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Highlander Newsletter

Highlander Newsletter, Issue #014
May 12, 2009

Greetings !

How time flies! It's been six months since my last newsletter. Since then I made two trips to good old Cameron Highlands. One was during the New Year's Day and the last was on Labour Day. And on both occasions, the weather is cool as expected but it was really wet! Must be something to do with the world weather going cuckoo where places that are hot like Kuala Lumpur became much hotter while cooler climates like Cameron Highlands became colder and wetter.

Contents in this post:
1. Sultan Abu Bakar (Ringlet) Lake
2. Hotels and accommodations
3. Organic farms and organic vegetables
4. Cameron Highlands Travel Forums
5. Cameron Highlands in Facebook, Twitter, and using RSS

1. The Lake

We could of course do our little bit to help save the environment, but in the end it is the big boys with their big bucks and their big giant production industry that's where they could do the most good or the most damaging thing to the environment. For example we can fix our little leaky faucet in our bathroom but only to be completely and overly swamp from the water loss of those big faulty pipes in some public places. Let's hope our little effort of saving the environment is not in vain.

And yes, big project clean up can only be done by the big boys, so when perchance we made a stop at the little market opposite Lakehouse, I had good nice look at the Ringlet Sultan Abu Bakar Lake, and yes, it has been restored to its good old grey colour. No more looking like the sorry looking mud pie where even the lalang attempted to grow on it. Kudos to the authorites.

The Sultan Abu Bakar (Ringlet) Lake

2. Hotels, Hotels, hotels.

They may have fixed the lake, but overly rampant development is still ongoing. There several new hotels and many more coming up in Cameron Highlands. Do we still need that many? I wonder.

Anyway if you need some new hotels to stay up at Cameron Highlands from budget to luxurious, here are some additions:

Hotel Titiwangsa in Brinchang
Hotel De' La Ferns between Tanah Rata and Golf Course

New ones coming up and still in construction are Iris Apartment next to Smokehouse, and one unnamed monstrosity in Brinchang. There are also several shop house type accommodation in Brinchang New Town area and interesting boutique hotels Kavy Hotel which was formerly located in Tanah Rata, but has now shifted to Brinchang with very beautiful interiors.

Also I visited some accommodations that have been around for a long time for checking and review. This will take time because I can only check a few at a time per every visit.

Hotel Hillview Inn, Tanah Rata
Hotel Jurina Hill Lodge, Tanah Rata
Hotel Cameronian Inn Guesthouse, Tanah Rata

Sometimes I wonder whether I should take up permanent resident up in Cameron Highlands and resign from my current job and start up something up there. Wishful thinking I suppose.

And so I met a lady who retired from her managerial job and started a Nyoya cafe called Uncle Chow Kopitiam. She hails from Damansara, Petaling Jaya but set up shop up there. Interesting. Will post this up later for reference.

3. Organic Farms and Organic Vegetables

Eat heartily and eat healthily, in fact it would do your body a disservice by not eating properly. With the major illness like heart ailments, cancer, diabetes all stem from maintaining a poor eating lifestyle. Throw out the sugar, the salt, the MSG and cut down on oily fried food. And of course eat lots of vegetables. Lots of it! This is easier said than done, but for some they have no choice because the unhealthy lifestyle has caught up with them. OMG, cannot enjoy eating all those delicious food? Well, can-lah once in awhile say about once a month like that, but once you get used to eating healthily you will find yourself having an aversion to sweet, salthy, MSG laden, oily food. If I'm beginning to sound like your mother nagging you, ok, ok, just use the excuse and run away to the organic farm below.

Organic Farming and Organic Vegetables

4. Cameron Highlands Travel Forums

The travel forum is back! I decided to give forums another go. Still rather mint and not many visitors posting anything just yet. This time it got good spam killer so that should keep out those pesky web spammers. Now only time will tell whether it will be useful or just become another lame duck.

Cameron Highlands Travel Forums

5. Facebook, Twitter, RSS.

Yeah, yeah, eventually it would come to this. Is it a fad, or would it have lasting appeal? No idea. But no harm giving it a try. So Cameron Highlands Destination website is on Facebook and Twitter!

