Marrybrown Restaurant

This is Marrybrown Restaurant franchise business in Malaysia Cameron Highlands has been around for a long time. You won't find many Marrybrown restaurant branches around Malaysia. So far I have only one other Marrybrown Restaurant in Raub.

Marrybrown Restaurant in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

They have quite a variety of food selection and from burgers, fish fillets, fried chicken, and porridge too! If you are not too keen on having say a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise food, you could opt for Marrybrown instead.

Looks like there is a fair amount of franchise business around in Cameron Highlands starting with this Marrybrown Restaurant, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Starbucks Coffee shops. Secret Recipe came and was gone, and they are replaced by a Guardian Pharmacy.

Anyway, if you are going for franchise restaurant meal you can at least be sure of their consistent taste. However there are many eateries and restaurant to choose from in Cameron Highlands. So personally for me, I will head out to franchise restaurant as a last resort.

Merrybrown Restaurant Swings

One thing interesting about Marrybrown Restaurant are their swings feature. They have them in Raub too, however they kept those indoors because of the hot weather in Malaysia. In Cameron Highlands they have them outside in the nice cool weather of Cameron Highlands. Of course if it rains it might get pretty wet. At least you get to see the cars pass by through the Tanah Rata town.

What's around Marrybrown? The bus terminal is just opposite and there is T-Cafe (or Lord's Cafe, if their name change is successful) just upstairs.

Otherwise, you can sit around awhile and have a Marrybrown Restaurant meal on the swings in Tanah Rata town.

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