Newsletter #17 Rafflesia Flower Hiking Adventure, Strawberry Farms and Homestay in Malaysia Cameron Highlands


I hope all of you are doing well! It is almost half year gone since my last newsletter post. I know it is kinda slow, but I was busy with other projects for awhile. Like any labour of love, it takes a while and effort to make it take shape and grow the projects. Anyway I'm back with some post about Cameron Highlands at least for awhile. So thanks for sticking around.

A mural drawing of Cameron Highlands

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Rafflesia Flower Hiking Adventure

Recently I took tour trip with Kang Tours and Travel and went for a hiking adventure. I've always wanted to have a look at the largest flower in the world. All the while I thought I would have to go over to East Malaysia but I didn't realize Rafflesia flower existed in West Malaysia too. The tour was an interesting one, and if you got the thirst for some adventure and still fit to do so, then you should give this a go!

Rafflesia Flower Hiking Adventure

If you curious about what is a Rafflesia, well you can check out this short piece about the largest flower and supposedly foulest smelling flower. Well the one that I saw didn't even tickle my nose. I think the Assam Laksa sold in the Jusco MidValley Kuala Lumpur was much more foul smelling that this!

Some facts about Rafflesia Flower Plant

Strawberry Farms

A pair of Gerbera flowers

There was a time you couldn't see any strawberry farms and strawberries sold in Cameron Highlands. About several years ago, some farmers decided to grow them and came up with this activity for tourist to pick your own strawberry. At that time it was very expensive and I heard from one of the strawberry farm owner saying it was going for RM60 per pack to pick your own strawberry. However nowadays strawberry farms is flourishing all over Cameron Highlands, and the going rate has drop to about half. I feel this is more for kids, because if you plan to buy them at the Cameron Highlands market, you can get it for much cheaper.

Anyway, I've been planning to list down the Strawberry farms but procrastinated about it for a long time. So this time round, I went round gathering the information and compiled a list of Strawberry farms. I don't think it will be complete, but the list is quite a fair bit that you could go round exploring each one. Some allow for Strawberry picking activity and some do not. This list is still work in progress and it will take awhile to complete. Many of the Strawberry farms are scattered helter-skelter so it will take a while to look them over.

Meanwhile you could do a little Strawberry farm exploring yourself with this list at:

Strawberry Farms

Homestay in Cameron Highlands

Another list that was in the back of mind for a long while is the homestay program in Cameron Highlands. Homestay is very popular internationally and many countries have this homestay accommodation where you can live in someone's home and experience what is like living in a home in that country. Likewise for a homestay in Malaysia, you could experience what is like to live in a local house. Well typically the homestay in Malaysia is Malay, Iban and Kadazan home and not so much about Chinese home, Indian home or Baba Nyonya home. Most of time I see the homestay program done by Tourism Malaysia promoting kampong style living and for East Malaysia, living in the long houses of the Iban or Kadazan community. I'm not sure why whether the other ethnics are being sidelined by the government or whether the other ethnic are a little shy about opening their home to strangers.

Anyway, I found there are many homestay in Cameron Highlands and they are located in Taman Sedia. There are some strict guidelines laid down by the Tourism ministry homestay program and not everyone who opens up their home for accommodation is considered a homestay. By adhering to the guidelines, the homestay owners can get aid from the government to refurbish their homes for people to stay.

So if you are looking for an alternative style of accommodation have a look at my homestay list which I went around scouting in Taman Sedia.

Homestay in Malaysia Cameron Highlands

Fort Brooke

And whatever happened to that old British stronghold? While on my hiking adventure, we happened to pass by this location. So now Roy Follows would get to know the current situation about Fort Brooke where he used to station during the emergency period.

Fort Brooke

And if you want to go on a hiking adventure excursion, you could contact the tour and travel agent that I went for ride at:

Kang Tours and Travel

Do it quick before the Rafflesia flower hibernates during the warmer season!

That's all for now folks, hopefully my next Cameron Highlands shan't be too long!


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