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How time flies! It is almost the end of the year already, Christmas is around the corner and in another few more weeks fireworks would be set off to fly all over the world to mark the passing of the year. This year has been a year of changes and it might have been a trying year for some but life do goes on. Where one door closes another will open. All it needs is that you look out for it and make necessary adjustment to accommodate the new environment. That's how life is anyway.

White Christmas in Cameron Highlands? Haha!

And yes, you are receiving my irregular newsletter about the all time favourite Malaysian Highlands. This time I better send it out before you guys start reminding me to send out! Ya, ya, I need to maintain my mail out schedule more often; perhaps I'm too much of a procrastinator especially when I have tons of things to do.

Now back to good 'ol Cameron Highlands, it's unbelievable that I went up there 5 times this year for breaks with family and friends and a little work too! You might think I would get "jelat" from going up there so many times in a year plus maintaining this website means thinking about what other interesting bits of information to add. Frankly speaking it does sometimes and when it happens I just take a break about Cameron Highlands for awhile and hopefully come back with a fresh approach to this interesting vacation getaway topic.

This time round instead of just keeping myself as an observer and tourist to Cameron Highlands, I decided to interact with some of the people there. After all, they live there and thus they should have more interesting tit bits then I could intimately know.

And whatdoyouknow? Interaction proves to be rather interesting and actually found out some of them live near my home in Petaling Jaya. It seems like they love the relaxing atmosphere of Cameron Highlands that they "retire" or more like set up shop in Cameron Highlands.

Uncle Chow Kopitiam

Uncle Chow kopitiam style shop is one of them. It seems this kopitiam shop is very popular amongst the Singaporean visitors and they would seek out this kopitiam for some Nyonya like food and have a coffee cuppa. Well this is the first the Kopitiam style shop in Cameron Highlands. Perhaps one day some franchiser might just set up Old Town White Coffee shop up in Cameron Highlands. The way the franchise of this kopitiam is mushrooming around in the Klang Valley, it might not be surprising to see one way up there. Until that time comes, give good old Uncle Chow kopitiam a try.

Destination Wedding Photos

Do you hear some wedding bells while in Cameron Highlands? Although it has not come to that stage of holding one's nuptial up in Cameron Highlands, of recent there has been an increase in destination wedding photography in our favourite highlands. And like a new kid with a new toy, I seemed to have joined the fray partnering with my brother-in-law and some friends of his to do some wedding photos in Cameron Highlands. It was a hobby shoot and thus no pressure for this photography. Because of the beautiful settings and scenery we spend a lot of time taking shot after shot until we were tired out. We did get some rather interesting destination wedding photos and thought we share some of it online.

SPM Resort Home and Apartments

Building website can be fun, and I do get to meet rather interesting people. The owner of SPM Resort Home and Prima Villa Apartment invited me over for a stay in their uniquely decorated Arabella Bungalow. In fact it is so unique it is one of the regularly featured home in some interior decoration magazine.

Kang Travels and Tours

And lastly, I have yet to go on a Rafflesia expedition especially nowadays with the wet weather all around. Don't really like to get caught in the jungle with my expensive photography equipment. So waiting out till a dryer season to go on a jungle excursion with Kang Travel and Tours. In the meanwhile, I help them to set up their homepage, though now it is still work in progress, I think it will become a great website just like mine! Already I see some inquiries trickling through even though it is still in the process of construction.

Build a Travel Website

That's the power of website and I have learned a lot since the inception of One of the best tools for learning to build the most "changgih" and awesome website is using the Sitesell Site Build It system. I know a number of people in Malaysia and Singapore and around the world are using it to good effect creating the best website by following the true and tested rules of making a website. Eventually the website will create some steady mullah for the site owners and who knows... all you need is to take one small step, and the next thing you know it, you have now created something wonderful that not only shares your knowledge and passion but also provides you with a return. If you don't want to experience the trauma of economic obsolescence and want to find a way for a long term solution that would help fill in your coffers this would be it.

Take a cue from what I am doing; I'm not praising it for nothing. It has been interesting and rewarding too. So check it out and see what it can do for you too.

Sitesell Site Build It
Build a Travel Website

Christmas tree decoration

And lately they have monthly option in case coughing up a whole year's subscription is too much to bear. Breaking it down into monthly installment seems like a good idea especially in this slower economic climate. It would help to manage your cash flow in some ways by breaking it down into smaller, manageable portions.

Well, you can think about it as you plan your next Cameron Highlands vacation trip, and after a refreshing break, it is time to break out from your comfort zone and seize this new door that is opening up for you.

Meanwhile let me wish all of you before I forget,



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Hi Jan

It is good to hear from you again.

