Natasya Resort Cameron Highlands

Natasya Resort Cameron Highlands Apartment

Natasya Resort Cameron Highlands was just recently launched sometime in August 2010. They offer cozy apartment style accommodation in the Kea Farm area. You may consider it new as they refurbished it like brand new and yet not new as they are located in the same premises of Equatorial Hotel Cameron Highlands where Natasya Resort has bought over the apartment units from the Hotel Equatorial.

Natasya Resort reception area

I first learned about Natasya Resort about a month back and one of the resort managers, Mr Irman contacted me after I made a quick blog post about the new resort. I decided to find out more about Natasya Resort and paid a visit. Their office was located in a building called the entertainment complex on the left at the road entry to Equatorial Hotel. The reception was very beautiful decorated and I thought they have rooms within the same building at the reception area but it was my misunderstanding. Natasya apartment is located some distance away from and the apartment units are located at the cliff side of the hill at Kea Farm.

Natasya Resort lounge living area

Mr Irman was kind enough to show me the rooms and we took a buggy to ride to one of the apartment units. Looking around the apartment, it is separated into lounge and bedroom area with two bathrooms and kitchen and nice big balcony overlooking the Kea Farm valley. The apartments was bought over from Equatorial and refurbished, so they really looked brand new. The lounge was really homely with a nice couch that doubles as a sofa bed and a nice new flat panel TV and coffee table. The floors use wood paneling so you won’t feel so cold when you are not wearing your shoes unlike some of those Cameron Highlands apartment where they use ceramic tiles which are very easy to clean and maintain but do get really cold in the night. Of course the best would be tufted carpet but those are difficult to maintain, considering the way local tourist tend to thrash an apartment unit not to mentioned the moist humidity would soon make the carpet smell. So a wooden floor panel would be something a like a cross between a ceramic tile and carpet.

The bedroom is furnished like hotel style complete with a desk and a TV, a baggage cabinet to place your baggage and a build-in wardrobe. The bathroom comes complete with bath towels and wall mounted hair and body shampoo dispenser. The bed has wheels so you could shift them about to combine the two separate beds into one in case you have children who would like to sleep with the parents. But the wheels do make the bed shift rather easily too, so you might want to brace it a bit before going to bed at night!

Natasya Resort bedroom

The kitchen comes with a fridge and microwave for simple heating up of food. No stove are provided though as the kitchen was not designed for heavy cooking. You could still do your steamboat meal as Natasya Resort allows for that. What is staying in Cameron Highlands without a family steamboat, right? Of course you will need to bring your own steamboat equipment!

And if you really want to feel the cool Cameron Highlands weather, then have your steamboat meal out at the balcony with a nice view of the farming valley of Kea Farm. The view of Kea Farm isn’t really much as there is quite a lot of Kea Farm building that you can see on the right side. Still you could view some beautiful greenery on the left with a nice valley view of the farm with the levels of strata farmland making interesting pattern on the hillside. As for the balcony it is really spacious. Perhaps a tad too spacious as that has taken up a lot of living space within the apartment resort. Mr Irman thought perhaps one day they may do some renovation and claim back some of the balcony space to provide a bigger living space. Might be a good idea too, considering the apartment space is on the cozy side as most people wouldn’t want to hang out in the cold in the balcony as much as inside the apartment. Perhaps by expanding the apartment unit, they can house more people than the current 4 person per unit.

Natasya Resort apartment kitchen

Speaking of accommodating people, Natasya Resort apartment can house up to 4 persons; two in the bedroom and two in the lounge sleeping on the sofa bed. If in comparison with other apartments in Cameron Highlands, Natasya may not be able to accommodate as many people like your entire family clan. What they lack in space, they provide with a very comfortable cozy ambience. Nice cool earthy colours with some hint of modernity and yet classic at the same time.

For those lonely nights, you could switch on the TV for some local shows. According to Mr Irman, they only have Vision Four as the Astro licensing is way too exorbitant. Hmm…, they could figure out a way to just place a decoder, perhaps we could bring our own Astro card to view our favourite Astro channel. Now thinking about it, the private apartments in Cameron Highlands seem to have a better advantage with Astro because they don’t have to contend with Astro licensing on a per channel basis unlike a real commercial accommodation like Natasya.

For want of a better entertainment you could bring along your laptop and log in with the complimentary WIFI provided by Natasya. But be warned, Streamyx service is not really that great in Cameron Highlands! Using Streamyx broadband service can be really trying and you just might kvetch till kingdom come. So don’t try to be ambitious by watching any YouTube videos, just do simple browsing, or connect with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Or perhaps visit my website to research some of the places to visit in this beautiful Malaysian highland?

Natasya Resort Kea Farm view

Staying the night at Natasya Resort it does get very cold into the night. For those of you who think you are the invincible iceman you could try hanging out in the balcony or open the sliding window completely to get the full blast of Cameron Highlands cold weather! Perhaps it is located about 1,600m high and perhaps it also rained that day made a difference for a much colder weather in Cameron Highlands! After a long day running around enjoying the sights and attractions of Cameron Highlands and catching up with friends, it was a welcome change for some peace and quiet while winding down for the night in Natasya Resort. The location was really peaceful, no noisy traffic and cars rumbling along, perfect to catch your 40 winks and late morning rise and shine!

Facilities and Amenities

  • One bedroom apartment standard room
  • Lounge with flat panel TV, coffee table and sofa that doubles as sofa bed
  • Basic kitchen with fridge and microwave and kettle
  • Balcony with table and chairs
  • 2 Bathrooms with towels and shampoo dispenser
  • WIFI internet connection (secured so you need to request for WIFI security key)

For further inquiries contact them at:

Natasya Resort Cameron Highlands
Lot 6, Entertainment Complex
Kea Farm
39100 Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Tel: +605-496 1030
Fax: +605-496 1028
Natasya Resort is wholly owned by Perwanza Properties Sdn Bhd.


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Natasya Resort by Markus, Singapore

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