Cactus Valley and Cactus Point
Cameron Highlands

Cactus Valley at Brinchang Cameron Highlands.

This place is situated in Brinchang. It is quite easy to spot with its mock giant cactus replica at its entrance. It is located on a hill slope overlooking the night market area facing the Star Regency Apartment Hotel. As it is located on a hill slope, the center is terraced and the covering is built with skylight roof.

The Cactus Valley boasts of having the most variety of cactus plants. Some cactus is as old as 60 years old! Apart from cactus, several varieties of crops are cultivated here using hydroponics method. Tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers among others are grown here. The hydroponics method of growing is not without is problem though at one time it was hailed as an efficient alternative way of growing crops. However, the chemicals used though, give rise to other environmental problems when it has exhausted its nutrients and require disposing.

Rows of potted giant cactus plants, want one for display in your house?

Crops and cactus apart, other plants and flowers are grown here too. Roses, Calla Lily, Fuchsia, Camellia, Hibiscus, Rhododendron, Bird of Paradise to name a few, all can be found here.

If you like some of the plants and flowers, you can buy them from the shop which also sells souvenirs, potted plants and dried flowers.

Apart from Cactus Valley, there is another place called Cactus Point. [This is located opposite of Multicrops Central Market. It is not so big. Nevertheless many varieties of cacti are grown here too.] - Updated info - Cactus Point was no longer located here but has shifted to a bigger premises (and of course more destruction of jungle land to be replaced with concrete - sigh!) and has more orderly layout. Located near to Kea Farm, you can spot it on one of the tight bends just before Kea Farm if you are coming up from Brinchang.

Cactus Point nursery is located opposite of Multicrops Central Market Cameron Highlands.

Most nurseries don't just grow one type of plant, and usually diversify to many plant varieties like roses, hibiscus, strawberries and many more. So when a nursery is named after a plant, it is a misnomer because they also grow various other types of plants and flowers.

There are plenty of nurseries around Cameron Highlands, and some doubles as farms selling vegetables as well as garden plants. Shop around and you might find a good bargain, since there is no middle man involved. However, they do know that you are tourist so price may not be so low. Still, a farmer's income is not that great, so I suppose a higher profit margin would help them have a better quality of life.

Do note that the cool climate of the highlands is very conducive for growing non-tropical plants. Those that grow splendidly here may not thrive so well in the hot humid lowlands. Whenever we get a plant for the house, there is always the question of whether a certain type of plant should be placed in the shade or left out to bask in the nice hot sunshine. Placing them in the wrong place and well, the plant will gradually wilt away. I guess it takes a while to have green thumb and my wife seems to get the hang of it, though for some plants is still on a trial and error basis!

Posted on 22-Mar-2006

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