Well we visited your lovelly country again, from KL we drove to Mallaca, to visit my wife's half brother's grave, after six months of red tape between our government and yours we arrived on the date and time given to us to get into the army camp, only to be told we could not enter as your King was visiting, but after much talking between our Taxi driver and the authorities we where allowed to enter the grave yard through the back entrance.

From there we drove to Tana Ratah for several days and then on to Penang.

It is always nice to refresh in the cooler Highlands for a few days.

I talked the others in the group out of the trip that I discuss with you earlier in the year from the coast down through the rough mountains to Cameran Highlands, thank you for your help.

Wishing you, your wife and family a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2010 and may you keep health wealthy and wise.

Love from my wife Antonia and myself Lionel Davis
South Australia

Dear Davis,

Glad that you could do what you came to do. Bureaucracy, ah... guess it is the same anywhere in the world. Take care and God bless you!



Hello Jan,

Having no time or not enough time is always in everybody's mind. Thanks Jan for the writeup, With me iys ok as long as you appear from time to time.

Peter Wong is name, Jan.

I am producing our own vermicompost, compost for growing vegetables and doing our little part in trying to green d' earth. Wonder how the market is like up in C'Highland for this product?

Aha you might say........trying to sell something!

Yes I am trying indeed..............

Our Company "GP Golden Acres" has products in a number of outlets in the Klang valley.......Ace Hardware and the like

said that yu live around PJ, perhaps you would like to meet up and let me show you our farm producing vermicompot at Banting?

Only if you have the time of course lah!

Till then........Cheers Jan

Peter Wong
017 575 9016


Thanks Jan for your email. I just back from my Cameron Highlands last few days. I went there for 2 nights stay in Titiwangsa hotel. I tried to search Uncle Chow kopitiam but unable to locate where is it. I did saw the sign board at the junction. When I followed the signboard to the end of the junction, I couldn't find any signboard to show me where to go. Lastly, I choose the other restaurant for breakfast.

Perhaps I will plan for vacation to Cameron Highlands again next year. I like the climate there. I thought it should be cool but it seems hot in day time! The sun like burning on top of me. After this vacation, I get sunburn on my face. I think, I should prepare more sunblock in my next plan.

Due to school holidays season, Cameron Highlands become very crowded with all outsider. Traffic jam especially in tourist spots and night market. Perhaps next plan could avoid from school holidays.

I would like to say thank you for your newsletter. I get more information from you before I start my vacation and have a nice trip.

Thanks and cheers,
Goh Ping Ping


Dear Jan,

Thanks for your Cameron Newsletter again. It is very relevant to me.

I have always love CH since when I was able to travel solo after my "O" level. I am now 60! Few years back, I tried to move there but never manage to. I am still hoping that it is still possible, albeit assisted by some mysterious events.

Your consistant news on CH is indeed a source of motivation and encouragement.

Thanks again.

BTW, could you tell me a little about yourself? age, gender, profession

Regards and Happy Coming New Year, Ricky

Dear Ricky Tan,

Apologies about late reply. Good to know there are people who appreciates receiving my newsletter. Receiving this kind of feedback is good motivation and encouragement for me as well too. You sound like a young person even though you are that senior. I’m already in my middle ages and presbyopia is creeping up on me. Wish I could prevent it and it is kinda irritating not able to focus on near objects. I’m going to be a father soon, ah, it has taken so long to start a family. Going to be hectic when the baby comes. Both my parents and in-laws will be very truly happy. My day job is doing sales supplying chemicals and materials for factory production. I have a keen interest in IT and such and doing this Cameron Highlands website on my own has been a good venture for me despite being a hobby and such. Never thought it would be so successful. No other website I’ve tried is as successful as this one.

So are you retired? A grandpa already?


dear jan,

just came back from CH..

went for a 3D2N stay with family,but was very dissappointed...
we reached CH at 11.07am,and the weather was hotter than Seremban(where i'm from) was is up with that????
so many so-called development for the better of the people i guess..
it is destroying our beloved place!!!!
and the traffic,oh my god,i felt like i'm in k.l!!!

maybe in 5 years time,only my childhood memory is the only thing that will be reminded as to how nice a place CH was..

the majlis daerah is really makan gaji buta as the place are getting worse and worse..

Hisham Mohd Nor


For those discerning tourists out there,and local flowers and herbs lovers,you should should try a stroll through Tan's Camellia Garden in Tanah Rata ,where the

# Jungle Walk # 10 begins.

What tolook for ?
camellias ,anthurium ,amaryllium;
ashitaba,AlliumX and lavender;
aROMATIC shrub rose and orchids;
natural landscape with cool and real fresh (sweet) OXYGEN..
Tahnsri Tann

Thanks for the note. Will look out for it next time.



Do keep those newsletters coming. They make good reading.
Thank you.
James Tan

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