The Smokehouse
Hotel and Restaurant
Cameron Highlands

The Smokehouse hotel sign on the outsideLocated next to the Cameron Highlands' golf course is a quaint little country inn known as the famous Smokehouse. Built in 1937, it is one of the few older country houses in the surrounding Cameron Highlands. With its latticed windows, wooden beams, country style furniture and fittings, you will have a very cozy English feeling when you are there.

Arriving there, you will first pass by its beautifully tended garden lush with flowers and plants, perfect for having a morning or afternoon tea with scones and Devonshire cream.

The Smokehouse hotel was built like a country styled houseIn order to preserve its peacefulness and laidback country charm, visitors cannot simply just enter to have a look. One must be a guest in any one of their thirteen available rooms or at least be a dining guest.

The price tag? It is not cheap compared to the other rated hotels. The room rates are from RM400 onwards per night.

Picture of Smokehouse room extracted from the brochureI have not stayed there as the price was rather prohibitive. And neither was I able to have a look at their rooms as it seem to be always occupied whenever I request to have a view of their rooms. Reading from their brochure, each of the 13 rooms was individually designed, each with their own styles and antique furniture. As the numbers of rooms were rather limited, booking in advance especially during peak periods would be well advised as the room vacancies are quickly filled.

Is it good? Judging from the various comments in the internet, it is both good and bad. Those that gave good comments absolutely love the place, like the meals served and give praise to its good service. The sour grapes complaint just about anything from mildewed smelling room, lousy food to poor service. The number of good vs. bad is about even, so I guess it is about 50-50 that you will either like or hate it.

One of the brighter dining area in the Smokehouse Restaurant, or you can opt for the dimmer but more cozy and romantic dining area.Though I may not have stayed there, I did dine in together with my wife for lunch. The experience was positive, and the meals were delicious though on the pricey side. Main course meals went from about RM40 onwards. Good service was rendered though they did slip a bit in their order taking. No harm done. It was easily rectified.

While the chef prepared our orders, the waitress suggested we roam about the garden and enjoy its greenery, and that she would call us when the meal was ready to be served. Sounded like a good idea. We took many shots of the garden, posing this way, that way as though we were on some modeling shoot. Hah!

The well tended garden of Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant is a draw for any visitorsThough the sun was shining bright and strong, we did not feel the heat. After all, this is the cool highlands! The garden was beautifully arranged and there were some guess enjoying their cup of tea in the open air. There was a mild breeze while we roamed about the garden which made it a little chilly. Looking at the ivy covered walls; it reminded me of those traditional English country houses. Though I am no gardener, I'm sure it must require a lot of effort to maintain the exquisitely tended garden

When lunch was ready, the waitress called us in to have the food served. We had Chicken Ala King and Devilled Chicken. Both tasted scrumptiously good. To finish it off, we had the usual English tea and freshly baked scones with Devonshire cream, which was simply mouth watering!

Tea and scones with Devonshire cream, mmm... delicious!As a further note, Smokehouse can be found in Fraser's Hill and in Kuala Lumpur too! The former of course is both a hotel and restaurant while the latter is just a restaurant. Both also feature the traditional English country house setting which they are most famous for it.

Whether you are planning to be a room guest or be just a dining guest, Smokehouse Hotel should be listed as part of your visit itinerary!

Posted on 8-Feb-2006

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The Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant by the Golf Course
P.O. Box 77, Tanah Rata 39007 Cameron Highlands
Pahang, Malaysia.
Tel: +605-491 1215

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Helen recently made a trip to Cameron Highlands and was kind enough to give her impression about this interesting accommodation. At first she was worried about the room condition since there were some bad comments from other website. Although I have not stayed in this hotel before, my own impression of the place after having lunch at the Smokehouse was pretty positive. So she went ahead and stayed there. Now let's hear it from her own words about Smokehouse!
-- Jan.

Hi, Jan

I've just returned from Cameron on 2/9/08, and we stayed at the Smokehouse.
Here's the latest updates:

If you don't mind not having Astro programme, it's ok otherwise you'll be bored to death. There are about 13 bedrooms and each bedroom has got its own character. We stayed at the 'Warwick' bedroom @ RM530 per night that comes with English breakfast. The room was ok except they need to do something about the carpets and sofa. The toilet is big come with two wash basin in good condition except without a shower screen.

The staff are doing multi-tasking on their job and they are very hardworking and friendly. The food wise, we had candle light dinner and English breakfast and the food taste good. We like their homemade strawberry and marmalade jam.

I enjoyed having afternoon tea at their beautiful garden, it was a good experience and I wouldn't think it was so bad which I've read earlier feedback from others.

If you are not too fussy, overall I think it's a good break to get away from city life. Their staff were so thoughtful, they even pack lunch for our journey back to KL.

Cheers to Smokehouse's Staff and thanks for everything during our stays at the Smokehouse.


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