If you don't know what is Facebook or Twitter for that matter, where have you been? It is one of those web phenomenons that are kicking up a storm for some time. Some call it the killer app of web site, but in truth they have been online for many years. Just that of recent it has been given more coverage by the mainstream media especially with Ashton Kutcher's Twitter challenge with CNN to reach one million followers and what with Oprah Winfrey and even our very local Prime Minister Najib Razak using Twitter too. Whether it will be useful or just a fad will remain to be seen.

For Facebook, it is just a groupie page, so if you got a Facebook book account, follow this link and join as a member.

As for Twitter, it is located at:

If you feel the newsletter frequency is way too long between posts, you can keep abreast using RSS. The CHD RSS URL is:

Copy and paste the above into any of your favourite RSS readers. "And where may I find an RSS reader?" you may ask. If you are using Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007 it has the ability to read RSS. Google Reader is also one of them though you have to go online to read it. Other ways to skim through the feeds includes placing it in your, My Yahoo or MSN Live page.

If you use Gmail, the little bar above your messages called the "web clip" can be used to display a line of feed too.

For more info on how to get CHD RSS, check it out here.

Cameron Highlands in Facebook, Twitter, and how to use RSS


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Newsletter Backissue

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Dear Jan,

Thank you for the update on the latest Cameron Highland development. I am one of the hardcore fan of Cameron Highland would definitely feel so happy to receive your Highlander Newsletter.

Hope to get more regular on the newsletter and if you wish to form a Highlander club, please let me know.

Best regards,


I like what you are doing, and I enjoyed reading what you write. TQ. I have fond memories of CH, having made many trips over the years esp. in the 70`s qnd 80`s when I was working in Ipoh.

If you do not already know, there is an orang asli trail from Kpg.Ulu Groh, Gopeng to the OA settlement in Tanah Rata. I made that trekking trip once. Now I see that the eco-tourism operators at Gopeng can arrange for such wonderful trips. FYI, OLY Apartments at Tanah Rata is named after 3 friends who jointly developed it, a Mr. Ong, a Mr. Leong and a Mr. Yeoh. (personal communication from my friend Mr.Yeoh who hosted me once in his apartment unit there)

Wong Choong Mun
Kuala Lumpur


I thought of the same idea too but it may need big bucks especially i'm sgporean.

I think negri sembilan land px still ok and no levy like johor. Any news about the talk on the super highland highway from YTL?

I maybe in KL in mid june for the holidays and most probably be at boulevard MV again. However i am eyeing KK but the budget air px is only SGD200 less than MH.

Nevertheless i have to decide soon and driving up to cameron may not be this year though. My bro in law going up to the water chalet in PD but i am sceptical about flies swarms reported in some forums and also mentioned by two of my frens who went there before. Possibly there is a 'farm' nearby?

So either MV or KK this june for me...



Hi Jan, have just read your News letter here at home in South Australia

We have put on hold the trip I contacted you about. This holiday we are again visiting your lovely country, arriving 2/7/09 spending a few days in KL, driving to Malacca 2 days, hope to visit the Terendak Garrison Cemetery (awaiting entry approval from your government) where a reative is buried he was killed in action in the Vietnam war (Major Peter John Badcoe). then driving up to Tanah Rata for several days in the Cameron Highlands (my favourite place) then driving up to Penang. and then flying back home to Adelaide, South Australia 17/7/09 Lots of love to you, your wife and family

Lionel Davis


Hi, Jan,

Your latest newsletters is very informative. It will certainly help me when I next take tourists to C.H.

I am a newbie and doesn't know much about Twitter and Facebook. I am not a member yet. I don't even know how to register with Twitter. Do you know of any tutorial for beginners to start with Twitter, please?

I have just gone into e-marketing and have registered as a member of Golbal NPN. My website is:

Do go into it and see whether there is anything for you there.

Meantime, keep those newsletters coming in.

Thank you and warmest regards.



Hi Jan,

Thank you very much for the update on CH.
Have a blessed day!

Jonathan Achu


Dear All,

Many thanks for all your encouragment. Take care!



Hai! I am Danes from Cameron Highlands! My teacher gave me a project to do about brinchang. I need you help at once! Can you please tell me the history of brinchang! Send me in yahoo mail. My mail id is ---------. Thks!!!"

Danes Kumar,
Tanah Rata.

Haha! I wish I knew. Better go to the Tanah Rata library and find out. I'm sure there is some archive there somewhere about CH history. I only know general ones like that Mr William Cameron.



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