Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise Business in Malaysia Cameron Highlands

If you absolutely must, there is a Kentucky Fried Chicken aka KFC franchise business in Malaysia Cameron Highlands. It is such prominent feature in Brinchang main road that I may as well blog about it. There is so many available food choices in Cameron Highlands but who knows, you may have some cravings for unhealthy cholesterol laden fast food, well you know it happens.

Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

KFC is really finger linkin' good, and your children might pester you for its delicious tasty food. I've try to stay away from it as much as possible, but you never know, perhaps you run out of ideas on what to eat, perhaps you just want a quick bite, or perhaps you couldn't find any decent fried chicken. No matter, Kentucky Fried Chicken is available in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands.

Just look out for its KFC logo along the main street of Brinchang. No way can you miss it. But of course you can give it a miss, so far for me; I've been giving it a miss. There are better alternatives. And I'm not missing not having a crusty, crunchy fried chicken whether spicy or normal. One thing for sure, KFC fried chicken in Malaysia is the crispy variety. If you go to Australia, they give you the mushy skin type. I guess the preference is different down under. Here we like them crispy.

So head on to Brinchang and look out for Kentucky Fried Chicken if you really, and I mean, absolutely really need to eat this!


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