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Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill)

I've cobbled together some tourism Malaysia pictures of Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill). Hopefully it would provide some insight about Malaysia smallest and oldest hill station and get some fair idea in comparison with say Cameron Highlands or other Malaysian Highlands.

Bukit Larut may be small, however once you reach the 10km area, you have to move around on foot. Within the 10km area, there is the Bukit Larut Cafe. Nothing much to shout about. Probably not worth hanging around the cafe to have a drink as they have nothing much to offer. Unless you absolute need to, then you could settle down there for a drink.

Bukit Larut is really quiet. Very good for doing absolutely nothing, but reading and enjoying the scenery. The tranquil settings are good for reading books and day dreaming. For the bird watchers, you could try to go round spotting those feathered friends.

And if you have a good fitness level, you could walk up further to the privately run Cendana Hut accommodation. They grow tulips flowers there; however the tulip flowers are only available seasonally. That's when Bukit Larut will become crowded with visitors vying for a look at the beautiful tulips and perhaps take some tulip pictures.

A day trip would suffice if you just want to have a look see around Maxwell Hill. However you do need more time to walkabout and a morning visit would be advisable.

From the Bukit Larut Cafe, the road up is rather steep but I think it would be possible to walk further afield to the higher point. I will have to try it out next time.

At this height you could see Taiping town. However the weather in Malaysia is kind of hazy in the middle of the year. No thanks to open burning around Malaysia, and the lack of rain to wash away the dust particles in the air also made for a deteriorating air quality. Still I was able to through see good old Taiping town though with a somewhat hazy view.

So hope you enjoy some tourism Malaysia pictures about Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill). The photos should provide a quick glance on what to expect if you do decide to make a trip up Malaysia smallest and oldest hill station.

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