Travel Destination Map Guide of Pahang, Malaysia

Got this Pahang state map from the Tourist Information Corporation. It gives a rough tourism Malaysia guide as to where the interesting travel destination places to go for in your travel destination vacation holiday. Not extremely useful but with its nice graphic it should entice you to go, no?

On the top left it shows where Cameron Highlands hill resort is located. And along the border on the west side are the other Malaysian highlands like the birdwatching favourite quiet little Bukit Fraser (Fraser's Hill) hill resort, the excitement filled highlands with theme park and casino, Genting Highlands and of course the quaint little French town replica, Colmar Tropical and the beautiful Zen Japanese Gardens in Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi.

For more eco-outdoor adventures, you can head out to Pahang national parks like Taman Negara at the northen end of Pahang and Endau-Rompin to the south. In between you could visit other eco adventure exploration like the Kedong Rimba Park, Gunung Senyum, Berkelah waterfalls and Tasik Chini (rumour has it that there is a lake monster ala Loch Ness in Tasik Chini, hmmm...)

If the cool highlands and eco-outdoor adveture tours is not for you, there is always the sun, sea and sand places. Right! Hot sunny sandy beaches along the east coast as well as the various Malaysian Island resorts. Club Med Cherating is one place to go for a fun filled beach getaway. But if you rather not pay their membership fees and opt for more rustic, a little more basic accommodation, there are plenty of budget chalets you can find along the coast.

On the other hand, you got money, and you prefer a resort and island, then off you go to Pulau Tioman and stay at Berjaya Resort. You can fly there using Berjaya Air or take a boat ride from the coast. Thereafter, you could go scuba diving or snorkeling and explore the marine parks. Sadly many of the corals are dying, so hopefully the conservation of the marine parks helps to restore the eco-balance of the underwater world.

And of course there is the capital town of Pahang, Kuantan. Yep, small place. I have relatives staying there and do get a chance to pop in here once in awhile during the Chinese New Year. Makes for a quiet weekend but well we do want to get away from the hustle and bustle of work and keep in touch with family for a good get together!

There is alway Teluk Chepedak in Kuantan if we need to see some beaches in Kuantan. Very popular with the locals. The bay is rather deep so if going for swim, do be careful!

This Pahang map may not be much, but Pahang has places to explore and discover, yes?

If you want a detailed travel destination map of Pahang, Malaysia, you can download this PDF file. I can't remember where I got it from, but I should think I obtained it from TDC for the promotion of Malaysia as a tourist travel destination place to go.

Detailed Travel Destination Map of Pahang, Malaysia.

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