Jim Thompson Mystery Solved!

SOLVED! The Mysterious Disappearance of Jim Thompson, the Thai Silk King

Chapter 11

Thai Silk Company increases reward for finder of Jim

The hunt for Jim went on uninterruptedly for eleven days. On their part, the police did put in a concerted effort to track him down. On the twelfth day, there was a noticeable downsizing in their operation: more than two hundred officers and men were ordered to leave the neighbourhood and head back for their home base in Perak. Only a skeleton force numbering less than a hundred were instructed to stay behind.

Over in Thailand, the situation was a lot different. The Thai Silk Company, which was monitoring developments closely, announced that the US$10,000 reward for the finder of Jim would be raised by another US$2,500. George Barrie, Jim's close acquaintance and business associate, was the one who came up with the additional offer.

Jim or no Jim, the Thai Silk Company went on to function in much the same way as it previously did. In an exclusive interview with the press, Charles U. Sheffield said, "Until we hear from him, we will just continue producing and selling silk the way we've always done.

"If he does not turn up we would have no choice but to find another designer to replace him. For the time being, we do not want to make any quick changes in the company's general set-up. We believe there is still a good possibility that he will be found."

The search for Jim continues

With the dwindling of the police field force, the casting about for Jim took on an entirely different twist -- the seekers narrowed down to two categories: the first were experts who knew the jungle like the back of their hands; the second were those who delved into the supernatural. Both parties were just as confident of success. Put simply, they were more than eager to go out of their way to track Jim down.

Richard Noone joins in the hunt

On Sunday, April 23, Richard Noone, 49, a British planning officer with the Southeast Asia Treaty Organisation (SEATO) came onto the scene. He was no stranger to the jungles of the area. At one stage, he served as head of the Malayan Department of Aborigines.

After two days of careful planning, Richard, a Cambridge-trained anthropologist, went into the woods with two assistants. Both helpers were equally at home in any tropical rainforest: one was a border scout from Sarawak; the other was an aborigine witch doctor.

For three days, the trio went to great lengths to look for Jim. While moving around in thick jungle, they came into contact with a few aborigines but they were unable to provide the threesome with leads as to where Jim could be found. Undiscouraged, the group carried on exploring in the hope of meeting up with him from where the field force had earlier left off.

Peter Hurkos springs a surprise

While Richard and his two partners were still in the wilderness, a controversial figure showed up at Tanah Rata. He was none other than Peter Hurkos, a private investigator from the United States. He came to the area on Tuesday, April 25 with his personal secretary, Miss Stephany Farb and lieutenant Dennis Horgan, the aide to brigadier general Edwin Black.

While the three of them were at the Cameronian town, Peter quickly took the opportunity to make his extrasensory powers known. He told some members of the police force interesting things about their lives. A young officer, for instance, was told that prior to his reporting for duty, he made love to his wife on a kitchen table. Peter's assessment turned out to be correct.

As for the circumstances that Jim was in, Peter was sure he had an appropriate answer. While he was at the chateau, the first thing he did was to pace the garden in a very unusual manner. Then he stopped to feel a chair which was left at the veranda. After a short pause, he gave out a loud yell, "This is the chair! Yes, this is the chair that Jim sat on just before he disappeared!" A brief silence followed. A few minutes later, he sat down on the floor just outside the house. A photograph of Jim and two maps were laid out. The first drawing highlighted the countries which made up the continent of Asia; the second featured the details of the resort. While shifting his eyes at Jim's photograph and the two charts, his face grew tensed. Seconds later he broke out into a strange stammer.

" ...aagh, Prebi, ooogh... Thompson... Prebi, Pridi... fourteen people... fourteen people took him... orah blah-lun-dah Bebe... he is not in the jungle... I see truck... ah, truck, about from here on the road... he walks down the road... somebody woke him up... he was sitting outside and somebody came in here... a friend of his... Bebe or Prebie... truck on the road... fourteen people... one person here, one person picked him up... he knows him... he was sitting on the veranda and the men came in... asked for something, I don't know... he went down the road... got chloroform... chloroform... sleep in truck..."

Peter Hurkos drops a hint

After returning to his normal self, Peter did state, "it is ridiculous to look for Jim at the Highlands or even within a-hundred-and-sixty kilometre radius of it".

"There is no way that you'll find him there," he said. "It's just that he had been abducted to another country. You can take it from me that he is not being held for ransom. I am prepared to stake my neck on this!"



SOLVED! The Mysterious Disappearance of Jim Thompson, the Legendary Thai Silk King (Excerpt) by Edward Roy De Souza

Excerpts from "SOLVED! The Mysterious Disappearance of Jim Thompson, the Legendary Thai Silk King", an imprint of Word Association Publishers (www.wordassociation.com), 205 5th Avenue, Tarentum, PA 15084, USA. ISBN: 1-932205-89-6. Copyright 2004 by Edward Roy De Souza. roysouza@singnet.com.sg

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Posted on 8-Aug-2006

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