Kalai Villa Apartment

Kalai Villa Apartment

I wouldn't consider Kalai Villa Apartment in Cameron Highlands as an apartment accommodation. It is actually a house located in the Jalan Mentigi area in Tanah Rata. Perhaps it should have been called a bungalow as that would fit the bill!

Driving up from the long cemented road up to the bungalow house porch, I met up with Ms Amutha. She was very cordial when I explained about my travel destination website and would like to showcase her place. It was slow weekend and there weren't any guests, so I got a chance to view the rooms.

The Accommodation

Kalai Villa room

The Kalai Villa Apartment is a two storey bungalow house located on a hillock by the side of Jalan Mentigi. It has a nice vantage point and I could see 8 Mentigi Guesthouse as well as KRS Pines located on another higher hill across from where we were.

The upper first floor is where the guests will stay as the ground floor is where Ms Amutha and the family live. Yep, this is their house and they have decided to open up their house for lodging and accommodation. The accommodation consist of 4 bedrooms with furnished with King Size bed, 3 bathrooms with hot shower, a kitchen facility where you can cook simple meals and perhaps even do the ever popular steamboat meal, a living hall with Astro so you can while away those lonely nights! Don't forget they got a Mahjong table for those Mahjong "kaki" who can play till the wee hours of the night! However you need to check with her whether the Mahjong set is provided or you have to bring your own as I forgot to ask.

Kalai Villa room

The apartment is rented out in its entirety, ie not individual rooms, anyway most people who are looking for apartments accommodation wants to maximize their stay and usually come in a group. So far she has been doing pretty well renting out here apartment to visitors coming to Cameron Highlands. It seems her bungalow apartment is very popular with the Singaporeans and Hong Kong tourists.

Now what makes her place different is that this is actually a bungalow house, not an apartment as per her title branding. Being a bungalow she got a big compound for children to run around and play. On top of that she is also doing some minor vegetable planting at the side of her house, plus you get to see hens and rooster in a chicken coup. Now that would be a good experience for city slicker kids who has never experience what is like to be in a "kampong" house!

Some background notes

Kalai Villa Hall

Chatting up with her, I found out that she used to run a tadika in the house, but decided to change to renting it out as apartment instead. Well kids can be quite a handful to handle. It is a good choice for her, and now visitors like you can get to experience a bit of homestay style accommodation!

A further note, her father runs a "kedai runcit" in Tanah Rata; the sundry shop is called Ettikar Sundry Shop. If you want to help her out further, you could go shop for supplies over there.

So if you think this bungalow in Tanah Rata Mentigi area fits your idea, do contact her for inquiries and further details.

Kalai Villa Apartment
No. 11, Jalan Mentigi,
39000 Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands,
Pahang Darul Makmur
Attn: Ms Amutha Krishnan
Mobile: 012-506 7507
Email: kalaivilla@yahoo.com


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