, it is so huge!" Yes, I have seen the signboard on many occassion while travelling between Brinchang and Tanah Rata. The apartment is situated just before Bala's Chalet if heading towards Tanah Rata. You can easily spot the blue roof tiles from the main road so you won't miss the place.

Though the address is listed as Tanah Rata, it is located on the outskirts and will take about 5 minutes of driving to reach the town centre. So maybe if you want to walk to Tanah Rata it may still be possible, but be prepared for a long walk though!

The somewhat small quarters of the living room with Astro TV provided.

He paid about RM500 for three nights stay and felt the price was fairly decent. The apartment has three bedrooms each with a queen size bed plus extra mattresses. The dining cum living room is rather small so if you have a gang of friends gathering together it would be a tight squeeze.

Astro was provided to entertain those who might feel bored about relaxing themselves in the highlands. Kitchen was fitted with basic utensils and a stove provided at the back of the apartment facing a window. Though the view from the window was rather disappointing as it was facing a hill. Guess you can't expect to have everything perfect so you may reconsider what you want out of your accommodation.

Also noted that there were many tourist bus around, probably some travel company may own several apartment accommodation to cater for budget tourist or package tours. Quek felt that private apartment like this could have been better.

You just got to love the hill view from your kitchen window!

So there you have it, a fair evaluation of a private apartment accommodation. In comparison, a 3-room apartment from a commercially run outfit would cost you between RM350-RM600 per night. So I guess if you need lots of room space without forking out too much, this may be one of your better options.

Listed on the name card, it says, 3 rooms, 1 sitting room, TV, refrigerator and all the kitchen equipment. You can do some cooking here too, which other commercially run ones will not allow.

So for more inquiry, you can contact Mdm Tang at +6019-497 3079 or Chai Kok Wah at +6019-572 5506.

Many thanks to SL Quek for providing the details and photos. Really appreciate it!



In Nov 2009, I have booked the desa anthurium apartment from Mdm Tang to stay there during CNY (Chinese New Year) 2010 as recommended by this website. She has agreed with the booking availability and price. I have also paid the deposit and sent her confirmation with the total price agreed. However, in end of Dec 2009, she called me and said that she has wrongly told me the total price for the accommodation. She said she needs to increase another RM100 as it will be peak time during the CNY 2010. She non-stop talking through the phone in order to stop me from talking. Then she said, if I want the apartment then have to pay the extra RM100 or else she just cancel the booking.

She was so unprofessional to do that. She might have gotten another customer who want to book for the same date with higher price and that she forced me to pay another RM100. I was quite angry at that time but I tried to hold my anger as I afraid she doesn't want to give me back my deposit. Then after few days, I have received back my deposit and here I want to write my bad experience with this Mdm Tang. Hope that other people won't get cheated by her again.


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