Jim Thompson Mystery Solved!

SOLVED! The Mysterious Disappearance of Jim Thompson, the Thai Silk King

Chapter 1

The hunt for Jim Thompson

The hunt was for one man. He came to the Cameron Highlands for a short holiday. Two days later, he disappeared.

When he left the villa, no one was supposedly kept informed. His friends took it that he had gone for a mid-afternoon stroll. They were quite sure he would return by six. When he failed to do so, they began to sense that something was amiss. To ascertain as to what was possibly wrong, one of them got into his car and made his way to a nearby club. He had high hopes of meeting him along the way. But his drive in that direction drew a blank. For a while, he was in two minds as to what he should do next. A little later, he felt that it would be wise of him to give a call to his rental agents to see if they could be of any help. Just after he had done so, he went ahead and kept in touch with the police. He was told that word of his friend's disappearance would be made known to the settlements in the area. It was also revealed to him that if his friend failed to show up, an inquiry would be conducted the next morning.

On his return from the station, he came into contact with two visitors: one was his rental agent; the other was a major from the British army. After a short discussion, they left the premises and made their way to a nearby hill. The place was given a brief inspection but their quest to spot him did not amount to much. Puzzled as to where he could possibly be found, the two returned to the detached house to see if they could gather more clues with regard to his likely whereabouts. A little after midnight, they left the cottage and made another attempt to find for him at an entirely different location. But their second endeavour, like the first, produced no results.

At sunrise, about five policemen showed up at the bungalow. After taking down his particulars, they left the scene. Later that day, the police, with the help of thirty aborigines, carried out a search of their own. Their review was relatively thorough but there was just no trace of him. Before noon, word of his mysterious disappearance began to spread like wild fire. By now, more than a hundred people were looking high and low for him. The area was given a once-over but their hunt proved to be a disappointment.



SOLVED! The Mysterious Disappearance of Jim Thompson, the Legendary Thai Silk King (Excerpt) by Edward Roy De Souza

Excerpts from "SOLVED! The Mysterious Disappearance of Jim Thompson, the Legendary Thai Silk King", an imprint of Word Association Publishers (www.wordassociation.com), 205 5th Avenue, Tarentum, PA 15084, USA. ISBN: 1-932205-89-6. Copyright 2004 by Edward Roy De Souza. roysouza@singnet.com.sg

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Posted on 3-Aug-2006

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