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It's been awhile since my last Highlander Newsletter posting. And before I proceed on, let me wish all my Muslim readers Selamat Hari Raya Puasa!

And yes, many thanks to some of you who reminded me to post out the newsletter just to keep in touch! Haha, it's strange when your inbox is flooded with chain mails and newsletter, and you wish you could keep the amount of incoming mail in control. Of course even with the deluge of email coming in, there are still gems in them and hopefully, this newsletter is also one of them. So my heartfelt thanks that you still want my mail!

Selamat Hari Raya Puasa! Bird's eye view of 1-Utama Hari Raya Puasa decoration.

From my last posting till now, I did do some tourism Malaysia, although this year I have already gone up to Cameron Highlands twice, once with my parents, then with my parent-in-laws, and you would wonder whether I would ever get "jelat" from going up there so many times! Well, to let you know, I'm going up there to good old Cameron Highlands again this weekend! Unfortunately it is not for holiday, but for work. Yep, my brother-in-law secured some wedding photography job and needed my help to plan for wedding photos location. Now I have to put my thinking caps on and figure out where to get those, oh, romantic places.

I did mention some places in this article about doing some destination wedding photos, so have a read if there is any love birds amongst you readers who might be planning for nuptials and need some idea where to take some pre-wedding photos.

Some ideas for wedding photos in Cameron Highlands

Talking about taking a break, I had a break from the usual Cameron Highlands and tag along with my brother-in-law, Kenny and his wife, together with my wife and her sister to Penang. Along the way, I propose also to visit Bukit Larut, the smallest and oldest hill station in Malaysia. We really took this trip real easy and woke up late each morning which really wreak havoc to our timing needed to reach Bukit Larut base office where you can only take the government issued land rovers to go up the little hill. Still we had a great time and took some time to explore Taiping town, considered a heritage town with their many old history buildings and such.

To find out more about Bukit Larut, check out the various articles and a map that was posted. If you get the chance you might like to give the place a try. There is no need to stay over if the place is too quiet. Just a day trip should suffice your curiosity as did mine. Though I wouldn't rule out the possibility of me visiting this little station next time.

Bukit Larut Travels

If Bukit Larut is too quiet for you, take some time out to explore Taiping town. There is definitely more things to do around here. For those who like old historical buildings, there are certainly plenty in this little heritage town. In fact they have the first of many in Malaysia, like the first museum, the first railway station, etc. And yes, not to be missed is the peaceful Taiping Lake Gardens! It was simply soothing to see all that greenery and a calm lake. No wonder so many take to the park for picnics and walks! For the kids who want some excitement there is of course the Taiping Zoo. If they want more excitement perhaps take them there during the evening for a night safari.

Explore more of Taiping over here: Taiping, Perak

And what about some information about Cameron Highlands? Firstly, I'm revamping my hotel list page. It was getting kinda messy, so I decided to just list them straight out alphabetically. And boy does it look like there's so many. And that's only the hotel list. The apartments are a little less, but I plan to make different page for it. And yes, Cameron Highlands is very popular tourist destination and hotels are just popping up like mushrooms in the garden after a rainfall.

Some hotels in Cameron Highlands are in keeping with the Tudor theme while some just looked like a square box which simply looked uninspiring. There are also many which set up the accommodation in shop houses, and this you need to a be a little careful as some are pretty decent and some just like as though they jump into the bandwagon of providing needed accommodation during the super peak periods. Anyway, I try to check out as many as I can, but it won't be possible to do so. Thus if any of you have stayed in any, do give me some feedback to share out with others, ok?

Sometimes the accommodation owners seek me out to have their place listed out in my website, so I try to give a fair review as much as I can based on their location and the pictures that they show me. Of course nothing like seeing the place personally or even get feedback from you guys.

So here's the hotel directory list and keep a bookmark in case you are looking for a place to stay when you are planning your next vacation trip to good old refreshing Cameron Highlands!

Cameron Highlands Hotel Directory List

That's it for now folks, until my next newsletter, whenever it may be, but hopefully not too long, wishing you all a nice day!


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THanks,"Jan",great newsletter!
Kee Hin Chia


Hi Jan,

Thanks so much for the update. I have been bookmarking Bukit Larut for quite sometime since last year. May consider it this year end. Do you think the children will like it?

Rafiah Omar

Hello Rafiah,

Shhh… Bukit Larut is really, really quiet. You can hear a pin drop… it’s that deafening!

If plan for trip there, should also consider Taiping and its various sights and activities, then an overnight in Bukit Larut to enjoy the cool air and quiet night before coming down the next day for more activities in Taiping. But watch out for the land rover timing. Last ride up is at 4pm and you must be there waiting for the ride 15 minutes before the departure time. Cendana Hut looks like a nice place stay since it is commercially run.



Thanks for the newsletter, Jan.I always look forward to your newsletters. It has been quite sometime since the last issue. Anyway I just came back from a holiday trip with my son from Cameron’s he simply just loves the weather there. We stayed up in Jasmine hotel in brinchang.The accommodation is ok.The room was decent in ambience. The holiday was excellent except for the rain. At times it starts in the early mornings and lasts until late evening. That spoils the entire mood. Anyway it was sheer fun having a holiday in Cameron’s. I enjoy reading your newsletter, Jan.Looking forward to your next newsletter.

Keep up the good work, Jan.

Ravin Sundarasen.


Greetings...Good day to you Jan and the team,

Thank you for the newsletter, it really has been a while since your last newsletter. I am glad you are on to it, I surely shall enjoy the news from the highlands as I always do.

Have a lovely day...

Rex Furtado 8/9/2009


Dear Jan,

Thanks for mailing Highlander Newsletter. In fact it arrived when I was thinking about it. While going through the Newsletter, you feel nostalgic and always cherish the fond memories of Cameron Highland.

Hope all is well with you.

Best wishes Ashraf Ahmed 8/9/2009


Thank you Jan.
Any idea about properties available for sale at Cameron or Genting?
Peter Ng

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